Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quartzsite weather

If I have a good sunset shot I usually end the post with it, but this was just too good to wait till the end.  This was our sunset last Tuesday.  It was just gorgeous. 

These three photos are all taken in the same spot, further away, closer and close-up.  I don't remember ever seeing this kind of cloud formation/sunset before, only in Arizona.  The roughed up clouds below almost look like red desert sand or rocks or cliff sides, not clouds in the sky.

The photo below show that part clearer.  It was an interesting sunset, lots of different things going on, different colors, shapes, and textures.

It was a beautiful evening.  We've had such nice weather since Katie and I got here, a few really hot days and a few cloudy windy days, but for the most part, perfect weather.

On Friday the weather turned - it's been stormy and cloudy and rainy for a couple of days.  I don't get to see too many rainy days here, and it was really nice.  Super cozy inside The Palms with the Wave 3 Catalytic Heater keeping us warm and toasty.  :)

Clouds covering the mountain tops.

WELCOME to our newest Followers:

Becky & Drew, who are not showing a blog or any info about themselves.  If you do have a blog, or start one, let me know.  Thanks for following along with Me  and Katie, we appreciate it.   Welcome aboard!

I have a couple of mini-mods to show you next time.  I was going to include them here, but the post was far too long.  I'm trying to be a little less wordy and picturey.  I know my posts are toooo long, I'm working on it, but once I get started... 

From me and Katie, have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. Beautiful sunsets! Compared to our blog your posts are short. Hey, it's your blog, they can be as short or long as you want to make them!

  2. Beautiful sunsets! Compared to our blog your posts are short. Hey, it's your blog, they can be as short or long as you want to make them!

  3. I have never seen one of your posts be too long. You do a spectacular job of posting in my opinion.

  4. Wow. Quite the change in the view outside. Awesome sunset and crazy rain!

  5. Barbara, Your posts are NEVER too long. I always love them.

    We had the same storm here in Yuma. It was WET WET WET !

    And I never tire of Arizona's spectacular sunsets.

  6. One of the disadvantages of being in the beautiful site I'm in this time at Anahuac is that the sunsets are hidden behind the buildings. It's cold with more rain on the way tomorrow in the Houston area. :(

  7. Beautiful pictures, including the rain. You can't put too many pictures on a blog, especially if they are as great as the ones you took.

  8. There really is something about these AZ sunsets. I love them. We've had a pretty dry day - finally - so hoping you've dried out a little bit also.

  9. Great photos. Wish I could be there this year and experience the sunsets in person. Love the rain pic!

  10. I don't think I've ever found your posts to be too long. Rain can be nice when most of the time the weather is bone dry, but only if it's just a day or two of rain.

  11. Gorgeous sunset photos. You must've gotten absolutely drenched taking the photo of the rain! Glad you were toasty & warm inside--a hot cocoa kind of day!

  12. ALL the pictures are gorgeous ... nothing like a desert sunset ...

    for the life of me I do not understand why people apologize for almost writing a long post...

    I have a blog because I want to write stuff... I don't sell anything so people can come and go and read or leave or ... dance a jig..

    you are at least the fourth person I've read today who has apologized for either a long post or ALMOST s long post ...

    hiss... do what you want... or not

    you're welcome

  13. Just wanted to say thanks for the heater link. I was about to buy the Wave 3 on sale from PPL, but followed your link and saved $50!! Thanks for including links for interesting or useful items in your posts.
    Glad it's just rainy and not too cold where you are. Give Katie a kiss and a scritchy-scratch for Riley and me.

  14. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for writing your blog and sharing your adventures. It would be a shame if you feel you have to cut them short.

  15. Beautiful, beautiful sunset photos! Write, when you want, for as long as you want, for as short as you want, but don't stop.

  16. What a beautiful sunset! I never get tired of reading or looking at pictures...I think your post are always well written and I sure enjoy your pictures.

  17. I love the sunsets from Q. I have many pics myself of the different patterns.


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