Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update on my LEAK.

WELCOME to Ms. Fiddlesticks! (Love that name!)  Another "over 50 mom and Grammy" solo woman planning to RV full-time in the future. Like me and Katie.  Ms. Fiddlesticks, I enjoyed reading your blogs and will continue to follow along with your adventures.  I've always said, "If you want it bad enough, you'll do it!"  And we will.  Hope to meet you on the road someday. : )

Update on the LEAK - not good news.

My Homeowners Association has hired a contractor, Art, to act as project manager, and per his request, he is hiring third party companies to do the repairs and testing.  He really seems to know what he's doing.

Last weekend there were two roofers fixing leaks in my and my neighbor's roof (adjoining).  He said there were three areas that needed to be fixed.  The way my neighbor's roof was configured, any rain runoff in one area was going directly into our common wall, and probably has been for years and years.  Finally it came through the wallboard and I saw the water stain.

After a week of beautiful weather, it just started raining, and I'm sure glad the roof is okay now.

I came home from work on Wednesday, and Art had opened up a square in the wall of my bedroom.  He said they pulled it back, and it tilted back the baseboard.  He saw black and green mold on the inside of the baseboard, and the inner wall area was infested with ants, spiders and termites.  He said he put his screwdriver into the supporting beam, and it went right in. So they put the cutout back and sealed it off.  They sealed off a portion of the room from the end of my bed to the wall, put in zippers so they can move from the outer plastic wall, inside and through the next one to the wall.  There was a large hepa filter fan running.

 The dark blue strip is the zipper and the behind the sheet on the left with the red tape is the cut out area. They did take out the piece of wall Friday and sealed it with plastic.

When I mentioned I was having a tight chest for the last year and my doctor has me on an inhaler twice a day, Art said to make an appointment right away to get a chest x-ray and be tested for mold. He immediately had the worker seal my entire bedroom off from the rest of the house.  They removed all my bedding and took it to my laundry room, then took the mattress into my office/craft room, where Katie and I are now sleeping on the floor.  They covered the rest of my bedroom furniture with plastic. 
 Furniture covered with plastic sheeting

This thick plastic sheet covers another sheet 
that blocks off the entrance to the room 

I was able to see a doctor Thursday afternoon, they took a chest x-ray (which was the same as last year's so that was a relief), and I went down the hall for a blood test to check for mold, the results will be available Tuesday or Wednesday. While I was there I also had my flu shot, so I felt like I accomplished a lot in that one visit.  I have Kaiser, and I've always been happy with them.  I'm feeling hopeful that the mold was contained inside the wall and won't cause me any problems.

When I got home from my doctor's appt on Thursday, Art came by and said the company that is going to do the repairs inspected the area that day, and probably Monday another company is coming to test the air quality.  Once all the construction/repairs are done, the testing company will come back to make sure my condo is completely safe.

What a deal.  Hopefully in two or three weeks all the work will be done and things will be back to normal.  I've been taking Katie to work with me, and she loves it.  The first day I kept her in her little carrying crate until the weather outside warmed up, then I put her in the car which I park right in front of our office.  She can see me through the window and I can see her.  She kept barking, so I finally brought her back in.  She just curls into a tiny ball and sleeps in the crate.  I take her out for a few walks during the day.  I'm surprised she is so content in that little crate all day, but that seems to be her preference.

 Katie in her crate at work

 Sound asleep

It's been a quiet weekend for me and Katie - just staying in and taking it easy.  I'm actually looking forward to work next week, especially since I am taking Katie with me.

From Me and My Dog, have a nice Sunday evening, everyone!  : )


  1. I hope your blood test for mold turns out ok. I didn't know that's how they could test you. If my eye surgery goes ok on the 15th of Feb., I'm going to request a chest x-ray and now I will add the request for a blood test. Isn't it awful what they find behind the walls, and to think we breathe that stuff in all the time and don't realize why we don't feel as good as we used to. Good luck.

  2. sorry to hear about the leak..and all the stuff to go along with it!..what a disruption in your life!..hang in there!..hope it will be fixed soon!!

  3. How scary for you to find out what was living in your walls! I sure hope your blood test turns out negative and everything gets back to normal for you soon.

  4. I have a Silky Terrier dog. My little dog spends a lot of time in his crate. I work from the house and many times, I will get up to look for him and he will be asleep in his crate.

    His crate is just like Katie's.

    It sounds like you have the water leaks on the road to being totally repaired, and that you have a very professional team doing the repairs.

  5. Will you have to disclose this when it comes time try to sell the condo? You might even have to disclose it to a potential renter.

    Glad they found it and are dealing with it.

  6. Wow, what a mess it sounds like. I hope the tests come out satisfactory, but no doubt that all that moisture has something to do with you not feeling well. I hope everything gets repaired to your satisfaction and you can move on, literally and figuratively!

  7. What a bummer! But at least it's getting taken care of...

  8. Glad it is all getting done for you. Very lucky not to have anything wrong with your lungs.

    Rusty is the same in his crate. He will be a little wildcat till he hits the crate, then he settles right down. The Humane Society told me it is like a den to them.

  9. So sorry to hear of your mold, that surely can make you feel bad. I was unknowingly around some mold and it affected me for a long time.

    I hope your tests come out well.
    Maybe Katie should be tested, too.

    Did they verify that it was OK for you to sleep on your mattress which had been in the same room as the mold? I would be vary of that.

    My dog used to go to work with me, as I did three 11 hour days a week, and she was so happy just to be there, rather than be by herself at home.

    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX.

  10. I hope you are doing well now. It’s hard to deal with roof leakage and molds at the same time when you are having troubles with your health. The good thing is that you got a very kind and thoughtful contractor that takes care, not only to your roof, but also to your condition. So, how are you feeling right now?

    Nelson Mcglaughlin

  11. I really hope that your health condition is perfectly fine right now. You are truly blessed to have such person to look for both to you and your house. Leak, moisture and mold: these happen if you have damaged house structure. The moisture will attract pests that can be dangerous to our health. It carries disease and harmful virus that is a major health risk. It's really important to have regular house inspection and immediate repair.

  12. A roof leak is usually the main suspect in mold growth that causes respiratory ailments. That’s why regular maintenance is necessary. It was nice of Art to advise you to go and see your doctor right away for a chest x-ray. I hope that you are doing fine now. =)

    Richard Boles

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