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Touched by Charms... my granddaughter's new business venture

This post is an advertisement for my granddaughter, Kennedy's, business, but I'll bet you'll find it interesting.  You might even want to buy something.  If not, you'll at least be aware of one of the coolest jewelry creations I've ever seen.  And I love the prices, even my frugal budget can play! :)

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is a social selling company that was founded by a 14-year-old girl.  This young entrepreneur features darling lockets and adorable charms that come together to make a distinctive piece of jewelery that is customizable to fit anyone's lifestyle, hobbies, family, etc.  There are also plates, dangles, and tags that can be added to the lockets or attached by themselves to a chain.

When I was visiting my family in San Diego in February, Kennedy had just started her new business, Touched by Charms, and I was able to experience her excitement and the beginning of  her new partnership with her mom.  Kennedy is too young legally to "own and run" a business, so mom, Trish, stepped up and they formed a Daughter and Mother Team, which is encouraged by Origami Owl.

I told Kennedy and Trish that I'd post information about their new company and put a link on my sidebar. I'm very proud of Kennedy and happy to share her story with you.

             Daughter:    Kennedy                                  Mom:    Trish

Here is what Kennedy and Trish have to say:

Hi, I'm Kennedy and I'm so happy you stopped by to visit! My mom, Trish, and I are a team, but I'm doing everything an 11-year-old can do to make our business a success. I'm in the 5th grade and a good student. I like swimming, and I'm taking lessons so I can join a swim team. I have lots of interests, but my favorite is creating things. Arts and crafts are super fun and I'm a pretty good artist for my age. I've started some small "kid" businesses selling the items I've created, like my hand-made bracelets, Rainbow Looms and multi-colored duct-tape purses. But I definitely think Origami Owl is the best! 

I've graduated from kid businesses and feel like Origami Owl is my first Professional Business - my first real step on the road to a business career. My Aunt Kristy gave me my first Origami Owl necklace. It was the first time I'd seen one, and I loved it! It created a HUGE BUZZ in our house, and I went to the Origami Owl web page to see what else there was for sale. When I saw that I could sell them, I was really excited and since then my mom and I have been working together to create Touched by Charms. Waaaaay better than duct-tape purses, for sure!

Hi - Trish here. I thought I'd write a quick note, too. When Kennedy approached her dad and me about being a part of "Origami Owl," we thought it would be a fantastic way to teach her the value of hard work, giving back by donating a portion of her proceeds to charities, and achieving her goals.  She's actually pretty good at those things already, but Origami Owl incorporated all three in a way that will enhance her current experiences. 

The added bonus is spending quality time together doing something we're really enjoying. For now Kennedy is doing everything she can to run Touched by Charms, and I'm helping out with the "grown-up" things she hasn't learned to do yet. Little by little, Kennedy will take on more tasks until she is able to run the business on her own. Her dad and I are thrilled she wanted to sell these beautiful pieces, and we couldn't be prouder of her!

Below is the link to their Origami Owl page - check it out and feel free to make any purchases for yourself or for gifts.  The prices aren't bad - I already have my locket and charms picked out!  :)

Touched by Charms Kennedy and Trish Daughter/Mother Team
I already have a gold chain with a small gold nugget on it.  The nugget is one that my mom and dad bought a long time ago when they were driving through Placerville, CA.  My mom had it made into a charm and on the gold piece that attaches it to the chain she added the tiny diamonds from her first engagement ring from my dad.  When I was living in Placerville, my mom offered it to me and I gladly accepted. It's a very small, simple piece, but I love it because it has a lot of meaning to me and I wear it every day. I'm going to add my Touched by Charms locket on the chain so I'll be wearing a piece of history from my mom and dad, and from my granddaughter and daughter-in-law, too.

I'm going to order a medium sized brushed gold locket and four charms to put inside.  I think I'll also get one of the dangle pieces so I can hook my nugget onto the chain with a dangler.

Here's how it works in five steps:

Here's what I want - Gold locket with crystals:

Palm Tree for obvious reasons:

Dog Paw for more obvious reasons:

The Infinity Charm just because I like it:

Crystal Cross, I'm not religious, but I have a deep faith (Trish actually gave me this one, it was one of my choices and she didn't know it):

It was in this little cloth bag:

Here's my cross:

And I'm thinking I need a little color, so I might get a heart with the red crystals if it will fit:

And maybe a couple of crystals with other colors - jeez, I can see why Kennedy and Trish have so many charms!

