Thursday, September 18, 2014

Still hanging in there...

Just a brief update.  Things are slowly moving along with my various issues.  Nothing is solved yet, repaired yet, healed yet, or well yet, but we're getting there.

My California bank has taken the flag off my accounts, but I can't get into them on-line, should be up and running again soon.

I opened a B of A checking account and debit card so I have access to those.  The B of A here at Coors Blvd has wonderful people who were so helpful.  They also have two notaries and one of them notarized six copies of a letter I wrote that explained what happened and that I'm not deceased in case I need them.

Social Security has my account back in order now, but my monthly check was pulled and sent back to the Treasury.  It had to be re-issued and I'm told it will be in my account on Friday, only two days late.  If it's there, then that issue is solved. 

American Express wanted a letter from the Social Security Administration to re-open my account, and I told them two different reps from SSA said they just don't do that.  So I faxed them multiple documents and we'll see what happens with that.  If they won't re-open it, I'll just tell them to keep it closed.  I'm not going to fight with them, there are too many other credit card companies out there that I can access.

I'm still hanging around Albuquerque waiting for Camping World to get my part.  I guess Forrest River doesn't have these parts in stock.  I thought I needed a small part, but I need the entire Convenience Center (the Systems Monitor is a part of it).  The unit has all the switches that turn on the generator, lights, hot water, water for the faucets, heater, and Arctic Pac.  And everything is working except for the systems monitoring part, but the whole unit has to be replaced. I would think Forrest River would keep a few on hand, but they have to have them fabricated, so we are waiting for that, then Camping World is having it overnighted here.  They are not charging me for the shipping and have reduced the labor charge a bit because of the inconvenience for me.  They have been really great, very good customer service.  I think they feel worse than I do about me having to wait.  We're hoping the part will arrive on Monday and they will install it when it gets here. I can't complain - everything is being done that can be done.

Either Katie is still not feeling well or she's getting used to pooping on the kitchen floor overnight.  (Sorry if that's TMI.)  We had a good stern talk this morning, ;)  and I'm thinking it won't happen again.  Eternal optimist. Other than that she is acting normally.

Yesterday she fell asleep in her little bed with her head hanging down.  I was worried she wouldn't be able to breathe, so I stuck her elephant under her chin to prop it up.  She didn't move, just opened her eyes...

 and went right back to sleep:

So, things are moving along slowly.  I'm hoping that by Monday my SS check will be in my account, my new Convenience Center will be installed, Katie will be pooping outside, and we'll be in Elephant Butte. The toe is going to take a while to heal - been through this before and it took time, so I'm just keeping it taped and being careful.

I have to show you what I do when my toe/foot hurts at night, which has happened a couple of times.  I put on an ice pack then wrap it up to hold it in place, and put my foot up.  Quite an arrangement for a little sore toe, huh?

But it works.  The next day that poor toe always feels better for a while.  :)

And that's life as we know it right now.   Really nothing at all going on, but I didn't want anyone to worry since I haven't posted in a while.  I'll be back when there is any news, or anything new to post about - next week, probably.

Welcome to our new Followers:

Ellen Shingleton who has a blog,  WhereRVat.  She and her husband have recently been traveling in Nova Scotia and have some gorgeous photos of their travels.  I especially like the Prince Edward Island pictures.  Glad to have you with us, Ellen!

Donna E. Ehlbeck, and also Marian.  Neither shows any information, but if you have a blogs, let me know and I'll share the blog addresses.  Katie and I are happy to have you both following along with us!

And also Hong Long, who has blogs and other media links shown, but they are in another language and since I can't read them I can't really share them with you. Sorry about that, but thanks for following Me and My Dog!

Welcome aboard to you all...  :)

And from me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everybody.  :)