Tuesday, August 9, 2011

River walk, an emergency, Therapy

Welcome to three new followers:  Russ and Donna, HeyDuke50 and Laurie and Odel.  I know you all have blogs, because I've been following you since I started lurking over a year ago, then signed on as a  follower of your blogs.  So, I thank you all for signing on to follow me and Katie on our new adventure.  It's been over two months already, but we really just started traveling, and I'm glad you're coming along.


Katie and I found the riverside path, which is a beautiful walk.  We walked along the path to boat ramp where it ends, and someone was ready to launch their boat.  It was a perfect day, just beautiful.  Here are some photos of the path, and the boat launch:

The path goes right along the lake.

Lots of shade on a warm day

There are places along the path where you can get down to the water 
(if you're a 12-year-old boy).  We didn't risk it.

The path ends with the boat launch. 
There is a boat on the right edge of the photo.

Beyond the boat launch is an overpass, with a beach on the other side of it.

Here's part of the beach.
A company was having a large family party in one of the large grassy areas.


We took the same river walk, and when we got to the boat ramp there was an empty Search and Rescue emergency vehicle with a boat trailer there.

Emergency vehicles were waiting at the top of the boat ramp with about a dozen firemen and EMTs waiting. I didn't want to take their photos, so I snapped this fire engine that was waiting at the top of the ramp.

Paramedic Engine Company

Springfield Water Rescue boat speeding back to the boat ramp.

Eugene Water Rescue Team

I talked to a woman having lunch with her family right above the boat ramp.  She was pacing back and forth with her phone in her hand, really worried.  I asked her what was going on, and she said her family was coming down the river in two separate groups, and she could only contact one of them, and was afraid the search was for the others.

According to the news,  "Nine people were floating the McKenzie River on inner tubes when they hit snags and logs.  They were ejected and swept off their floating devices they had put into the river.  A couple of them were able to jump onto a log, which you should do.  The main thing is that they had their life jackets on, which had a lot to do with the outcome today."

I don't know if these people were the woman's family, but they were safe.  The news report said the people only suffered some bumps and bruises, and that the group was made up of kids ages 6 to 16 and adults. 

A little excitement today that ended well.  : )

I just love looking at the trees here - there are so many weird looking, weird shaped trees to see.

This is all one tree

 This is the beach at the other end of the pathway.
The beaches both looked rocky, not sandy. 

 There are lots of blackberrries in the park and along the river. 
They are just starting to ripen.  I tried a really ripe, soft one, and it was SOUR!


I unhooked The Palms and did a little shopping at Costco - I was craving cherries, so I bought two cartons, and also a bag of avocados.  Kind of overkill for one person, but I'll bet none of it will go to waste.  I also broke down and bought three of their double dipped ice cream bars with chopped almonds - the ones you buy at the food court.  If you haven't tried one, they are fabulous.  You can literally make them last for three desserts.  I ate half of one last night and it was too much.  (I was kinda sick afterwards - 1/2 is too much.)  But they are so good. Hopefully they will last me a couple of weeks.  Ice cream is my downfall, so I try to be good with it.

Then I went to Pet Smart to get an animal deterrent spray to carry on our walks, just in case.  While we were there, I had the vet clinic cut Katie's toenails.  They were really long, and the clinic does a really good job for less than $13.  It's worth it to me to have it done professionally once in a while, so they get cut really short.

After shopping, we visited Donna and Russ at their house.  We sat in their beautiful, huge back yard.  It was a cool day, and they had a small patio heater that kept us comfortable.  We didn't meet Poppy, but Rusty came outside, and he is a great dog.  Very calm and sweet.  Katie loves Donna and Russ, but wouldn't warm up to Rusty, so he just wandered away and did his own thing, then went into the house through the dog door.  Really kind of didn't care, such a cool dog!

I didn't bring my camera in with me, so I don't have photos of our visit, but you've seen us all before, and our dogs, too, so you shouldn't miss photos.

I had a tour of Therapy - what a sweet rig!  It's amazing how different each motor home is.  Therapy is really warm and comfortable.  I liked how it was laid out, it would be very easy to live in.  Of course, Lazy Days RVs are one of the best companies, so everything looked top notch.  Donna has photos in her blog of everything, but it was nice seeing it all in person.

Thanks for the great visit and the tour of Therapy, Donna and Russ!


Today will be a quiet day - more river walks, blog reading and Kindle.  I downloaded a few books that I actually paid for, and am looking forward to getting into one today.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  : )


  1. Glad we warmed up the patio a bit for you and Katie. Being from California, this is probably just a bit chilly for your taste, but it's about right for us. We keep saying we like the warm sun, but we like the sun, but not too warm!

    In your first photo of the path it looks like Katie has a bandage on her right hind leg. Is she alright?

    Enjoy today with the Kindle. We have some friends coming up from Desert Hot Springs on the train, and will be meeting them for lunch today. Always so nice to meet old friends, isn't it.

    We enjoyed your visit very much.

  2. You and my hubby - ice cream is his drug of choice also. But he's not good about making it last. I am so looking forward to some quiet days when I can just read again.

  3. sounds like you and Katie have kept yourselves amused!..how great to visit Russ and Donna again..too bad that Poppy didn't want to come out for visit..she is a real sweetie!!
    enjoy your river walks!!!

  4. I just love walking down shady lanes and paths. You feel like you are entering another world.

  5. To sit on the patio and use a little heater is just mind boggling to me at this time of year...wish I was there!

  6. If you ever get near Tillamook Oregon, you must go to the cheese factory and sample the ice cream. It is the best in the world! Maybe because it is so fresh, but the ice cream we bought at the factory was even better than the wonderful stuff they sell in the supermarkets.

  7. You got that right, Merikay. The cheese factory is lots of fun too, just watching how they make the cheese! Tillamook is great stuff.

    Don't let Russ fool you Barabara. We were a little chilly too. I like it about 70 but it was cloudy and I am sure not over 65!! Thanks goodness for patio heaters. Sure enjoyed our visit - come back anytime.

  8. I'm not sure if I'm the right Laurie that you mentioned, but I'm a follower of yours and enjoy catching up on your journey, I must admitt I'm jealous of what you are doing and think you are just amazing ,, best wishes from Ontario canada!I'm so glad no one was hurt in the emergency ,, so scary.I would love so much to live this life style but my husband s health is just not up to it,,

  9. thanks for the welcome and we are glad to be along for the ride...

  10. Glad that emergency turned out well.
    I especially loved that walking path!! Sounds like a nice place to spend some time. :-)

  11. Nice to catch up with you again. Looks like you are having a great time in Oregon, in spite of the cooler weather. So nice to meet Russ and Donna, too, that is a big one on my list of things I want to do!

  12. I was wondering around the blogs and remembered yours. It is in my favorites at home but not for some reason on my laptop. It is now.
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip and I love the path.

  13. It's good that that emergency turned out okay, what a relief for that family. I can't wait until I can get out there on those shady paths.
    Great name for Russ's and Donna's rig.
    Ice cream wouldn't last in my freezer, no room. It's safer to out to get it every now and again.


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