Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tough weather for a hungry hummingbird... and a new site

It's pretty windy again today - this poor Black-Chinned hummer keeps trying to get something to drink, but the feeders are swinging wildly in the wind.  He must be getting something, because he's going from one to the other feeder.  Bigger gusts drive him back to his perch.

He finally got enough to eat and flew away.  I don't remember if there are any other kinds of hummers here. Black-Chinned Hummingbirds are all I've seen so far this season.

We've moved to a new campsite.  The FIRST one, although a GREAT site, was right next to a dirt road that is used by ATVers, which I didn't realize until they started up one day, spewing a fine dust all over everything.  So we got settled in another site - this is one we had another year - last year I think, and I liked it then, so we're trying it out again.  So far, so good.

It's more open and sunny and I have a much better view of the desert around me and all the surrounding mountains.  That's one of the neat things about Quartzsite - no matter where I've camped, there has always been something that made it a special site.

Brian is right behind us on the next wash.  Remember Brian, the man who installed the tilts for my solar panels?  He said to call him when I get here each year so he could tilt the panels for me and then again when I leave, so he can put them down.  All part of the the initial service.

I hadn't called him yet, but he saw The Palms and drove into our camp.  We talked for a while, and the next morning he was back to tilt up the solar panels.    

I asked him what he's going to do when he has a million customers who all come into town needing their panels tilted - he said again that it's part of the service and won't be a problem.  I told him he's the "gift that keeps on giving!"

Anyway, he's got his business cards and gave me one.  I asked for more, just in case I meet someone who has solar needs so I can give it to them.  I love to pass on contact information for people who give me excellent service.

Here it is, in case you want to call him.  He does lots more than solar installation and service - he's going to install a couple of 12V outlets for me in the Palms and a couple of other minor maintenance things.

It looks like we have some new Followers - our numbers are up - but they don't have photos so aren't showing in the recent Follower photos.  I checked backed and found them, though.

So, welcome to new Followers,  shilts, and Wayne Scott, and Scott.  That's all the info I have on these three new Followers.  We are happy to have you - Welcome Aboard!  :)

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)