Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our walk around the Q Casino

Katie and I took a final walk this morning with Nancy and her dog Dolly.  We walked up to the dumpsters, tossed our trash, walked back to our rigs, and then Katie and I left Quartzsite, heading to Yuma.

We stopped at one of the three Walmarts in Yuma and spent over $150 - Yikes!  That wasn't good, right?  But I got myself a couple of things I wanted besides food, so it was okay.  :)

Then we drove down to the Quechan Casino Resort in Winterhaven, CA.  It was only 9.3 miles from the Sam's Club on Pacific Avenue in Yuma to the Casino. Very easy to find.

So now we are right near the border and I'm ready for my Thursday morning dental appointment.  I called the office to confirm the appointment, yes, it's confirmed.  The 8:00 time is ARIZONA time, even though that area is in the California time zone.  I confirmed that, too.  She said we could again get the "escort" car to drive us to the dental office.  And the visit would take an hour and a half.  So I have all the info I need.

My friend Dale was planning on a trip to Las Algodones and he offered to join me - of course I gladly accepted.  He'll be here tomorrow afternoon and we will drive to the border and walk over together the next morning.  He has also offered to stay at the dentist's office in case I need an opinion, etc., like last time, and if he doesn't mind waiting until the work starts, I'd appreciate having someone else there with me.  (It's hard to act like an adult all the time, ya know?)

Katie and I took a walk around the casino. It's windy today and the surrounding landscape is pretty arid and barren, but it was still a nice walk.  This is what we saw:

Along one of the walls we had some Bougainvillea espalier training going on.  This was one of the prettier plants below.  I love Bougainvillea, the house I grew up in had a chimney on the side of the house that was covered with it. 

Behind the casino I saw a bunch of slot machines.  I wondered if they were new arrivals or headed to the boneyard.  I guessed they were new, because they sure were shiny.

Coming attractions - the Tony Orlando Christmas Show:

Katie has been walking really well since all her romps with Steve the dog.  The seroma on her right rear ankle is almost gone and doesn't seem to be swelling up when she walks a lot.  I'm hoping it's finally going away.  We've taken some pretty long walks in the last few days and she's done fine, just like her old self.  Fingers crossed that it keeps up.

And that's about it for today.  I'll let you know how it goes on Thursday.

Oh, yeah - a quick question - does anyone out there have a recommendation for a brake shop in Yuma?  My rear dual tires smell like burning rubber when I stop and I've had the tires checked twice.  They are fine.  I've been told it's probably the brake pads hanging up.  I'd love a recommendation from you! 

From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone! 💓😊💓

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tyson Wash campsite

Yesterday Nancy and I moved AGAIN.  Can't seem to get settled this year, but we are here in Tyson Wash on the west side for the duration - which is only a few days.  We have nice views all around. 

Great mountains right out my front windshield,

and nice large bushes out the kitchen windows.  From time to time I hear birds rustling around in the bushes, but haven't gotten a good look at them yet.

I was awake early yesterday morning and took this shot right before sunrise:

Then the clouds seemed to float in and we had cloud cover all day.  I never did see the sun.  Lots of wind during the night last night that was hard enough to wake me up a few times.   Rocking and rolling The Palms.  Today dawned clear and sunny, but still with some cold winds. 

Here's our new campsite:

There's no one nearby, but there is one camper down the road a bit and some others up the road toward the trash dumpsters.  Yesterday Katie and I walked with Nancy and her dog, Dolly a couple of times.  Katie seems to be walking better lately; I'm going to try to keep her moving more, which is supposed to be good for arthritis, right?

I went up on the roof this morning to check things out - and boy were my solar panels dirty!  I don't know how much difference that makes, but they are clean and shiny now.  :) 

I've gotten my plan together for Los Algodones on Thursday.  I'll leave Quartzsite Tuesday morning and stop in Yuma to fill the fridge and cupboards.  I'm out of EVERYTHING - milk, butter, bread, eggs, the list is endless! - and I'd rather hit the Walmart in Yuma than spend more $$$ in the Quartzsite stores since I'm heading south anyway in a few days.  Then I'll head over to the Quechan ("Q") Casino 🎰 to relax and spend Tuesday and Wednesday night, then head to the border Thursday morning.  My son asked me to call him to let him know when I'm going across, and then again when I return so he'll know I've made it safely.  I think I'll do that for my own peace of mind, too, but I'm sure I'll be fine.

After that, I'm not sure.  The colder weather in Quartzsite makes me think about staying in the Yuma area for a while, until more friends arrive in Q for the big tent.  We'll see...  

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone! 😏

Friday, November 25, 2016

Some Quartzsite shots

We've had some beautiful weather here in Quartzsite.   It's starting to get cold at night, but the daytime temps are still pretty warm and nice.

