Monday, April 21, 2014

Thank God it's Monday!

Look what I saw walking in front of The Palms the other day:

Yup!  A coyote was in the area.  It's been a while since I've seen one, and I wasn't expecting any to be here in this campground.   He just walked along, crossed the street in front of a car, and disappeared into the desert bushes.

I took some photos the night of the Lunar Eclipse - the full moon was beautiful and the sunset in the east was gorgeous, too.


On Saturday there was going to be a big Easter Egg Hunt down on the beach.  Unfortunately the rain started Friday night, and Saturday was grey, windy and rainy until the afternoon, so I don't know if the event was held.

Saturday morning there was something going on down where the Egg Hunt was going to be.  A large firetruck drove past our site headed in that direction, and I thought it was there for the crowd that would show up for the hunt, you know - for the kids to look at and get to talk to a real fireman.

Then two more large fire engines and one Fire Department car went past in the same direction.  That seemed excessive for visiting an Easter Egg Hunt.  I wondered what was going on.  Then a bunch of Park vehicles went past in the same direction.  Then some police cars.  Next two ambulances.  Shortly thereafter I heard a helicopter going overhead, and it circled around and landed nearby. 

I never did hear what happened, but it must have been something big.  It was quite a while before the official vehicles drove back toward the park entrance. 

It cleared up in the afternoon and Easter Sunday was nice, too.  This photo was taken on our walk Sunday; it was a beautiful day:

On the way back down to our site, I saw a huge spider in the road.  It had to be 3 or 4 inches long.  Katie sniffed it, and I yanked her away from it.  I went kind of close to it, but didn't want to get too close.  I was thinking, "Boy, is this spider going to be great for the blog!" and got a picture.  When I got home and pulled it up on the computer this is what I saw:

Do you think someone was watching out the window - laughing?  Yup, I think I was punked.  It sure was ugly, even if it WAS fake and missing most of it's legs.  :)

We moved this morning.  

Until this morning we were up over the lake in the dry camping sites.  Wow, this weekend was brutal - since our site was right on the road going down to the water there was constant traffic going by, even till 11 pm on the weekend.  

People kept using our site as a turn around - I thought we'd be side-swiped more than once.  

One guy in a van decided to overnight in front of The Palms.  That was sure nice of him to use part of my campsite???!!!   Don't you just love holiday weekends?

And then around 9:30 on Saturday night a guy in a big truck full of people drove right into my site behind The Palms and ran over my little black table.  Can you believe it?  I had moved the chairs into the shelter because of the rain, so it was just the rug, the table and some rocks to hold the rug down.

Picture this scene without the chairs - and with more big rocks to hold the rug down in the wind. 

I went out and checked out what in the world he was doing, he said he thought it was an empty site.  I said, "At 9:30 on a Saturday night on a holiday weekend, you thought you were going to get an empty site???   Did you NOT see my motor home right THERE???"  He said yes, but there was room between it and the shelter, so he thought it was vacant.  I suspect a lot of alcohol was consumed this weekend!  

So this morning we moved to another area where we aren't surrounded by a lot of other people and there's not a lot of traffic going by.  Peace and Quiet - much better!

It's actually amazing how seldom I'm bothered by other campers; when it happens it's usually weekenders during a holiday weekend. I guess if I was living in a house somewhere and people came to my street and partied for three days I wouldn't like that either.  But I DO remember back in the olden days when I was the one doing the partying.  So I try to remember that, too, and always sigh in relief when the campground is quiet again.  :)

We should sleep well tonight - Katie and I hope you do, too!  :)


  1. Now that kind of spider is the best kind. But it would have scared me to death. I hate week-ends during the summer when we're out on the road. Definitely lots of alcohol. Did he even try to reimburse you for running over the table? Probably not. Jim saw a coyote crossing the street out back of our park here in town the other day when he was out walking Scooter. Hoping for a lot more peace and quiet for you and Katie girl.

  2. On Friday, there were a lot of RV's pulling into this park. Maybe on their way back North. But I stayed overnight at my daughters Saturday and Sunday and most of them were gone by the time I arrived back to the RV this afternoon.

  3. With all the idiots running around, maybe you could sublet parking in your site and make a few $$ - NOT!!

  4. There are some creeps out there that have no brains. One good thought might rattle around in their heads. Oops....not being very nice here.

