Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Friday (Yeah!), and a Crafting Idea for Easy Presents

Friday - I worked today for a co-worker who needed to take the day off, so I will get Monday off.  That will be nice for a change.  I have a lot of organizing to do for my sales "stuff" - a women is coming tomorrow morning to buy an air mattress.  I think I will set everything up with little price tags - I might be able to cross-sell.

I've been gathering ideas and materials to make Christmas presents, or for other gifts.  Once in a while I get in a creative mood, and like to have things ready.  There's a website that has some very easy, very neat stuff, here's the photo that drew me to the site: is the website.  She has tutorials that show exactly how she makes the items, this one is just styrofoam balls, hemp, hot glue gun.  Wrap the hemp with hot glue to hold around the ball (she shows how to hide the ends), take them outside and spray any color from a paint spray can.  Couldn't be easier! Arrange in a wire basket.

Here's what I made - I need to make more balls, my basket is kind of empty, but you get the idea. Pretty cute, huh?  : )

I'll show you tomorrow another REALLY nice gift I've been making - people have actually asked me to make one for them, too.  It's really easy also, and very inexpensive!

I have an office/craft room full of machines, gadgets, all the stuff needed to make about any craft item.  I'm planning to keep some to bring with me, and this one tonight and the one I'll show you tomorrow are perfect things to make in a small area, inexpensive, easy, very nice, and the materials are lightweight and easy to store in an RV.

These are the kinds of things I'm looking for in crafts to do when I'm on the road.  I figure making things will keep me busy, supply me with gifts when needed, and could even be a money maker if I wanted to spend enough time on them.   I'm selling anything that's too big or needs too much room, or isn't practical for RV living.

I'd guess there are a lot of creative people out there RVing - especially the full timers.  Like Linda's jewelry and Janna's quilting, and so many photographers.  Anyone else?


  1. Here's something you may find interesting. "Damon" makes an RV with a garage in back. It's not a trailer, but an entirely self contained unit on four wheels. In the garage space you can do whatever you'd like -- make a shop, store a small electric car, etc. I stumbled across one at an RV dealer near me, and was very pleasantly surprised. I'd never seen anything like it.

  2. Hi Driven Mad,
    That's interesting! That's one I haven't heard about yet. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!


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