Friday, January 20, 2012

Receiving packages in Quartzsite, and... my new card

When I was boondocking in Quartzsite, one of my fellow campers told me about Quiet Times.  It's a small store on Main Street, and the owner will accept packages for people for one dollar (or two dollars for larger packages).  I had ordered some things for The Palms (more about that in a future post), and also an Oxygenics shower head.  I had been looking for the shower head for a long time, and even asked two of the local larger vendors at Quartzsite if they'd order it for me, and they couldn't get one.  Finally I checked on-line, and The Home Depot had them, and I ordered one.  Unfortunately a couple of packages arrived after I left, so I called the owner of Quiet Times and she said she'd "refuse" the packages even after they were delivered, and they would go back to the sender, who I called and had them resend them to me at another address in San Diego.

My understanding of General Delivery at the post office during the "season" is that it's just awful.  General Delivery is only open from 11 to 1, and the lines wind outside and go on and on, and if you don't make it to the window before 1:00, you have to return another day. I thought Quiet Times was a far better alternative.  There are a few parking spaces in front of the building, and a larger parking lot behind the building, off the alley, which is where I always parked The Palms.  So... if you need to have something sent to you while you are in Quartzsite, check out Quiet Times, you'll be glad you did.  Here's the info:

Have packages mailed to:

 Your Name
C/O Quiet Times
90 E. Main - Box 2813
Quartzsite, AZ  85346

 (928) 927-8081      

There is no mail delivery to Quiet Times, the street does not have a mail person, so packages or envelopes have to be sent by Fed Ex or UPS, or the Post Office will return them to the sender.

Remember back in August 29, 2010 when I posted a photo of the business card I made up to use when I started full-timing?  That was before I even bought The Palms, I just couldn't wait to feel like a full-timer.  Well, I wanted to update the card, and here is the new version. What do you think?

I thought using my Blog header was a good idea.  So, as soon as I'm back in The Palms and have my printer handy, I'll print out a bunch to have ready - next time we meet up, I'll give you one!  :)

Tomorrow is my granddaughter, Kennedy's, 9th Birthday Party.  We are all going, along with seven of Kennedy's friends, to a birthday party venue for a couple of hours, then I'm going to drive over to Santee Lakes and talk to them about checking in early next week.  I want to see if the site I have reserved will be available early.  Yup, after two weeks I start thinking about moving on, and I guess whether it's in a guestroom at my son's house, or an RV  park, two weeks is when the yearning to move on starts.  (Oddly enough, I didn't get hitch-itch at Quartzsite.  I was ready to stay for the duration, so I guess sometimes I can last longer than two weeks.)

From Me and My Dog, have a great weekend, everyone!  :)


  1. That's a great looking card. Hope I get to meet you in person one of these days.

  2. You sound like you are really healing well. Two weeks is long enough. Where to next?

  3. I like your new card. Good idea mirroring your blog design!

  4. Glad to see that you are feeling better. That must have been quite a scare for you. You are sure well organized for medical emergencies. I think I will put a folder like your together.
    It might be a bit hard to read your Blog address and I would think your email address would be good on there too.

  5. I WANT CARDS! I didn't want them until just now.

    How are you feeling?

    The Good Luck Duck

  6. I am glad you are obviously doing better. You had me worried for awhile.

  7. The card looks good! What program did you use to create it? Also, glad to hear you up and about and doing so well - you have a strong constitution :-)

  8. I originally made business cards for us with our blog header too. However, since I change my header often, the cards soon got out of date. You just reminded me we needed to make more. Glad you're feeling better.

  9. U sound like u are feeling much better, i am so glad!! LOVE the cards!

  10. I like your new card, Barbara! Glad you're doing well. Give Katie a big smooch for us, o.k.?

  11. Good design on the card. We ordered ours from Vista Print. After figuring in the cost of the ink and the cardstock, we thought it was cheaper. Plus the ink doesn't run!! You might want to check them out online...just a thought. Take care a hugs to both you and Katie.

  12. Your header is so cool anyway so why not the card to match.
    Good to know you are so well healed and ready to hit the road.

  13. sounds like you are coming along fine withe the healing...:) love the BC

  14. I like the card.

    I have had business cards before, but the information isn't accurate, so will need to design another.

    Are you going back to Q at all or staying close to SD?

    I can't any plans until I see the dr.

  15. Two weeks seems to be the most I ever want to stay in one place and then (or even before) I want to move somewhere else.

    So glad to see you posting and commenting again. You're definitely on the mend !

    I arrived back in Q again today. Sure will miss not dropping by to see you and Katie.

  16. 2 weeks is about right.

    I just wanted to thank you for including my blog on your "blogs I visit" section. I get more traffic from your site than anywhere else!

    At first i thought all the hits were from you but then I realized you'd have to be pretty bored to be visiting my blog 40-60 times a day! LOL!

  17. Hello! Like your blog:)I´m a big dog lover and has two big doggies.I live in northern Sweden in a town called Luleå.We have a lot of snow here.But the winter has been unusually warm with rain some days.But several snowstorms this winter we have experienced and my doggies love them! In December,we have dark(hmmm..BLACK) around the clock.But now the days finally started to become brighter and the sun showed inself today.But is only up for a short time.Longing now for spring:)! In the summer we have midnight sun...WONDERFUL...the sun never sets.So herés the really great contrasts of the seasons:)Will visit your blog several times!
    Hugs from Sweden to you:))!!

  18. Not sure if I'm in the right place for this but. I had my mail sent to Quiet Time last week. Not being from around here, I didn't know it would be closed until November 4th. My question is, were does the mail go when you're closed. And is there a way you can tell me to get it?

  19. As of today (Nov. 24, 2020), Quiet Times IS accepting USPS mail at this address. They travel to the post office to pick up their mail, so any USPS packages they have to bring back carry an additional pickup fee (I think she said $3 or $5).

    Just make sure the address is perfectly written as described in this blog post, and be careful when you're entering this address into Amazon, etc. Amazon will try to change your Box# to PO Box or something, and you have to override that suggestion to force the "90 E. Main Box 2813" into the address.

  20. Your info was so helpful!!! Thank you so very much. BIG HELP!


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