Monday, April 21, 2014

Thank God it's Monday!

Look what I saw walking in front of The Palms the other day:

Yup!  A coyote was in the area.  It's been a while since I've seen one, and I wasn't expecting any to be here in this campground.   He just walked along, crossed the street in front of a car, and disappeared into the desert bushes.

I took some photos the night of the Lunar Eclipse - the full moon was beautiful and the sunset in the east was gorgeous, too.


On Saturday there was going to be a big Easter Egg Hunt down on the beach.  Unfortunately the rain started Friday night, and Saturday was grey, windy and rainy until the afternoon, so I don't know if the event was held.

Saturday morning there was something going on down where the Egg Hunt was going to be.  A large firetruck drove past our site headed in that direction, and I thought it was there for the crowd that would show up for the hunt, you know - for the kids to look at and get to talk to a real fireman.

Then two more large fire engines and one Fire Department car went past in the same direction.  That seemed excessive for visiting an Easter Egg Hunt.  I wondered what was going on.  Then a bunch of Park vehicles went past in the same direction.  Then some police cars.  Next two ambulances.  Shortly thereafter I heard a helicopter going overhead, and it circled around and landed nearby. 

I never did hear what happened, but it must have been something big.  It was quite a while before the official vehicles drove back toward the park entrance. 

It cleared up in the afternoon and Easter Sunday was nice, too.  This photo was taken on our walk Sunday; it was a beautiful day:

On the way back down to our site, I saw a huge spider in the road.  It had to be 3 or 4 inches long.  Katie sniffed it, and I yanked her away from it.  I went kind of close to it, but didn't want to get too close.  I was thinking, "Boy, is this spider going to be great for the blog!" and got a picture.  When I got home and pulled it up on the computer this is what I saw:

Do you think someone was watching out the window - laughing?  Yup, I think I was punked.  It sure was ugly, even if it WAS fake and missing most of it's legs.  :)

We moved this morning.  

Until this morning we were up over the lake in the dry camping sites.  Wow, this weekend was brutal - since our site was right on the road going down to the water there was constant traffic going by, even till 11 pm on the weekend.  

People kept using our site as a turn around - I thought we'd be side-swiped more than once.  

One guy in a van decided to overnight in front of The Palms.  That was sure nice of him to use part of my campsite???!!!   Don't you just love holiday weekends?

And then around 9:30 on Saturday night a guy in a big truck full of people drove right into my site behind The Palms and ran over my little black table.  Can you believe it?  I had moved the chairs into the shelter because of the rain, so it was just the rug, the table and some rocks to hold the rug down.

Picture this scene without the chairs - and with more big rocks to hold the rug down in the wind. 

I went out and checked out what in the world he was doing, he said he thought it was an empty site.  I said, "At 9:30 on a Saturday night on a holiday weekend, you thought you were going to get an empty site???   Did you NOT see my motor home right THERE???"  He said yes, but there was room between it and the shelter, so he thought it was vacant.  I suspect a lot of alcohol was consumed this weekend!  

So this morning we moved to another area where we aren't surrounded by a lot of other people and there's not a lot of traffic going by.  Peace and Quiet - much better!

It's actually amazing how seldom I'm bothered by other campers; when it happens it's usually weekenders during a holiday weekend. I guess if I was living in a house somewhere and people came to my street and partied for three days I wouldn't like that either.  But I DO remember back in the olden days when I was the one doing the partying.  So I try to remember that, too, and always sigh in relief when the campground is quiet again.  :)

We should sleep well tonight - Katie and I hope you do, too!  :)