Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A day for errands

WELCOME to our new Follower, Debra!   Debra says in her profile that she wants to "one day make a mobile living as a Writer, Photo Artist and Public Speaker," the mobile part would be in a motor home.  She's got some work to do first, but if successful, will be on the road on a couple of years.  Good luck, Debra, believe me, it's well worth the hard work to be able to live like this, whether you're working on the road or not.

Today was the day I needed to get some things done.  We were good with our tanks and fresh water, so didn't need to take care of that chore, but I needed to get other things out of the way, especially returning a library book that was due today.  So, after getting dressed this morning, Katie and I went into town to get a few things done.

First the library, I returned the book that was due today, and checked out three new ones:  James Patterson - Don't Blink, Danielle Steel - Happy Birthday, and Fern Michaels - Home Free.

Then, armed with new books, we stopped at the Laundromat/ Showers/Cafe.  I had all my laundry ready to go and my bedding stripped, so I loaded up three washing machines, and then went next door and ordered a cheese burger, coffee and coleslaw.  They have great burgers at this place; they grill the buns, so they're a little crispy inside.  I started on Home Free while I ate.

Then through the connecting back door into the laundromat to put the wet things into two dryers, and wait.  I love doing laundry with The Palms in the parking lot.  I went into the rig and got hangers, and went back and waited for the loads to dry while I continued reading.  When they were done, I folded some things, hung the rest, and carried it all back to The Palms where I hung the things on hangers, put away the folded clothes and towels, put the clean duvet on the down comforter and put the sheet and pillow cases on the bed.  Threw on the comforter, tucked it in and laid the quilt over it all.  Done!

Then we stopped at the Dollar Store for a few things, and headed down the highway to top off our propane tank.

Next we drove down one of the main streets where all the vendors are.  Katie and I walked around looking at things, asking questions, and ended up in a pet shop.  I bought a front carrier, like a backpack but the pack is in front, to carry Katie in.  We tried it on and the seller adjusted the straps across my back, and I walked around in their tent for a while to see if Katie would stay and if I could carry her weight.  It was pretty comfortable, and although Katie never SAT DOWN, she seemed okay with it.  I wanted something I could use to bring her with me if I had to carry her, and this works great. 

I was looking for one of those visor hats that has the fake hair on the crown, but couldn't find anyone on that side of the highway that has them.  Some sellers are coming in January that have them, but they are not here now.  Finally one woman told me to go across the highway, and directed me to a certain vendor.  I drove over there, and I think I found the only person selling these visors so far.  My neighbor, Hazel, has one, and I love it on her (she looks good in hats, though).  The one I bought is a visor with Velcro around the inside, and it comes with three colors of hair, a blond/white (a little too blond for my hair, but I can still use it), one that's grey/white (better for me) and a brown - who knows, I might wear that one, too!  I was pretty happy to have found one, finally.

Then we drove back over the freeway to the Post Office, which has fresh fruits and vegetables across the road, and I got some apples and oranges.  I just finished one of the oranges, and it was perfect, juicy and sweet.  I only bought two, I may go back and get a few more.

When we got home I was really tired, and Katie, too.  I'll tell you, it doesn't take much to tire us out these days!  So, after a walk in the campground, we were done for the day.

Today was warm and calm all day long - just another day in Paradise.

Did you notice the difference in my header?  I made that one up when I transferred my blog posts to WordPress.  I needed a different size for the WordPress header, and I think it looks better in Blogger, too.  I just backed up the blog into WordPress again today to keep it current, just in case... 

In fact, Blogger wouldn't let me change the header, said I had already used up all my photo space and I'd have to join Google+ to get more space.  ????   So I joined Google+.  Then I was able to switch out the header photo.  Talk about bribing you to get their membership up!!!  I guess I shouldn't complain since it's free, but that's why I like a backup in place, I just don't completely trust Google.

I didn't get any photos today, and don't have any good ones left over from the last few days.  I'll try to get a photo of Katie in the frontpack, and another of my new hairy visor and post them next time.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Tuesday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. Good idea to have a cover on the comforter so you can just wash it in a regular washer. Can't wait to see the hat hair and Katie's new carrier.

  2. First thing I noticed was your header. I like playing around with the header on my blog too. Changes are fun. Those little hair hats are pretty "hot" items.

  3. I have seen those hair hats around they are pretty cool and they remind me of the hats back in omg was it the 60s? Oh well can't wait to see it.
    I had the same message when I tried to change out my header. But I did't sign up.
    And yes it was a beautiful day in most of AZ.

  4. We didn't get to Q today but will be there tomorrow. And I never try to change my header picture so I've forgotten how to do it. But I really like yours.

  5. Awwww, thanks for the welcome! Thanks too for the digital information. I use ACDSee Photo Editor and PhotoShop Elements. I have never heard of Serif Digital Scrapbooking Artist2 but will look into it. I'm having trouble literally figuring out how to place a banner, but will get there.

    I noticed the difference in your header right away. Lovely! Are you switching to WordPress from Blogger or just using it as a backup? Thanks for your patience with all of my newbie questions. :)

  6. I saw tons of people wearing those visor hair things last year while I was in Q. They are fun !

    Heading your way tomorrow.

    Many vendors there already ??

  7. Barbara, can't wait to see a pic of you with the new visor! The header looks great. You make me so excited to get started with my RV life! Just have a few more things to complete before I get there, but I will one of these days. :)

  8. the visor with hair sounds interesting?...your day was very productive!!..good for you!!

  9. I can change my header easy enough, but Blogger won't let me change my primary email. To do that I would have to create a co-administrator with the email address I WANT to add, and then jump through hoops to delete me and keep the co-admin. Something like that. How dumb is that! I wish I could give up the computer entirely - well, almost entirely.

    I've never seen a hair hat so I am looking forward to pictures of yours.

  10. I was hoping you would do a picture of the visor so those of us not doing Q can see what you are talking about. Maybe next time. :)

  11. I, too, have never seen a visor like that. Would love to see a photo!

    I noticed the new header, right away. Love it!

    Happy New Year -3 !!!

    Sheila :)

  12. I can't phathom a hair hat? I too am curious, also curious over the carrier as well. Will be looking forward to seeing those. The burger sounds yummy.

  13. WOW...busy day. I am really looking forward to seeing a picture of you wearing the visor and carrying Katie in the front pack. Now that will be something to see!!

  14. busy day for sure its only 7am here and I'm beat just reading your blog...enjoy and stay safe out there....

  15. busy day for sure its only 7am here and I'm beat just reading your blog...enjoy and stay safe out there....


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