Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011 - and what a year it's been!

WELCOME to some new Followers:

Fred Feaster, whose has a blog, "Wood is Good," and he has also started a Google Group that concerns portable sawmills, their owners and customers.  I don't see any posts about RVing, but his blog list shows RVing blogs.  Fred, are you an RVer, or is RVing in your future?  Welcome to you, Katie and I are glad you are following along with us on our RVing adventures!

Welcome also to Bill Rowe and scott brawner, who aren't showing photos and have no info listed.  If/when either of you has a blog, let me know so I can check it out.  Welcome aboard to you both, we are happy to have you following along with us, too!

It has been just beautiful here!  Thursday I re-organized my camp, put things in order and actually sat outside and read my book.  I don't do that often, the weather has to be just right, and it was!

Denise is back in town, and came by for a visit. At the same time my neighbor, Don, walked his dog over to our site and the three of us sat down and chatted for a while while our dogs played, and played and played.  Don's dog, Duffy, is a real cutie with lots of energy - he LOVES to run!  Katie and Duffy get along well, and Bennie fit right in.  The two boys had a contest marking everything in site.  They were so funny!   Here are some photos of that visit:

 Benny, Duffy and Denise.  Bennie is checking out the hole Duffy dug in the dusty dirt while Duffy looks on with concern.  :)

 Katie watching Duffy dig.  Katie pretty much stayed out of the way. (Good girl!)

Duffy resting after digging the hole.  He's a pretty happy pup.

 I do NOT need a bath, DAD!

 Getting to know each other.

 NO, you can't sit in the hole!

 Checking out Duffy's good work.

The dogs had such fun, and it was really fun watching their shenanigans.

Yesterday late morning I headed off to La Posa South to dump my tanks.  While I was there, I stopped by the encampment of Denise, Sandi & Jim and Jeri & Terry.  They are the first of their group to arrive at Quartzsite, and they are expecting 18 to 20 other rigs from their group to arrive soon.  I had met Denise before, but just met the others yesterday.  What a nice visit we had. 

They parked right next to a wash that has a large open area in front of it with no rigs immediately near them.  They will have a great area for all the friends they are expecting to arrive soon.  I'm sure I'll be visiting again.  Thank you for the warm welcome, Sandie and Jeri, I'm so glad I finally met you!!!

While I was there, Denise gave me a tour of her large Class A toy hauler, in which she carries her Harley.  What a beautiful rig!  The bike's area is pretty large, and could also be used for an office if Denise needed one, and everything was new and perfect, with a really large living area.  It was so comfortable, and I have to admit, my favorite room was the bedroom, which is actually a separate room, very pretty and cozy and comfortable.  If I ever have a Class A, I want a bedroom like that.  Thanks for the tour, Denise!  Love your home!

Katie is getting much more socialized, she likes Duffy and Bennie, and did well with Sandi and Jim's two pups, Scooter and Skittlez, too.  But she was pretty leery of Jeri and Terry's Roxie, who is a large older female Doberman, a very sweet dog, who seemed kind of hurt that Katie didn't want anything to do with her.  So far she seems to do okay with the smaller dogs, but the larger ones, like Roxie, Dumbledorf and the two Greyhounds, Val and Fleur - she definitely has some fear when they get close to her, and she growls and barks at them.  I'm hoping that in time she will become friendlier with the big dogs.

Our gorgeous sunset Thursday evening:


  1. Back atcha! Oliver and Olivia said Happy new year to Katie!

  2. You've had a pretty exciting and event filled year. Hope the new one is even better.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Happy New Year to you and Katie!!..say hi to Sandie for us!!..

  4. It was certainly nice getting together with you and we hope to do it again soon. "Duchess" is as afraid of the smaller dogs as much as they are of her. Regardless of what folks say, size does make a difference!!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Great getting together with you again. You sure got some great pics of the dogs playing together. I also love watching the dogs play.

  6. I am so glad we got to visit for awhile. Thanks for dropping by. You and Katie are welcome any time.

  7. I'm glad you are having weather good enough for sitting outside! That's where all the fun is.

    Have a very happy new year.

  8. Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to be out there with you guys one day. Nonni and Bentley would have loved to have been there playing too. Happy New Year to you and Katie!

  9. Happy New Year to you both, I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  10. Happy New Year Barbara & Katie,
    Looks like you all had fun playing and meeting all the new people and pups.
    Wish you both continued success in your travels.

  11. Barbara, Happy New Year to you and Katie. You have had a great year and many memories to share and cherish. I love your unset pic, it's simply beautiful.
    Safe travels for 2012.

  12. Happy New Year to you and Katie, Barbara. Can't blame Katie for being afraid of the big dogs. From her perspective they are giants that could crush her.

  13. Hello

    Thank you for the welcoming greetings. I am exploring the thought of RVing and decided to learn from those of you that are off to a good start. Initially I thought I might get a Class C but now I am thinking that I better start off smaller with pull behind trailer - I already have a fairly new pick up ready to go. I'm planning on going to the Super RV show in Tampa starting 1/11/2012 and go from there. I miss the west, I spent time there in the military and later. Thanks for all the info you've shared. I will be checking in occaisionally.


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