I'm in my third campsite here and thinking about moving again tomorrow.  I was in La Posa South, then Tyson Wash, now La Posa West.  Thinking about moving back to La Posa South.  Sometimes it's hard to settle, you know?  And it's nice to have SO many choices! 😎

Here are some recent photos taken from our campsite.

Sunrise in Quartzsite:

We had a gorgeous Harvest moon and luckily I remembered to get some photos.  It's hard to resist a full moon:

Here's The Palms under a huge double rainbow.  That's my friend Nancy's rig on the right.  😊

And finally, one of Arizona's sunsets - I've never been anywhere that had so many beautiful sunsets.

That's all the photos I have - geez, I've got to start taking more pictures or I'll have nothing to blog about. 

I'm planning my drive south for my dental visit in Los Algodones next Thursday morning.  This time I'm going alone, but now that I know what to expect it should okay.  Not looking forward to it, of course, but it will be good to get that visit behind me.  Then just one more final visit and I'll be done.

From me and Katie, have a great weekend, everyone!  😊

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Medical results = Great ~~~ Dental results = not so much :(

My annual medical test results were all good - always happy to hear that!  But the dental results, which are always good - get in, teeth cleaning, x-rays, quick check and walk out smiling.  This time there was an issue with a cavity under a crown.  My dentist said it was small, but very deep, and I'd need a root canal and crown replacement.  Then I found out my dental insurance only covers the check-up, x-rays and cleaning, and not root canals or crown (replacement).  So... after finding out the approximate cost of the work....

I checked on-line and read other bloggers' experiences with dentists across the border, and talked to Dean on the phone who has a dentist in Nogales right across the Tucson border.  He was going to visit some of his family in Tucson and if I could make an appointment with his dentist and drive to Tucson, he'd drive me to the border on the day of the appt and walk me over and keep me company.  What a guy, huh?

I made some phone calls to get an idea of prices and time lines to get a root canal and crown replacement done in Mexico.  Dean's dentist's office quoted me a price close to California prices and had the same timeline to complete the work needed.  I'm sure he's a great dentist, but I wanted one that was less expensive, would complete the work faster, and was closer to Yuma.

Rubio Dental Group, in Los Algodones across the border from Yuma, AZ, was very highly recommended by the camp hosts at Hot Springs where I spent a night coming back from San Diego.  The wife has had extensive work done by Dr. Rubio's office and was completely happy with the outcome. I called them to get a quote and time line for the procedure and was happy with both.  So I made the appointment with Dr. Rubio for November 10.

When I told Dean, he said he'd drive over and take me across the border and stay with me, which was super nice of him, and the final piece to make me feel comfortable with this whole Mexican dentist/across the border plan.

We met up at Paradise Casino in Yuma and the next day went to the USA border crossing building to talk to someone there about getting me into and back OUT of Mexico.  I don't have a Passport or Passport Card, so my California Driver's License would have to do.  We found out that my CDL was all I needed, so it was a GO!  I'm going to start the process to get a passport so I won't have any issues if things change in the future regarding the border situation.

We moved to Mittry Lake and camped there while waiting for the appointment day to arrive.  It's beautiful, the weather was perfect and the dogs had a blast.  TONS of flies and mosquitoes, though.  That was the only drawback, but being by the water...

Dog days, waiting for the dentist, camped at Mittry.

In the photo below, after Katie watched Steve going in and out of the water so much, she got curious and went to that "safe" spot a few times, examining it.  She actually got her feet wet and put her face in the water a couple of times and then rolled in the mud.  Steve is teaching this old dog some new tricks!

Katie loves watching Steve fetch his ball in the water - she was following him around, it was so cute. That's our campsite at the top of this picture.

You can barely see her, but Katie is on the left side of the photo below, running, running, just like Steve does, to get to where he jumped in.  She's such a "little sister" with him. :)

Another ball toss - it's in the air at the top of the picture:

Look at this form, I give Steve a "10."

Every time he climbs out he shakes off the water:

Throw the ball, dad!

And finally, being toweled off.  Lots of squirming going on, LOL.

Okay, back to business.  I'm including some specific info here for myself, and if you don't want the gory details, scroll down to the photo of our campsite.  It's all good from there.

The day of the dental appointment was interesting.  We walked across the border and went straight to the Purple Pharmacy, as Dr. Rubio's office had told me to do when I set up the appointment.  I told them I was there for an appointment with Dr. Rubio and they called an escort to drive us to the dental office, just a short walk from the pharmacy.  We were delivered right to the front door and went in, I got checked in and completed the new patient paperwork.

The office was clean and open, the staff very friendly and I was soon called in to see Dr. Raphael, my new dentist.  I had e-mailed my California dentist to send me my x-rays, which were e-mailed to me.  I had forwarded them on to Dr. Rubio's office so they would have them for my file.  They did use them and said they were very helpful.  Dr. Raphael didn't need to take any x-rays, though, because he could see upon examining my crowned molar that there was decay along the gum line.  He said not only was the cavity deep, but also WIDE, he could actually SEE it, and there was no way he could save the tooth. It should be pulled right then and a bone graft done to start the process needed to go forward.

