Saturday, July 30, 2011

Checking out the campground


When I had my word processing business, Kristy was in high school, and when I had a job that included a lot of numbers, like address lists, I'd hire her to find typos.  She would get ten cents for every typo she found.  I'm  good at proofing, but she is even better, and she always found something.

Since I posted that her birthday was coming up, I've gotten a couple of e-mails from her with the Subject:  Typo.  The first e-mail said her birthday is on the 30th, not the 31st.  Then I got another one today, same subject, saying she was going to be 38, not 39.   Oops.  Sorry Kristy - but I'll never forget that wonderful day.  After having your own kids, you know how happy your birth day was for me.  : )

We walked around last evening and checked out the rest of the campground.  I met up with a couple of women in the library, and it is really a library, not just a shelf of old paperbacks. There is a wall of shelves full of books.   I asked them about the campground residents, and they said about 75% of the people live here full time. 

The entire grounds are kept clean and neat, and the buildings, too. 

        Nice spot to stop and enjoy the view

Here's the laundry room:

Large table for folding clothes and a nice magazine rack.  Makes sense to have magazines in the laundry room instead of books.  When I checked in, Virginia said the cost for a load to wash and dry is cheap, so I'll check out what it costs in a few days. 

The restroom looks large and clean, too.  I had Katie with me, so I didn't go in and check out the showers, but I use my own shower in The Palms, so I won't be using this one.  I've been surprised at how many Rvers use the campground showers when they have one in their rig.  Some people told me they use their shower for storage, and it is a large area, volume-wise, to store things in.  A tension rod for clothes above and the floor for other items makes a nice extra closet.  I only use mine for storage when I'm driving.  I'm just too lazy to walk over to the showers!

 Large clean bathroom


 Catamaran launch area

 Looking up into one of the huge trees

 Warm, clear, breezy - perfect sailing weather

Katie loves getting treats out of her Kong

I've never studied lakes or water movement, and I haven't spent much time by a lake.  A little fishing, but that's all.  I'm sitting here at my dinette this morning looking out the window and enjoying the view of the lake.  The waves keep coming in.  Where do they go?  Are waves coming in all around the lake?  Is the other side of this large lake getting waves, too? I guess it must be.  It's like a mini ocean with continuous movement.  I remember  lakes I've seen before being calm.  Maybe it's the breeze moving the water to shore?  How can I be 66 years old and not know this?  

Look at the sun shining on the water this morning:

Awesome view to wake up to in the morning.

It's almost 10:30 - time to wake Katie up and get going with our day.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!  : )


  1. If you use campground showers it's that much slower your gray water tank will fill up. I always preferred using my own too.

  2. I'm with you about the shower thing. My coach has a nice shower and all of my toiletries are right there so why go somewhere else? I'll just empty the gray water tank more often I guess. It's amazing how much water you can conserve by using the button on the shower head.

  3. Great views of the lake. Looks like you found a great spot.

    I like to use my own shower too. More convenient than walking across a campground with everything you need for a shower.

  4. That place you are staying looks so peaceful. I can just imagine sitting staring out the window at the sun on the water. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am new to this way of life. I am reading alot of blogs and I find yours to be both interesting and very well written. The photos are terrific. I will be picking up my motorhome in Oregon next month. I have three dogs (and a husband) that will be going with me and I think Katie is adorable. One more thing, I am originally from San Diego and now live in Mississippi. The Grandbabies are in Oregon, thus the need for the motorhome.
    Keep up the great blog.

  6. I have also pondered a lake with waves. I wonder if it is the wind? It sounds as if you are having a great time!


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