Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swimming and squirt guns

Nothing much going on - it's been a quiet week, just hanging out with Katie, taking lots of walks, and laundry and some housekeeping.  It's amazing how dusty The Palms gets.

I'm still here in the same RV park, but I'll be leaving soon.  I noticed this morning that the water coming out of the tap is not clear - kind of a light tan color, and that concerned me. I don't want to use the water at all, I don't want to shower with it, or wash my hands in it, and tomorrow I'm going to unhook from the water.  I have a tank of clean water that I can use until I leave on Monday, and I can still be hooked up to the sewer and electric until then. 

It's been really heating up here, I had the A/C on all day for the first time, and rather than going up highway 50, I'm thinking of driving up the coast instead where I can enjoy the ocean air temps.  I'm not sure yet which way I'll go when I leave, but I'm leaning toward the coast route.

My grand kids came out again and spent the afternoon with me today.  I went to Lauren's gymnastic class first, then Kristy drove us here and we had a picnic lunch in the shade under the grape arbor.  When Kristy left to go to work, we took Katie for a walk and went over to the office and got ice creams, then the kids swam. 

After swimming we walked back to The Palms and the kids had their "outdoor shower" with my outdoor shower.  I like the idea of cleaning off the pool water, and they just love that shower and didn't want me to turn it off.  They danced around in the water showering down until I finally shut it off and got them dry.

After they were dressed we filled their new squirt guns and they played with them for a while until it was just too hot, and we went inside The Palms where the A/C was going.

We played computer games until Matt came after work and picked the kids up to go home.

I need to do some shopping and other errands, so Kristy is going to lend me her car to get those things done, and we'll spend the weekend together before I leave.

I'm starting to get excited about heading out again. I'm finding that a week or two is enough in one place, and then I'm ready to move on.  That was what I had originally planned to do as I move from place to place, and that seems to be what is working for me so far. I think the heat here and the poor water quality in this RV park have also given me a reason to think about moving on, too.

I had made an appointment to have vent covers installed as well as a back up camera and a few other things, but I canceled it.  I'm thinking I'll wait until I'm further north into Oregon where they have no sales tax, and look for a good RV place there to do the work.  If you have any recommendations, let me know.

From Me and My Dog, have a good Thursday tomorrow!  : )


  1. I vote for the coastal route! I've always wanted to do that!

    The grand kids are so cute and it looks like you've had a fun time with them.

  2. That's whats so great about this lifestyle. We have wheels on our home. That water would bother me too. So off we go. I vote for the coastal road. We did that last year and it is so gorgeous. No recommendations in Oregon - for once we didn't have anything go wrong or didn't need to have anything installed.

  3. I can see you going "Coastal"!

    I think that the water issue should get you some kind of reduced fees for staying in that park....

    Come on by and check out my "newbies" party. I also got a really COOL new bike that I wrote about on my other (Inspirations) blog.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  4. fun with the kids!..nice to see the sunshine!!
    enjoy going 'coastal' is beautiful!!!

  5. Take the Hy 1. It is beautiful. The pass over from 101 north of San Francisco, on Hy 1 was a bit scary. Winding mountain road, but it was worth it. We had a rented 25' Class C and it was Craig's first day of driving. We were tired and tense, so many things had gone wrong to start the trip and we were running way late!

    Be sure to do that stretch when you are calm and rested. It is worth the views when you reach the coast!

  6. I wanted to recommend another blog that I read, it is Gordon and Juanita Pierce. They stay for months at a time at Port Orford and he would be an excellent source for an RV dealer etc. for that coastal area. They have spent quite a bit of time in that area.

    I always enjoy keep up with you and Katie! Thanks for the chance to follow along on your journey.

    The link to Gordon Pierce is: Good luck with the info. Enjoy your coastal travels.

  7. Nothing like grandkids and squirt guns...great photos...cute kids!

  8. See if you can get an appt. with Quality Coach Service in Eugene. The guys are really good there and prices are about average for the area. They did quite a lot of work on my coach a few years ago and I was impressed.They have electric H/U while working on your coach, but no sewer.
    4150 W. 11th st
    Eugene, Or 541-343-1120

    Good luck! Sounds like you're having fun and really getting into the rv'ing "thang"! Have fun and be safe. Sharon

  9. I vote for the coastal route too, but I wish that I were taggin' along with you.

    Enjoy the trip and stay safe and take your time.


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