Thursday, July 28, 2011

We're in Grant's Pass, Oregon

Wednesday Evening

Katie and I left the casino parking lot around 11:00 this morning and drove north. We ended up on the 199 to Grants Pass.  (FYI - everyone in San Diego says "the" 5 or "the" 101.  I don't know why, but when I first moved down there, it sounded so strange.  Finally I started saying it, too.  Then I moved away and dropped the "the."  I moved back and went through the "the" conversion again, and I'm still doing it.  I'm sure it will fade away when I've been gone a while.)

Along the way I took these shots:

 As you can see if you click on the photo, I had already slowed to 28 mph.

 As we started driving, Katie found the sunny spot and was enjoying the warmth.

Crossing into Oregon:

Shortly after entering Oregon, we were in a small town named O'Brien that had a little store and gas station and post office with a police car outside. I thought this was the post office, and asked the woman.  If you click on it, you'll see the Post Office.  She said it used to be, but now it is next door, so I went over there and mailed a birthday card for my daughter, Kristy, who is 38 on the 30th.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTY!  I hope the card gets to you by Saturday.

I bought some snacks and went outside to take a picture of the police car.  I guess this is what happens when a state has no sales tax. 


I'm not sure these are in the right order, but a few more photos along the way:

The Klamath River

My longest and most memorable vacation was a two-week trip to the Klamath River.  We stopped first at the Pitt River, where I learned how to fish.  Then we went on to meet friends and spent two weeks in the rain fishing for salmon.  It was so much fun, and I've loved fishing ever since.  That was in the early '80s, and this is the first time I've been to Klamath since then - 30 years later!

Driving along from Bodega Bay to Grants Pass brought back so many memories of trips taken in the past with people I think about from time to time.  Great memories.

We stopped at the Trees of Mystery and I took a photo of the front of the store and of Paul Bunyon and Babe, his Blue Ox:

They had beautiful flowers all around the area.  We took a break here, but I didn't take the "mystery tree" tour. 

 Paul Bunyon and Babe, the Blue Ox

I don't know what they had to do with the Mystery Trees, but they were in front, and HUGE.  See the woman under the light post?  That will give you some perspective on the height of these concrete statues.  Paul's right hand waved and he winked and spoke to the people looking up at him.

 Along the 199 - I would have loved to pull over and fish this area.

 A little back-up - Bicyclist in Tunnel?

While waiting in line, I saw a left hand turn into a Rest Stop, so we pulled over and went in.  Took a little break.  As I pulled in, Katie threw up, so we spent some time resting and walking.  That's the first time she's been sick in The Palms, but we have been driving some pretty twisty roads.  Monday when I was talking to the man driving the new Sunseeker rental, I mentioned how I was riding the yellow line bumps on my side, otherwise I can hear vegetation on the right brushing my rig.  He said he had the same thing, also he was car sick from all the turns, and he was driving!  So I guess poor Katie did pretty well to last until this afternoon before getting carsick. 

At the Rest Stop, I started talking to a woman named Dottie, and then her husband, Roger, too.  They have a new fiver, have been RVing for 50 years.  We had a nice conversation.  I mentioned that I was in Santee Lakes in June, and he said that's where he grew up.  They now live one town over, in El Cajon, and know Santee Lakes very well.  Small world.  

When we left the rest stop, we were back in the "tunnel" line up.  When the light turned green for us, we went through, and it wasn't a bicyclist.  It was dark in there, but it looked like workmen were applying a coating to the walls on the opposite side of the tunnel, and that's why it was a one-lane road through the tunnel. 

 My least favorite driving - a barrier on the left and a concrete wall on the right.  
There were workmen on ladders putting a coating
on the walls of the tunnel on the other side. 

We ended up in Grant's Pass and got gas at a Fred Meyer gas station for $3.729/gal - I checked my Gas Buddy app on my phone and it was the cheapest around, and the station was close to where we were, so we drove over.

 Gas Station Attendant - remember when?

Gas station attendant - I had forgotten this job title existed!  I haven't seen one in California for years and years.  They were efficient, quick and polite, and I didn't have to get out of the truck.  Nice!

Then I searched Wal-Mart on my GPS, and there was a Super Wal-Mart right across the street.  I called them, and they allowed overnight parking.  As an added bonus, I just found out the McDonald's in the store has free wi-fi.  Am I hitting the right stuff, or what???  

I dropped $60 at Wal-Mart, and on my trek back to The Palms, I noticed there was an Applebee's a few stores down, so I put away my purchases and locked Katie in the rig and walked over.  I ordered the fish dinner, which was really good and then a hot-fudge shooter. She forgot to put the dessert on the bill, said it would be "on the house," so I left her a big tip. And I have enough fish and broccoli left over for two more meals.

I have a full cupboard, fridge and freezer, so I'll definitely be eating in for a while.  I even got a huge artichoke at Walmart, so that will be dinner tomorrow.  Or lunch, maybe. 

We're settled in for the night, and going to bed early.

From Me and My Dog, have a good Thursday everyone!  : )


  1. Boy, the good-luck fairy was sitting on your shoulder today. Poor Katie though!

  2. I remember the gas station attendants when we were there a couple of years ago...they said they gave people jobs instead of giving unemployment checks...I thought and still think what a good idea! Does that make two hot fudge sundaes in a row? thought Katie got a little sick she has the life of Riley!...

  3. I am not sure if this would work for Kate, but when we got Oliver, the breeder said to keep him in the front seat. He said that would keep him from getting car sick. Now, he rides on the large dashboard. Neither he nor Noah, the cat, have ever been sick on curvy roads. I sure hope this helps...

  4. Sounds like you are having a delightful time! :)

  5. sounds like today was 'great day'...good for you!..poor Katie though!..hope she is feeling better now that the ride has stopped!

  6. And they say it doesn't cost anything to park at Walmart. LOL. Sure hope Katie has a better day tomorrow. Exactly what is a hot fudge shooter? One of my best friends loves their mud slide.

  7. Sure hope Katie gets over the sickness...our companion, Killer, (so named because he will lick u to death) thankfully has never gotten sick. We stop often and all of us walk and enjoy the scenery. I really admire u for traveling alone...I'm not really the scary type but don't know if I'd have the courage. Do so enjoy every post, thx for sharing with us. Safe and happy travels to u both.

  8. Welcome to Oregon, the land of no sales tax and no self-service gas! The gas here is cheaper than anything we found in CA and I love the fact that we don't have to pump it ourselves. Fred Meyer stores often have some of the lowest prices too.

    I remember that highway well... no wonder Katie had a little tummy problem. Hope she feels better now.

    1. Almost anywhere has cheaper gas that in California.

  9. We just recently moved to Medford, just a short distance from Grants Pass. I have very much enjoyed your tale from planning to the real deal. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love that part of Oregon. Ashland, Grants Pass, and Rouge River area. That was always the best part of traveling from Wa. to Ca. and visa versa.

    I have the same pictures of Paul Bunyan. My twin boys were standing under Babes "belly" and giggling about his appendage...

    Was that a Fred Martin or a Fred Meyers gas station. I always knew I was getting closer to home when I came to the Fred Meyer store on the way up to Wa.

    Yes, it is strange to have them pump your gas. I guess the law still requires that in Oregon. You will want to look out for those really LONG trucks they have there. They used to allow them to haul TWO trailers. Is that still the case?

    xoxo Bunny Jean

    1. I don't think TWO trailers is all that uncommon, I believe all states allow that. There are only a few states that allow THREE trailers however and Oregon is one of them.

  11. Great drive-by shooting! Enjoy Oregon - I always spend a lot there just because they don't have any sales tax.


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