Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My sleepover with the Vacaville Grandkids

This only took me a week... but I had so many photos and just didn't have the energy to go through them all.  Then I realized I only have a few of the sleepover in The Palms, the rest were mostly T-Ball photos.  I'll post those another time.  So here we are, short and sweet:

Katie's always the first one in bed

 Hurry up! I'm falling asleep!

 Sweet Lauren, sound asleep (faking for the camera!)

 And sweet Andrew, also sound asleep (and faking for the camera!)
The both have their sleeping bags, two extra blankets, pillow pals and "blankies" and Lauren's pink bunny.  All snuggly, and they slept really well both nights. 

 They are on the couch that pulls out into a bed. Such good fakers!
 This was breakfast the next morning.

We had dinner the night before with Mom, too.  The kids had McDonald's and Mom (my daughter, Kristy) and I had KFC. We had plenty of room at the table.

The kids slept with me and Katie both Friday and Saturday nights.  On Sunday they had to sleep in their own beds, because I was packed and ready to go, and just took off without going back into the house and waking anyone up. I left Monday morning at 5:30 a.m. to come home.

A successful trip, and I feel fortunate that my first two weekends in The Palms were spent with my grandkids, first in San Diego, then in Vacaville. 

BTW, I decided to keep the Keene print, the Yosemite photo, and my Guide chalk drawing.  I am going to see if the Guide will fit in The Palms.  I will miss him, for sure, so thanks to everyone for suggesting I try to bring him. 

Also, I was starting to go through boxes this evening, and I found the Keene booklet from my teenage years that has many of their prints and lots of text.  I didn't go through it tonight, but I did put it in the box of the photos that I'm storing upstairs at work.  I found yearbooks, and wierd high school poems I wrote, things like that, that I'm keeping, too. 

From Me and Katie, have a great day, everyone! : )


  1. In some ways you are lucky because you have moved around and probably haven't kept a lot of "stuff." Think of what your grandchildren will think when they can see your high school year books. Don't toss everything.

  2. What fun! Looks like the grandkids thought this was a very special treat. Adorable!!!

  3. Great post! Your grandkids are very good actors - they really look like they are asleep.

  4. Not only are you and Katie going to have fun but it looks like your grandkids will too. Will they go on longer trips with you?


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