  5. Maybe it's because I was once one of those week-end alcohol fueled people that I have zero tolerance & no patience for those types of people.

  6. So sorry about the intrusion by others with dulled senses!

    BTW, I cannot select the sidebar items of products you use and love on your page using the Chrome browser. It works fine under Safari. Just sharing in case anyone else has a problem. Don't know why that is, but I'm glad to get to the links somehow!

    Enjoy a peaceful week.

    1. Carrie - thanks for letting me know - I don't think there's anything I can do about it. :( I have just opened an aStore, which is a new page at the top of the post. Right above my photo, top left, are three pages. The third one is the aStore, The Palms Shop. Try that while in Chrome and see if you can access the items. All my sidebar things are in the store. :)

  7. It seems we have all experienced the wrath of the Weekend Warriors. Yes many of us were in that position at some time in our lives but today with the faster pace of life due to the electronic revolution it just seems people are more disconnected with reality.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. Glad to hear you moved. Too many great spots in your area to put with noise and traffic. I sure do envy your selection of boondocking in the Summer months.

  9. Sometimes jerks buy RVs, too. Should be some kind of test to weed them out, don't you think? But the only good thing is that they are usually only there on weekends and holidays.

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  11. I sure enjoyed the lunar & sunset pics. That spider plunked or not, I admire ur tenacity 2 investigate , I'd go the other way & put mothballs around my RV tires praying he didn't find his way inside, yuck.

    U had quite the activity on a Holiday weekend, particularly give ur remote location, w/all the first responder equipment..

    Hope the dismal unwanted squatter didn't destroy ur table.

    Safe travels . Anxious 2read where y'all r next.

  12. What a great moon pic!! What kind of lens do you use to get that shot? I can never seem to get a good enough pic of the moon.
    Sorry to hear about the folks running over your campsite. Just rude.
    Nina and Paul (wherlingit)

    1. Nina - Thanks, I appreciate it! The camera is just my regular Canon PowerShot SX500 IS. You can check it out in the right sidebar or in my aStore, The Palms Shop (top left of post over my picture). I've had it for a while now and I'm really loving it. It has a 30x zoom, which you can bring to 60x and then to 120x. I usually use only the AUTO setting, which does all the settings for me. (The 120 isn't always clear, but it's better than nothing if I decide to snap something that far away.)

  13. I'm with you when it comes to "like" weekend traffic. I had the very same experience up here. It got very crowded. Thanks be that most of them have moved on. That big spider sure looks ugly. Nothing for little dogs to sniff about.

  14. Sunday night was something to hooray about for you! I definitely got the cream of the holiday milking - I should have shared.

  15. OH! I can SOOO identify!! We are currently on our sailboat in the Sea of Cortez (Mexico) and Easter here (Semana Santa) is a HUGE, week-long celebration. Any beach that is accessible by car is packed cheek by jowl with tents & RV's interspersed with beer tents. The very loud music (much of it is Om-pah polka) goes on most of the night - every night, and in many places there are numerous jet skis that like to use the anchored boats as turning marks. We do our best to be on uninhabited islands until after this holiday is over! Enjoy your peace & quiet now that the party is over!

  16. Good that the crowd is gone! It was nice and quite here. They must have gone else to party, or indoors.
    Your camera is a great thing. It does amazing shoots. Not to mention the person behind it. :))

  17. TGIMonday and the long weekend has ended. I hope you find the peace and quiet.

    I would have been totally freaked by the spider, real or not. That is one bug that literally terrifies me. I'd be concerned the coyote is coming so close to camp too. We get them occasionally just on the edge of the city and small dogs and cats are frequent prey. Hold tight to Katie!

    Love the photo of the moon. I was annoying friends on Facebook on the West Coast to take photos since I couldn't stay awake late enough to catch it. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I admire your restraint with the party people! Cool moon shot!

  19. I am amazed that people drink to the point of stupidity! They should not be allowed on the road, even in a campground! Maybe vehicles would have a breathalyzer in the steering wheel and the vehicle won't start when the level is high! Glad you found a good site!

  20. I can remember (way back when) getting bombed and crazy on the holiday weekends. Now I don't want anything to do with anyone that does that. HA!


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