Monday, October 24, 2011

Final night at Sand Canyon State Park, UT

I found a new use for my camera - I can use it as binoculars.  Since the zoom is 18x, if I want to see something close up from The Palms that's down the road quite a ways, I can aim the camera and zoom it in.  So look out, keep your curtains closed.  :)  Just kidding.

This morning I saw some rustling in a bush across from The Palms, and I got the camera out to see what it was, and I could see the bushes very clearly.  I didn't see what made it rustle, but I've wanted a pair of small binoculars, and this camera is exactly that.  I could use it at a game or show, etc., to see the action better. Cool, huh?

Although this campground has full hook-ups, there is also an OHV accessible campground with some hookups and some primitive camping areas, too.  These are the facilities in the campground I'm in:

Five shower rooms - nice because you can always find a shower that's available.
Inside of shower room. 

I really like these showers, because they are private rooms with hooks for hanging, a bench to put things on, and the outer room stays dry.  The shower was hot (a tiny bit too hot for me) and is a push type knob.  When you push the knob, the water sprays out in a good spray for about 8 seconds. Then you have to push it again each time for another spray.  

The rest room and showers were very clean.

Isn't this a pretty lizard?

Three birds in the bush.

Did I hear a critter?

 I think I see him!

 There he is!

 Our last sunset at Sand Canyon.

Did you know some Utah Freeways are 80 miles per hour?

Tomorrow we leave Sand Canyon.  I need to do laundry and then shop for groceries, so I plan to overnight at Walmart and then see if we can get a "walk-in" site at Zion on Wednesday morning.  Our reservation starts on Saturday.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Monday night, everyone!  :)


  1. Yes, that's a very nice looking lizard, Barbara. Katie sure enjoys looking for critters, doesn't she!

    Have a safe trip to Zion. We will look forward to seeing pictures of your new camp site there.

    Remember, a bird in the hand is worth 3 in the bush. (Isn't that the way that goes.) Your photo made me say that.

  2. The sunset was beautiful.

    I would be careful with Katie trying to get at thins in a bush. In these desert places she might stick her nose into a scorpion or rattle snake.

    I don't want to b negative, just careful.

  3. I've used my camera many times that way too. Love the big zoom on cameras! Gorgeous photos, beautiful sunset & cool lizard. I agree with Merikay, beware of the snakes & scorpions.
    Looking forward to your adventures in Zion.

  4. I've never thought about using the zoom for binoculars. Great idea. Lil' Katie is certainly getting a nose-full. I wonder what a worm smells like? Looking forward to your reports from Zion.

  5. Great idea to use your camera as binoculars! Maybe I can use that as an excuse to buy a new one!

  6. When checking out potential small format video cameras I found the zoom to be scary good. Like intrusive from a mile away scary good.

    Excellent multi-tasking of the things you carry in a small living space. That's the key to not having excessive clutter when you have to carry everything with you.

  7. I like the looks of the CG showers not to many places have those.

    The sunset is absolutely beautiul.

    Hope you find another really nice place on your next stop.

  8. Speed limit of 80?!?!?! What about for towing - is it any different? Wow! I like to "meander" and see the views but I hate when I'm holding up traffic. Don't think I could keep up with this one though.

    Like the looks of those shower rooms. Reminds me of the ones at Seven Feathers Casino in Oregon.


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