Sunday, August 24, 2014

Update on the baby bird

I really didn't expect the little bird to make it, he was just so small and not moving unless I picked him up.  I checked on him in the nest after a couple of hours, and he seemed in distress - not breathing very well.  When I went back later, he had died.  But at least he had a loving hand holding him near the end - assuming that gave him warmth and comfort and didn't scare him to death.  Anyway, I tried.

Katie and I are in town for three days, and look what I found in our shelter as I was loading the chairs into The Palms for our short drive.  His head is on the left, and the little horn is on his tail.  In the first photo he's stretched out, moving along the wall:

Here he is by my fingers - he's more scrunched up here, between stretches as he moves forward.  He's a big guy - these worms used to give me the creeps, but now that I know the beautiful White Lined Sphinx, or Hummingbird Moth comes from them, they don't seem as ugly:

Here's what they turn into - these photos and more were posted  HERE.

I was so amazed and excited when I first saw these Sphinx Moths.

I couldn't resist two more photos of the goats in the yard behind the campsites:

Every time I see the male, I think of my maternal grandfather.  LOL   I don't know why, maybe the forehead?

And finally two shots of little Katie, and I'm out of photos.  I'd better get out a little more - and remember to bring my CAMERA!

But Mommmmm, I don't want to get up yet!

Every so often, Katie gets frisky and runs into the kitchen and starts messing around with the little rug in there.  Then she stops to see if I'm paying attention - little brat:

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  (PBS has a good (I hope) Masterpiece Theater tonight - the first of three episodes.  I'm going to watch...)