Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bull Fight at Willard Springs

There were two bulls fighting (practice fighting, I think) at Willard Springs - head to head.  It went on for a long time.  The bull on the left always won, he was either heavier or stronger, or just knew what he was doing.  The bull on the right, after being pushed back, would kick up a bunch of dirt with his front and rear hooves, then come back and start all over again.

You can see how dusty they are, obviously I didn't notice them at the beginning of this exercise.  Sometimes we were outside watching them, or watching through the window of The Palms, or walking nearby.  It was very entertaining, and as I said, it went on for a loooong time.

Facing off:

Kicking up some dirt:

After quite a few loses, the loser walks away...

The white faced bull (my favorite) watches him go:

Can't you just see him thinking, "Hummm, he's a poor loser...."

"Very poor fighting manners.  Too bad, he has such potential."

The loser lets out a LOUD MOOOOOOOO as he stomps away!

As the white faced bull watches, our winner takes off after the loser....

and it starts again.

I really thought they were playing but this exchange got a little rough:

One bull trying to push the other down:

Notice the smaller bull on the left watching?  A lot of the cattle were watching on and off during all the head pushing.

Then they stopped and the loser walked around to the corner of the fenced in area and the winner followed him and it started again - I thought he was going to force the other bull into the barbed wire, but he got away from the corner.

Then look what happens -  some of the other bulls started doing the same thing.  The white faced bull was pretty gentle with the smaller guy, though.

Finally it was getting late, and they all turned in one direction and headed off to wherever they went at night.

But guess who didn't go with them?  Right...  these two were still going at it.

Katie and I were walking along the fence line near the road and were watching.  When they saw us, they stopped head pushing and started walking toward us.  That's not a huge fence separating us, and I started getting a little worried and we turned around and quickly walked back to The Palms.  I could see out the window they went at it again.

All I know is:  they weren't still there the next morning.  What an endurance test!  It was sure fun to watch them.

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  ❤❤