Friday, July 26, 2013

Okay, here's the plan....

We drove to Grants yesterday. It's only 27 miles from Bluewater Lake, and has a Wal-Mart and a Love's Gas Station, so that is where Katie and I will stay for the next six nights if all goes well.

Last night we stayed at Wal-Mart and tonight we are at Love's.  I was lucky to get an end spot, so at least I won't have a giant generator on both sides.  So far, so good.

I don't think I posted a photo of the campsite I was in for the last two weeks.  This was a nice spot -  big, very level and no close neighbors.  It is a drive through site on a one-way road, and there wasn't much traffic on the road. 

Across the street is Bluewater Creek, way down in the canyon. I couldn't see the canyon or the creek from my side of the street, we had to walk across to the edge and look down.  It's very green and pretty down in the canyon, and I was told there are beavers down there, constantly building dams.  I'd love to see and photograph them.   I haven't taken that hike yet, but hope to in the future.

We had such a storm yesterday!  Hard rain, hail, loud thunder and crackling lightening.  The rain was so hard it actually flooded the ground and all the little depressions in the landscape were filled with water.

Hail in the campground.
  The following photos are views out the windows.

These are photos taken out the window before the rain and as it was pouring down.  I could hardly see out the window, and the wind blew the hummingbird feeder right off the tree.  Later that day it was down on the ground under the tree.

Soon afterward, the water had been absorbed, but the ditches that were dug alongside the roadways were full, which, of course, is why they were dug.  All this rain has really increased and greened up the ground cover all over the park.

The ditch alongside the road to the lake was completely full.  Hopefully the Wal-Mart and Love's parking lots are on high ground.  I'd hate to float away. :)

Katie had her annual vet check-up this afternoon.  Hazel had been to a local veterinarian here in the Village of Milan outside of Grants that she liked, so I made an appointment for Katie to have her annual shot, check-up and also have her nails clipped while we were there.  I've been lucky so far that she has been very healthy.  All went well, and she's done for the year. 

She was super insulted at having her temp taken, she HATES anyone to touch her butt, and having her temp taken, well...  I wish I had my camera with me.  LOL.   She did fine with the shot, but really didn't like the nail clipping.  The nurse had to hold her tight while the vet did the clipping.  Poor thing.  The only surprise was that she weighs 14.5 pounds.  I thought she was around 12 pounds which is where she should be.  We're going to be cutting down on the treats again. 

She couldn't stop smiling when we got back to The Palms.

She is sleepy tonight, in fact, she's already been in bed for an hour. 

She usually starts out on the blue blanket, then later during the night she'll snuggle in her bed, but tonight, she started out in the bed.  The Vet's nurse said she would probably be extra tired for about 36 hours with this shot, and I guess that's what's happening.  Sweet dreams, Katie.

And from me and Katie, sweet dreams to all of our readers, too.  :) 


  1. Holy Cow you got some serious rain. We did too Wed. We had a tornado warning to boot. But luckily it turned out to be a bad storm. I love your picture of the drops on the road. And I have to tell you I just love your profile picture with you and Katie. Every time I see it I just smile. Her eyes looking up at you is just adorable.

  2. Oh and tell Katie I am so happy she is healthy and not to worry about the extra wt we all have some to loose. :)

  3. Great rain and hail pictures. I'm not fond of the rain and hail myself, but you captured them wonderfully.

  4. That was a lot of rain. I used to like rain on the RV roof, but since I've had leaks, now I dread it! Good news on Katie. Good health reports are what we strive for. I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua the other night. Had never seen it before. Funny, the one Poppy, reminded me of my Carlos.
    You sure had a nice campsite there!

  5. Bless little Katie! She is such a sweet little doggie. Let her rest after her shots.

  6. love therain pictures. Bet it was both exciting and unnerving. Glad Katie is well. So many of the fur kids have been ill this year.

  7. LOL Only a mama would look at that pudgy little thing and think she was at the weight she should be. Bless her heart. :-)

  8. Poor thing, I hate getting my annual checkup as well. Keep safe.

  9. Looks like you almost got flooded! We make plans too. The problem is when we make them we aren't even sure then if we'll be keeping them.

  10. Rain! What is that? Poor Katie...just like a baby after a shot. poor baby.

  11. Glad to hear Katie had a successful, if stressful, Dr. visit.

  12. Good girl Katie! Bet you're back to your normal self this morning! Wow that was a lot of rain! MY Katie-girl (sheltie) would have been barking all day!

  13. my 2 had their annual shots last weekend, they slept the rest of the day too...Katie looks so happy to be home. Hope your 6 days go well.

  14. Glad to see there is some much needed rain in NM! We got some too and are enjoying the green.

    Did you know you can go stay in a different park for those 6 days - or another 14? We were told this by a state ranger but I also found this:

    New Mexico State Parks rules state: Campers may reside in a park for a maximum of 14 calendar
    days during any 20-calendar day period unless the director otherwise decreases or waives this
    limit. Campers shall completely remove camping equipment and gear from the park for six
    calendar days during the 20-calendar day period. Campers can go to another park for six days,
    then return.

    We camp in NM often and love the area around Red River. Good luck! Love your pictures.

  15. I wondered why you just didn't go to another park also. I'd rather do that than spend 6 nights at Walmart or Loves.

  16. Don't you feel so blessed to find a great vet out on the road. We sure have with our four pups!

    That was some storm!

    Hope the 6 nights fly by!

  17. It's amazing how hard the rain can fall!! Katie looks like she has a perfect spot to snooze :)

  18. The temperature taking at the Vet was no fun! So glad that it's all over and she is healthy! I don't think Katie is at all overweight!

  19. I am glad to hear that all went well with Katie at the vet. Chica does not like the vet at all. I need to find a place in Jackson, WY once I get there on Tuesday to have her nails trimmed. I know she won't like that.

  20. You dog has such a happy smile :D Very lovely. :) Have a good day.


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