Saturday, July 26, 2014

Look at that curly hair! ...and Las Vegas, NM Carnegie Library

The town of Las Vegas, which is about three miles from Storrie Lake State Park, has a really nice library.  I stopped by a few days last week and used their fast Internet connection to get some things downloaded.  When I was in the library a few weeks ago I got a library card, so this time, I was all set.

The library was built in 1904, so it's now 110 years old, and still a beautiful building.  It sits in the center of an entire block of lush green lawn and large trees.  I would love to live across the street from the library in one of the old Victorian houses.

From Wikitravel:  Carnegie Park, an area of town centered around Carnegie Park, which has a Carnegie Library that was modeled after Thomas Jefferson's home, the Monticello. The surrounding blocks are filled with old Victorian homes.

Katie loved walking through the grass:

A few weather photos from the last week, storms and sunshine:

The clouds came in, the fog appeared and it started pouring rain:

Thunder and lightening:

And we had bright, sunny, hot parts of the day.  This large earth mover was bringing some of the mud at the edge of the boat ramp back up the ramp and dumping it on the side.  That'll make it easier for the boats to come and go from the ramp.  (Thanks Jeanne, for the photo.  I left my camera in The Palms.)  You can see the clouds building in the distance.

It was so hot yesterday I had my air conditioning on because I NEEDED it, not to exercise my generator!  That doesn't happen often.  The humidity made the heat feel worse and I was sure happy when the sun went down and the air cooled.


You may or may not be interested in this, but it might bring back some memories.  I made a life change last week.  Jeanne and I were talking about hair styles, whether or not to use a blow drier (she has great curly hair that looks good long or short and just got a fab hair cut.  It looks just darling and she sure doesn't need a blow drier!)

When I was a little girl, my mom would wash my hair and then make those little circles of hair on my head and cross bobbie pins to hold them down - I would have curley hair the next day after sleeping on the bobbie pins all night.  Remember that, ladies?

Then rollers came on the scene, and I sure remember sleeping on those things.  Some were plastic, then came sponge.  Ouch!

Next was the blow drier cap:  wash, roll up in curlers and sit under the cap with hot air blowing on your hair while reading a movie magazine.  That was an improvement for sure, no more sleeping on curlers.

Then the hand-held hair dryer became available, and that was a real improvement.  We could put rollers in and spot dry them, or blow dry using a brush and then (or not) a hair iron to straighten the hair, or a curling iron to put some curls in.

I've done all that over the years, except the iron.  I've never just washed my hair and let it air dry.  I don't know why, it just wasn't part of my hair styling system.  LOL

After Jeanne and I talked about it, I decided to try just letting my hair dry by itself.  It's been too hot to use the hair dryer, and honestly, I get tired of that bother.

This is what I ended up with:

What a surprise - I love it, and it's so easy!  If my hair is too hot on my neck, I just make a pony tail below the clip and I'm ready to go.  Funny how we get into our life habits and don't think to try something new, and I should have tried this years ago.  I've been letting my hair grow since that awful hair cut I got on Christmas Eve in 2012 - 19 months ago.  It's getting pretty long now. 

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From me and Katie, have a great Saturday, everyone!  :)