Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Checking in...

I really need to catch up - here are the last photos from the Elephant Butte Lake and Caballo Lake State Park campgrounds in New Mexico:

First a few from Caballo.  This is what the campsites are like in one of the non-reservation campgrounds - lots of room.

Mountains across the water from the campground:

Here's a bit of the lake from one of the campsites:

We spent the whole summer, from the middle of July until the end of October, in the Elephant Butte/Caballo area to see how we would do in the heat of the summer with the high temps.  I decided that as long as we have full hookups, we're fine.  All it takes is air conditioning.  We just stayed inside during the heat of the day and it really wasn't that bad.  So now I know - just in case I decide to have my home base in an area with hot summers.

We spent most of our time in Elephant Butte area.  This was one of our sites:

There were Roadrunners coming through during the day toward the lake, and then later they headed back, so we saw a lot of them.  One day I heard a thump, looked up, and there was one on the hood of the RV's truck:  (Notice the Elephant Butte Lake view right out the front window - nice!)

Well, hello there.  What'cha doin'?

Then he flew off:

That was a first!

Here are some other Roadrunner pics:

He found a small depression in the sand and made it bigger.  Then he plopped down in it.

This is a photo over the lake at sunset one evening - it's of the eastern sky.  I love the softness of the colors from the east:

And here are three sunset photos from different places in the campsite at Elephant Butte as the sun was setting.  It was so pretty!

And here's little Katie, taking an afternoon rest:

Have a great day, everyone!  :)