Sunday, February 3, 2013

Camco Flying Insect Screen - correct size for Suburban 6 gal HWH

The end of November I installed my Camco Insect Screens on the vents outside The Palms.  That was something I had been wanting to do for a while.  As I blogged on November 23, 2012,  the refrigerator and furnace screens fit fine and went on easily.  However, the hot water heater screen didn't fit.  The screen I ordered said it fit my Suburban 6-gallon hot water heater (HWH), but it was too big.  It was shaped like a rectangle and my screen vent is a square.

This is the correct package, #WH400 - a square shaped screen

I did some research and finally ordered the Camco Insect Screen, Item # WH400.  If your hot water heater vent is square - you need this size for your Suburban Flush Mount 6 gal. Water Heater Vent.  Don't believe the information on the WH500 - it's the wrong shape and won't work. I don't know if mine is considered an older model or a newer model, but I think it has something to do with the year of your RV or HWT.  Not sure, but I think I saw that somewhere in my research.

So this is what comes in the package - minus one of the little screw attachers - there should have been two but my package came with only one. 

The last screens I installed went on easily, but I had trouble with this one.  Finally I took the Hot Water Heater cover off and brought it inside to attach on my dinette table.

First I used a wire to attach the screen in one corner, then I attached the wire/spring that came with the unit, and finally I found in my craft things another small wire with a bee attached.  I kind of liked the idea of using a bee attachment to keep out bees.

Guard Bee :)

Here's a photo of the HWH vent before I installed the screen:

Here it is after I installed the Insect Screen and re-attached the vent door:

Close-up - I wonder how long that bee will last...

I'm going to have to find some wire that's a little more sturdy than my craft wire, then I'll attach the corners more securely.  I'd hate for it to fly off while I'm driving down the freeway! (I'm happy to report the furnace and fridge screens survived all the horrible freeway roads coming through Los Angeles.  If they survived those washboard roads and freeway potholes, they should be attached for good!)/

So now all my outside vents are covered - the hot water heater, furnace and refrigerator.  And I have the vent covers on the roof for my bathroom and kitchen vents and the Fantastic Fan in the living area.

I  keep thinking I have everything I need for The Palms, but you know how it is - something else comes along.  Each modification makes full-timing easier, safer or more fun.  What's next?

I don't know if you'd consider this a mod, but I've received Katie's Car Seat and it's a real winner.  I'll post about it next time with lots of photos.


It's almost 3:00 pm in California and Matts parents are coming over for the game.  Kristy has the chili cooking in the crock pot and the pre-game nibbles are ready.

Good Luck, I hope your team wins - as long as your team is the San Francisco 49ers!  (Sorry Raven fans, I'm a San Francisco Bay Area girl - born and raised.)

8:30 PM PST

Well, after the way the game began, I'm happy for the 49ers that they had such a good showing during the second half.  And Kristy's chili is the best I've ever had - I NEVER like chili.

I thought it was a great game with lots of excitement - CONGRATULATIONS, RAVENS! 

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. Barbara, So glad you got that last screen installed. I had trouble also with those tiny little spring things.

  2. Love the little bee attachment...Too cute! Hope it doesn't ATTRACT 'em!

  3. Great job on the screens. We are loving San Diego Metro KOA and the area. Our first time here. Hope you will check out our blog.....would love to share your comments!

    Go 49ers!

  4. Your little bee is so cute. Be interesting to see how long it lasts.
    Anxious to see Katie's car seat.

  5. One other tip that has worked for me. Next time Katie gets a new flea collar buy an extra one and cut it in half, half for the water heater compartment and half for the furnace compartment. Its worked for me for four years.

  6. OMG! That is so cute! I'm torn - I love both SF and Baltimore. The towns, I mean. Don't know anything about the teams.

  7. Was s good game, despite the 9ers loss :( We have all the insect screens on ourselves..they work great!

  8. I thought I was doing good having my 3 favorite teams working their way to the top...Seattle (home team), Green Bay & San Fran (my fav) and although we put up a heck of a fight, it just wasn't in the stars for San Fran to pull off an upset. Bummer!!

    Good info about the screen and a reminder of the spring projects that get overlooked.

    Cheers! ~M


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