Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My RV Plan

I’ve been taking a break from researching RVs – it’s going to be a while before I can buy one, maybe as long as a year away, maybe early 2011. I miss looking at the used ones for sale on-line and keeping my lists, all the research for fulltiming in general.

This evening when I finished reading all your new blogs, I started surfing the used RV sales sites again.

What I am planning is a used 24 to 28 foot Class C. That’s probably not going to change. I want something small that’s easy to drive and park, and that gets fairly good mph. I’m hoping to stay in forested areas a lot, and a smaller rig will be easier to find spots for in the trees and will be easier to drive down narrow curved roads. Also, having my house and vehicle in one unit makes me feel I’ll be safer in case I need a quick get-away, so definitely a motor home.

I really don’t want to tow a vehicle. That was the second decision I made. I don’t think I’ll change my mind when I start, and I’m hoping I’ll do okay without one.

Campsite at Tamarack Flat Campground in Yosemite National Park

I also plan to find a spot I like and stay a while – two weeks minimum unless I don’t like where I am. If I plan well, and maybe stay two or three weeks, then move on, I can shop, empty the tanks, fill up with water, propane, whatever else I need, and then find another location. There’s only one of me, so I’m assuming I’ll use half the water, and my tanks should last twice as long. I’m hoping good planning will allow me to stay put longer. Does that sound like its possible?

Would something like this Genuine Buddy scooter
be a good alternative to a toad for a single RVer?

I’ve always wanted a scooter of some sort, and I think that might be a good option for quick trips around the campground or to drive to a close-by town, etc. I remember seeing small dog-friendly baskets that I’ll check out and see if I can get Katie trained to travel in it when I want to take her with me. Or I’ll bring my bicycle. Or get an electric bike.  Attach the scooter or bike to the back of the rig.

It’s the floor plan that I haven’t decided for sure. I keep thinking I want different things in different places. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what I’m thinking about that.

I was going to write about the weather today – it’s been such a weird year so far here in San Diego and across the USA. But it’s cooled down this evening and I got bored with the topic and deleted it. Lucky you!


  1. I saw a lady RVer at the dump station with one of those red scooters attached to a platform. I asked her about it, and she loved it. She said her dog rides on it with her, and that her scooter is street legal. I don't remember the brand, just that it was a beauty!

  2. Thank you! That's good news, if it's working for her, it'll work for me.

  3. sounds like you have thought this through!!..good for you!

  4. We don't have a rig yet, but we have rented 25 foot RVs for vacations. The biggest problem with not having a toad is not being able to park easily in the city when you are site seeing or even when you are grocery shopping. The scooter looks like it would work if you don't need to go on freeways to get to town.

  5. I've been thinking about getting a scooter instead of a toad too. There's a platform that fits into the receiver at the back of the MH. It drops down to the ground so that you drive the scooter on and off. Sounds like that might work.

  6. When I started fulltiming, over four years ago, I felt the same way about a toad, so had a scooter instead. It was almost a year to the day that I sold the scooter, and bought a toad! While it was nice for running around the campground, it wasn't very practical for getting groceries or sightseeing more than a couple of miles away. There's also the issue of inclement weather to think about. I'm not trying to "rain on your parade", just relating my experience. :)

  7. I have a scooter and a Mototote (hooks up to the class 3 receiver hitch).
    It was good for my friend Susan for checking out backroads before she went on with her motorhome, and for scooting to the grocery store or sightseeing.
    Lots of people have caught onto the scooter idea, and we love travelling on it (it will run for a long time on less gas!).

    Personally I love the idea.


  8. Thanks for your comments, everyone! I assume after a while I'll be comfortable enough to tow a small car, but at first, a scooter would be better. Hopefully forever! Although, you're right, the rain issue could be a problem.

  9. I think a scooter can work great I had one I used for 1 1/2 years and at the time I lived in Bellingham, Wa andyou know what washington weather can be like. The only time it was an issue was in the snow no go then but w/ some rain gear scooters are fine in the rain, and I used a milk carton and bungies for a carrier worked great.

  10. It’s rare to see the planning stages of the RV adventure. Most blogs I see about RVs mostly start on the beginning, or a few months into the travels. Anyway, it’s great to read about the thoughts and considerations that go into planning for taking on the RV lifestyle. It’s really important to plan things out early so all that’s left is to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Cheers!

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV


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