Since the tooth was being pulled, I didn't need a root canal - that was good (I guess).  I asked the dentist how long the extraction, bone graft and closure of the surgical site would take - 45 minutes he said.  I asked if someone could go out to the waiting room and let Dean know, so he could walk around town if he wanted.  The dental assistant didn't speak English, at least I don't think she did, and she went out and came back with "Mr. Dean."  I asked if he could stay and it was okay, so Dean stood back against the wall and watched the procedure.  I've never had anyone along like this before, and it was nice to have him there to ask the questions and remember the answers.  Huge help.  And he was really interested in everything the dentist did.  He only asked a few questions, but they were good ones I didn't think of.

I've only lost my wisdom teeth.  My mom always told us kids to do anything possible to save our teeth, and I really didn't want this one pulled.  I asked him if there was anything he could do to save the tooth, and he said he'd remove the crown, with my permission, drill the cavity as far as he could and see how deep it went.  Well, after some drilling he stopped and said the decay was all the way down to the tooth floor where the two roots met.   He explained why it couldn't be saved.  It had to go. :( 

He then explained that I had two choices after the extraction: an implant or a three-crown bridge.  The two teeth on either side of the extracted tooth were both ready for crowns - the last tooth has one of the oldest crowns in my mouth and was prime to be replaced and the tooth on the other side has a large silver filling and I've been told by dentists for years that it should be crowned before it breaks.  So they were excellent candidates for new crowns to bridge the middle one where the tooth was pulled.  So that was good.

I asked Dr. Raphael which he would choose, the implant or the bridge, if he were the patient and he said absolutely the bridge.  No question in my case.  The teeth on either side were good anchors, it's easier to repair than an implant if repair was needed in the future, the cost was lower, the time frame shorter, all in all the best option for me.  And the two anchor teeth would need to be crowned/re-crowned in the near future anyway.  In other situations, implants would be the proper dental plan, but not this time, luckily.  I looked at Dean - "What would you do?" - and he agreed with Dr. Raphael.

So that's what I'm doing.  He pulled the tooth, in pieces.  What an ordeal!  It didn't hurt at all because I was numb, but I expected it to come out in one piece.  Finally it was out, bone graft material was placed, a small overlay of collagen placed on that, and he stitched it up and we were done. There was hardly any bleeding, and he put a sterile gauze pad on top and said to keep it there until there was no more blood.  I was able to take it out as we were walking around.

Having the tooth extracted cost me $225, which I paid before we left, as well as getting a print-out receipt that also had the estimated cost of the bridgework, $1,650.  It's $550 per crown and he's not charging me for the temporary crowns I'll get on the next visit.  I'll need to pay that one-half in cash at one visit and for the other half I can pay by check.

I have to say, I was very impressed with everything about this experience so far.  Our border crossing was easy, the convenience of being transported to the dental office took pressure off finding the place (which as it turned out would have also been easy), the cleanliness and friendliness of Rubio Dental Group were reassuring, Dr. Raphael appears to be an excellent dentist, and everyone I needed to speak with spoke English.  I'll post more information about Rubio Dental Group after my next appointment.

Coming back across into The United States was no problem.  I showed the border agent my California Driver's License and she accepted it for entry.  She did say - twice - "Everyone should have a Passport."  I told her I was in the process of applying for one.  She said, "Your driver's license will always get you across, but EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A PASSPORT."  Noted, and double noted.  Working on it.  :)
Our campsite at Mittry next to the lake

So now we're up in Quartzsite waiting for the next appointment which is on December 1.  That will be for impressions and temporary crown placement.  Three/four weeks after that we'll go back for the final appointment.

I feel fortunate that I had the knowledge of Mexican dentists so close by from reading other people's blogs about their positive experiences, that it will be less expensive there, that the cavity was discovered early in the winter season so I can comfortably get the work done before the heat becomes intense, and especially that I have someone willing to do the driving to the border, walk me across and be an advocate for me.  Thanks, Dean - you're the Bomb!  The whole experience so far has been nothing but positive.  

The extraction site is almost healed, but still sore.  I'm hoping everything is okay, I've never taken Ibuprofen for this long, but it's helping to knock out the soreness.

The weather's cooling down in Quartzsite - perfect days and COLD nights - and we've had a beautiful Harvest Moon and gorgeous sunsets.  I'll post those next time.

And one more thing, I have to post the photo of my daughter, Kristy - on the right - and her fellow walking team members who are completing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure in San Diego today.  This picture was taken yesterday after they finished their second day, and 40 miles of the three-day 60 mile walk.  Can you imagine looking this beautiful and happy after walking two 20-mile days?  You girls are really something, I'm so proud of you all - Love You, Kristy!

From me and Katie, have a happy day, everyone!  😊💓😊