Thursday, March 22, 2018

A cool little purchase...

When I was in San Diego staying with my kids, my daughter-in-law, Trish, had a diffuser.  She has all kinds of oils that she uses for various things - they seem to help different aliments, moods, etc.  I had heard of diffusers, but hadn't seen one in action.

I was still getting over my flu - which I now think was bronchitis.   I was feeling great, but had this dumb little cough that I couldn't seem to get over.  I mentioned it to Trish, and she got out her diffuser and put the correct essential oil into the water and turned it on.

I realized the next day that I hadn't coughed since the previous day:  the night before - no coughing, and the next day - no coughing.  There must be something to these essential oils other than smelling good.  Which, actually, would be enough for me, but the healing properties of the scented air wafting around the room is an added bonus.

I told her I was going to buy a diffuser, and she gifted me with my favorite of all my oils.  (Not that many really, I still want a few more.)  The one she gave me is Christmas Spirit, by Young Living.  It smells SO GOOD!

As soon as I got settled in New Mexico and had an address, I ordered this diffuser on-line:

There are so many to choose from, different sizes, colors, functions, materials and prices. This one is only $22.99.  Plus rocks/soil and plants/faux foliage.  🌿🎍🌿

The thing that was different about this one is the space where you can put some soil and little plants.  I saw photos where people had small live plants, grass, etc. growing, and that was my plan.  But then I thought, I'm in the high desert, really dry air, very small planting area.  I'd be watering it all the time, trimming it, and having to be SO careful that I didn't knock it over.

As I was walking through Walmart, I noticed the faux succulents they had for sale - $1.98 each.  Four of those and another plant stem with little white flowers that I cut up to add in between and a bag of pretty rocks, and waa-laa!

I love it.

These are my current crop of essential oils:  Tea Tree, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, (all blended with Coconut Oil), Sweet Orange, Lavender, Frankincense, Breathe Easy (Eucalyptus, Basil, Tee Tree and Peppermint blend), and the middle one in the photo is the Christmas Spirit which is an Orange, Cinnamon and Black Spruce blend.

Mine - this model - has buttons on the front that you press for how long you want it to run - one hour, three hours, or six hours.   There's also a lighted area around the diffuser - see the white line above?  Well, with different buttons pushed you can have white, red, blue green purple, or yellow in that lighted area when it's turned on.

It's easy to fill, easy to clean, and really cool to use.  I turn it on first thing every morning and six hours later, fill it again, and then maybe again till bedtime.  I love the different scents diffusing through The Palms.

I don't know if  using these for different moods or health issues really works, but...

1. My cough went away.

2.  I was working on a project and couldn't settle down and DO it.  I researched, and futzed around, read information, copied it into folders on the laptop for future reference, then researched more.  This went on for DAYS.

Then I thought:  I wonder if there's an essential oil to help with concentration.  I looked it up and - Yes!  Frankincense helps to Stay Focused, Centered and Relaxed!  So I bought some - came back home, added a few drops to the water in the diffuser, sat down and finished my project.  Ha!  It worked!

Was I playing mind games with myself?  Who cares?  Whatever caused me to sit down and get the project done, mind games or essential oils, the project got done.

So, that's my new thing.  I can't really call it a toy or an RV mod, but it's my new favorite thing and I wanted to tell you about it.  NOTE:  See my P.S. below for info about pets and essential oils.

Just in case you're interested, here's a link to where I got mine at

There's never a dull moment with me and my Wonderdog, Katie - some big changes are going on in The Palms lately.  I'll tell you about those in the next post.

From Me and Katie, have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S.   My first two comments were about certain essential oils not being good for pets, so I did a bit of research and found a couple of good websites on this subject, and I'm sure there are more.  It turns out some essential oils are NOT good for pets, while others are BENEFICIAL.  

Click on those links to learn more.    Organic Aromas    Essential Oil Vet 

Here's a chart that was on Organic Aromas that I thought was pretty good (you may have to enlarge your screen to read it.)