Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Monday

WELCOME to our new follower, The Old Geezer! Thank you for following along with us as we prepare to RV full time.  Hopefully in one more year!

I just haven't felt like blogging lately, but am still enjoying reading your blogs!  So glad Gypsy made it home safely in her new "Sir Lance-A-Lot!"  What an experience she had in her adventure to pick up her new truck camper between the baked potato disaster and "the fall," she's had quite a time of it.

I was also wishing I was on the cruise with Kim, it looked and sounded wonderful, but she is already back home, it seemed so short to me.

Jeana is still in Arizona, I guess, checking out new homes and RVs to full time (?) in.  She has given me some new ideas - with home prices in Las Vegas and Merced so depressed, I am thinking I might buy a home after I retire in one of these areas, and use it as a home base for RVing.  I'd sure love to have a home base to return to once in a while, and have waiting when (if) I tire of RVing full time.  We'll see.  I'll figure that out when the time is closer.

I am going to have a Realtor come by soon, maybe this weekend, and let me know what he thinks my condo would sell or lease for at this time, and if he has any idea of the numbers for one year from now.  That will give me an idea to plan from.

Even the people who aren't RVing full time are traveling.  And the snowbirds.  Some of you have found warmer weather, and for the rest, I hope things warm up for you soon!

New mushroom family in the yard:

There are three more families, but I won't take space for them all.  I love my mushrooms. : )

Above is just an odd-ball photo I took when I was up in Julian a month or so ago.  These large concrete stairs looked like they were very important once upon a time.  I stopped the car and walked up them to see if anything was left of the home they used to lead to.  Nothing.  Just brush, weeds, and trees.  I wonder what the house and grounds looked like in it's prime.  Funny how sometimes all that's left is a chimney or stairs.  If these weren't concrete, they would have been long gone.

That's all for now.  My grandson had a 6th birthday last week, I'll post some photos tomorrow.

From me and Katie, have a great Monday evening, everyone! : )


  1. Hi "Me and Katie," I like those mushrooms too. Weather is cold and snowy in many places but I am in temperate Central Coast California. Only experiencing the cold through pictures on blogs and TV. How is your weather?

  2. I, too have days where 'I got nothing'..eventually it all comes back though!

  3. Now is definitely a good time to buy a house. We've thought that too, after seeing the housing prices here in Tampa.

  4. Was begining to wonder if you were sick or something. We all have these times when we just don't feel like writing. Welcome back. We don't have a home to go back to. For us, it is two sets of bills, and we wanted to get away from the pressure of it all. That is just us though. A lot of people have the whole ball of wax, and wouldn't trade it for anything. Good luck on your hunt.

  5. I think Las Vegas would be a great home-base to RV from. I often look at that location on the map and it seems like it would open up the whole of the southwest and northwest. Aren't we lucky to live in a time when there are so many retirement options?

    The cruise was wonderful but I'm sure you would have missed lil' Katie as much as we missed Doris. I promised her when we got back that she wouldn't have to stay behind ever again.

  6. Talking to a realtor will give you something to base your planning on, and also be a step in the direction of fulltiming. It's an exciting time.


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