Tuesday, June 30, 2015

More Storrie Lake critters

Okay - continued from my last post:

Warning, Warning, Warning!  Snake photos!

One day when Patti and I were walking down Flat Stanley Road and got to the bridge area, a young girl came running over to warn us to stay back.  There was a snake in the bushes.  So of course, we almost RAN over to see what it looked like.  Out came my camera, and when we got back to our rigs, Patti looked up Bull Snakes and came over with a You Tube video showing exactly what we were watching.  Thus began our education about mating snakes.  I did a little research to find out how they actually DO it.  Interesting...  If you want to learn more, just Google it.  These are big, long snakes, in the family of the constrictors.  I learned a whole lot more than I ever thought I'd want to know!

Notice the male snake biting the female in the second photo.  Apparently this is normal and doesn't bother the female.  We thought they were fighting and Patti got a stick and separated them, tossing one away from the other.  One of the snakes scurried away (third photo), the other following it.  Then one of them came back and hung out for a while - alone.  Probably the female, LOL. 

 We've had lots of electrical storms, some including hail storms.  

Lots of wild flowers are in bloom.  The fields are full of flowers.

The lake is up so much the windsurfers were playing:

There are so many different kinds of birds here:

Katie and I have been walking a LOT, which is good for both of us.  Of course, she only walks until her bad knee makes her stop, then she's in the stroller and we keep going.  Katie had her annual vet appointment with her shots updated and nails clipped yesterday.  All is well.  :)  The vet still recommends doing nothing with the seroma on her rear knee, and I'm just fine with that.  So she is good for another year. 

We're here through the 4th, then we'll be moving on.  From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everybody!  :)

PS - As you might have noticed, I'm cutting back on my posting.  The next post might be photos only - I have so many to show you but haven't been in a blogging mood lately, so maybe I'll just show you without so many words.  :)