Sunday, December 5, 2010

Katie's bike ride, a little Christmas decorating

Last weekend I tried out the bike with Katie in the basket.  Unfortunately there's something wrong - I'm going to have to bring the bike to a bike shop or have the man next store look at it for me.  When I put Katie in the basket and walked the bike, there was a rubbing sound.  I couldn't tell where it was coming from, somewhere in the front, and the front tire looked like it had lost a little air.  I think I'll take it down to a bike shop and have everything checked out.

It was really hard to ride - even downhill - so I decided not to risk wrecking the bike and just walked Katie for a couple of blocks.

 Hey, Mom, this is fun!

I have to tell you - Katie was a natural!  She just loved it.  Never even tried to jump out.

When I walked her back up our little hill I parked it and held on the the handlebars to steady the bike to get her out and she wouldn't budge.  Just looked away from me.  So I checked what I could on the front brake, tried to see where the rubbing was coming from, but - nothing obvious to me.

Don't park - let's going again!

Finally I had to MAKE her get out of the basket, and she let me lift her out.  I have no worries that she'll be fine when we're streaming down the roadway.  If I can get in good enough shape to stream anywhere! : )

 Okay, Okay!  Lift me out already!  But I'm not happy.

Today I did a little Christmas decorating.  I put up a lighted wreath on my mantle mirror and hung my Barbie ornaments from it, a couple of outside decorations, wreath on the front door, etc.  Small things here and there. I have scented candles lit and the fireplace going.  It's very cozy here tonight.

 This is an Electric Fireplace, I love it!

Christmas presents all wrapped -  a few more to buy!

I am going to a Christmas show/service at my friend Alice's "other" church.  Alice is in her 80's, as quick, bright, healthy and busy as any 40 year old I know.  MUCH busier than I am.  She married a man a few years her senior around three years ago.  They had the BEST marriage for close to two years, then he died.  He and his family were very active in a different church, so Alice started going to his church with him.  Now that he is not here with her, she is dividing her time between his church and our church here at the lake.  The service tonight is at her late husband's church.

Alice invited me and Jan, from our church here at the Lake.  I haven't seen Jan for a long while, and am looking forward to seeing them both tonight.

That's it for today.  It's been a busy weekend, and now I have to get ready.  Alice is coming by at 6:00 to pick me up.

From Me and My Dog, Katie, have a nice Sunday evening, everyone! : )


  1. Katie is so cute sitting in that basket. What a doll!

  2. I've been wondering Katie liked the basket. I have no idea how Doris would feel about that. She rides on the back of our Miata with the top down just fine though.

    If you checked the brake and it's OK, maybe you just need to air the tire up? Or (my husband just told me) the wheel may be out of true.

  3. Looks like you have a riding partner there.

  4. looks like Katie is going to be a great biking companion!..nice fireplace!..and nice work on the decorations!

  5. You know I am going to kidnap Katie if I ever meet her. She is so cute. She is going to love being on the road... either in a bike, car or RV. Great Post.

  6. Katie looks like she is having fun, Rigg's would be way to big for a basket, Sadie would fit, Hey I could tie Rigg's to the front and he could pull us up hill's. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. Looks like Katie just loves that basket - I think you have a riding partner, now you'd better get that bike fixed up!!

    Your Christmas decorations look great, we haven't started ours yet.

  8. Katie is just too cute - what a dear. I'm sure she'll love going at top speed (but keep her pinned in just in case!).

  9. Your puppy looks so content in that basket. Hope you can get your bike fixed because she plainly loves it.

  10. It's amazing how much Katie likes to ride around. I would have thought that would take some getting used to.

  11. I was really surprised, too. When I bought one of those "reverse backpack" pouch type carriers, she hated it! Couldn't wait to get out, and I sold it during my first Craig's List sale. I thought this would take some practice, but she loved it!

  12. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)



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