Monday, July 11, 2011

Settled in at Vineyard RV Park

I started out early this morning - I got up around 7 and at 7:30 went into the house and helped Kristy get the kids ready for daycare.  Matt works for Home Depot and opened the store today, so he left really early.  I drove the kids to daycare, Kristy to her office and helped carry things for her to her office.  She's on the second floor, but luckily there's an elevator, so she didn't have to go up any stairs. 

She had a busy day, appointments all day long, so I'm sure the day went fast.  After work Matt picked her up and they got the kids and went to Drew's T-Ball game.  When I called her at 8:00, she was home and doing fine.  She said she's not worried about driving tomorrow, so she should be fine.

I stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond to get some full-sized sheets for the bunk, then a little grocery shopping, then to Costco for cherries.  After returning to Kristy's to leave her car there, I washed and dried the sheets so they would be ready to put on the bed at the RV park.  When the sheets were dry, it was check-in time at the park, so we drove over.  It's about 10 15 minutes from their house.  Nice and close!

We checked in around noon and spent the rest of the day getting hooked up, dumping tanks, filling up the water tank, etc. 

Note to newbies:  in a site where you can pull in head first or back in, figure out whether or not your sewage hose will reach to the sewer before getting everything else set up.  I went in head first, got all my cords and water hose attached, leveled the rig, and was all set up when I attached the sewer hose and, wow, I had about half the hose I needed to reach the sewer outlet.  I have two hoses, but they wouldn't reach.  So I had to unhook everything, go out and back in, and start all over again.  Backed in I only needed one of my sewer hoses.  I won't make that mistake again. I'm not sure what the temps were this afternoon, but I'd guess low 80s.  I was too hot and too tired to be doing all this twice.   

I vacuumed The Palms, washed the floors, got everything out and organized, put the new sheets on the mattress and made up the bunk.  Finally showered, I was still hot, but with the A/C it didn't get out of control, and when I sat down to relax, I was really comfortable.  I was too tired to make dinner, so I had a big bowl of sweet cherries, I love Costco cherries.  It's the beginning of the cherry season, so I'll be having them for lunch or dinner a lot for a while. 

It's after 10 now, and I'm about ready for bed, the day flew by!  Katie is already asleep in the bunk.

Here are some photos of the park I took today when we were out for our walk:

 The Palms in her new campsite.

 This is the view out the kitchen window.

 Each site has lawn on three sides, a picnic table and a b-b-q.

Fenced dog area where dogs can be off leash.

Swimming pool.

Kids play area.

Vineyard RV Park has free cable, free wi-fi (works really well), two laundry areas, 2 off-leash dog walks, horse shoe pits, rest rooms, showers, propane filling station, and clubhouse.  There are large shade trees in the older area, but the new sites where I am have smaller, new trees, but this new area has free cable.   I can't figure out how to get the cable working, but my antenna works well here.  I'm going to tackle the cable tomorrow.  I have the cable hooked up, and have to find the switch to turn the antenna/cable off and on.

For those commenters who suggested plugging my electric cord into an outlet in the compartment so the generator can run the A/C, I checked and I don't have a plug.  Only phone/cable hookups in the electrical compartment where the cord is stored.  But it does say on the outside of the cargo door that the plug works with 120, so I was fine plugging into the house and running the A/C.  My rig might be different than yours with a different electrical set-up.  But thanks - it was worth a try.

 Katie  needs her beauty sleep.

Good night, everyone - from Me and My Dog!  : )


  1. See, now you are giving advice! It doesn't take long to go from being a newbie to being a seasoned veteran! Sounds like it was a tiresome learning experience.

    Like you said, you will not repeat this mistake!

  2. I'm with you, I can make a meal out of cherries, Yum!!

  3. You might have to change your tv setting to cable in order to receive the signal.

    Nice looking park you are in. Can you tell us the price?

    1. 2014:
      $52.00 - $55.00/night
      $625.00 - $795.00/month plus electric

      Too rich for me but it is California where almost all the Parks are too rich for me.

  4. Glad you 2 are in such a good spot. How long do you plan to be there? What are your long-term travel plans - your snoopy followers want to know!

  5. Nice looking RV park. Katie sure looks comfy in the bed!

  6. OK, So you don't have a plug for the A/C. There has to be a way to run the air from the genny, I guess you will have to get a Tech to look at it? You could have a automatic switch over box that is malfuntioning. When you started the genny and tried the air did you leave it on for a couple minutes? Sometimes an auto system requires a minute or two of warm up before it will let the air turn on. Good luck

  7. Hi, I have been enjoying your blog and have followed you from the beginning. Sometimes I have to read several days back but keep up to date every few days. So happy you are on the road and enjoying your new life. I agree with Gary, we have a generator on our fifth wheel and we have to have it running for a minute before it will start the air conditioner unit.

    I also have a comment about you parking face first in a camp spot. I don't know about out west, but here in the midwest the only 2 types of camping sites are pull through and back in. That is why our utilities are all on the same side. I have seen some smaller parks put the utilities at the back of the site, but not many times. When you back in, this puts the utilities on the side away from your door where you don't have to smell the sewage pipe when sitting outside. I would be interested in knowing if this is different there in the west.

    Good luck to you and Katie, enjoy your travels and thanks for posting so that those of us unable to hit the road yet can enjoy from our very own home.


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