Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quartzsite Rocks!

My friend Diana Tolerico and I went to the RTR one morning to see what everyone was up to.  Unfortunately it was really cold and everyone was either at the "Boondocking Seminar" that Bob Wells was giving, or in their rigs.  No one was outside visiting or walking around.  We stopped and listened to the seminar for a while, but since it was mostly for newcomers and we were getting COLD, we decided to head back to the car.

On the way back to our camp, we stopped at the QIA Pow Wow - Gems, Minerals & Jewelry Show.  There were tons of vendors outside, and some beautiful things inside the main building.  Where it was WARM.

Below are a few photos I took - I know nothing about rocks, so I'm not going to identify them.  I just snapped pics of the ones I thought were especially pretty.

This was a pile of rocks we saw on our way out - I'd bet if these were cut and polished, there would be some beautiful shapes and colors inside.

And here's a rock I found on the desert floor yesterday.  I put it under water, and it was really pretty.  Kind of heart-shaped.  I'm saving it for a friend:

The only rocks I was REALLY interested in were the Lace Agates - because of this one I found here in Quartzsite last November:

 It's so beautiful, but I guess not worth much money, so there were very few vendors showing them.  We did find one vendor, but their rocks weren't cracked open to see the inside. 

So now I've found two really pretty rocks - the heart-shaped rock above doesn't look like it's been shaped or polished at all, like the Lace Agate, but maybe rolled in the rains along the desert rocks and sands to smooth it out.

And you know what?  I think the two rocks I found here in Quartzsite are as beautiful as any I saw at the Rock Show.  :) 

From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!   💓💕💗


  1. We were there as well and really enjoyed it. but no rocks for us. Was nice see you again ads the weather warms up to almost perfect.

  2. My Dad was a big time rock hound and jewelry builder from rocks he cut and polished. I did a few years of tumbling rocks and found it fun. The rocks can be wonderfully beautiful when handled properly. Glad you enjoyed the experience.

  3. Good morning I love your found rocks the heart reminds me of a country heart remember back in the day they made those long and odd shaped pretty cool...

  4. We're not into rocks either but did find it fascinating when we walked through a few of the Vendor's buildings.
    Until we meet again, be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Beautiful rocks and your pictures capture them nicely. I love the black road runner rock. I kept finding beautiful rocks in the desert too. Safe travels, Barbara, maybe we'll bump into next winter!

  6. I've walked by many of the Gem shows but never gone inside one. They do have some very pretty finished stones. But, it is always more fun to find one for yourself out in the desert.

  7. I don't know much about rocks and gems but I know what I see and like. Your pictures were great but honestly your rocks are just as pretty and fir you they have much more meaning!!
    Hasn't this winter been strange weather wise??

  8. Not into rocks either. Would rather see picks of you and your dog. Don't think I could do Quartzsite. Too much dust, wind and rocks for the dogs. Have fun!

  9. The rocks are beautiful, but it seems like an odd thing for RVers to collect...being they're so heavy. I like collecting them myself...though try to limit myself...as I already have bowls of them all over the house.

  10. I was always wondering how these rocks were made? This is real magic of nature!


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