Here's how they can look when put together, most are necklaces, but two are bracelets - these are pretty simple, my kind of jewelry, but you can glam them up, too:

Here are more photos from their website:

Trish wears hers with a chunky chain and lots of charms and dangles and sometimes two or three chains and they look great on her.  Kennedy and Trish have a collection of charms, chains, lockets, etc, and they share them.  They can be changed easily by opening up the locket and changing charms and plates so you can have a different story to tell each time you wear them - very simple or super glam.  

I thought this was such an ingenious idea, and to think a 14-year-old girl started the whole thing.  Kennedy is giving a portion of her earnings to various charities.  Trish is doing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Cancer Walk in San Diego this year, she's already training for it, and Kennedy's first donation/gift is pledged to that charity.  Kennedy has to save half of her income and can spend the rest, after her donations.  What a great working/learning experience this is for a kid.  :)

If you'd like any information about this jewelry, Trish's phone number and e-mail are on their Origami Owl site and I know she would love to talk with you.

Thanks for reading to the end - Kennedy is a very smart girl and I'd bet there are big things in her future.  I love you, Kennedy, and I'm so proud of you!

On a final note:  You might not be interested now, but I'll have a link on my right sidebar - soon to be added under my new page tab, "Shopping with Me and Katie."  In the future if you need a quick gift, the classic ball chain for $10 with a $12 tag would be perfect for anyone:  boy or girl, man or woman.  And if you want something fancier, the options are almost endless.

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday everyone!  :)

PS:  Trish said if you'd like to save on shipping she'll place the order for you.  You'd need to get the order information from the website and e-mail her, including your phone number.  She'll call you to get your billing info.  It'll be added to their next order and when she gets your items, she'll send it right out to you (or to any address you specify) Priority Mail.  (I would start to place the order (but don't complete it) and when the shopping cart comes up with everything on it, do a copy/paste and paste the shopping cart in the e-mail.  Then you don't have to type the info.)   If you want to order directly through Kennedy and Trish, the e-mail address is:

PSS:  If you are on Facebook, this is Kennedy's Touched by Charms Facebook Page link. Please "Like" her - they are trying to get 100 Likes.  :)


  1. How cool is that? What a great idea - I would have loved doing this with my mom. Best wishes for a successful endeavor!

  2. Kennedy is going to be running the Gates foundation one of these days--she's absolutely brilliant! I'm not much of a jewelry person but will definitely check out her web site since my oldest granddaughter's birthday is next month! ^5, Kennedy! Great success in your business!

  3. How cute is this. Just the type of jewelry I love. May have to invest a few dollars myself. Congrats to Kennedy on her entrepreneural spirit. Hope it takes her far in life.

  4. What a creative young lady!!! Wishing her (and mom) all the best in their business endeavor!! The jewelry is pretty!!

  5. I just love these stories about young people who have the initiative, energy, passion, and courage to follow their dreams. Simply having this happen so early in her life makes me think she'll learn how to choose and be successful with whatever she endeavors. Best of luck and I'll definitely be trying her jewelry out as I come up with birthdays, graduations and the like. You have to be a very proud mother and grandmother and I congratulate you.

  6. I agree with MAry-Pat 100%. She stated it perfectly. Good luck Kennedy and you and your Mom enjoy this time together!!

  7. WOW Barbara, I'm seriously impressed. She must get her smart & creative genes from her Grand Mother !!

  8. I am impressed of your beautiful and creative granddaughter. Absolutely amazing!

  9. Awww, how sweet of you! Your granddaughter is a real entrepreneurial prodigy, and she's only 14! She definitely has a bright future ahead of her. With all the support that she’s getting from you and her mother, she may one day be up there with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg.

    Clint @

  10. Your granddaughter really has a lot of talent coming up with these ideas and designs at a very young age. Nurturing a business this good is advisable since your products are well-designed and will surely captivate and awe a lot of people! Thanks for sharing and good luck!

    Barton Wilson


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