Monday, February 28, 2011

Construction is finally finished!

WELCOME to Dave Murphy!  I'm sorry I haven't blogged since you became a Follower - don't take it personally. : )  I'll post more as I get closer to summer and start shopping in earnest for my RV, have my estate sale and...  start full-timing!   I didn't see a blog listed for you, let me know if you have one so I can follow along with you, too.
The roof has been repaired, the mold taken care of, the walls rebuilt and painted, and my bedroom is back to normal.  The construction crew painted all the walls and the ceiling, too.  The room looks really nice and it's sooooo nice to be back sleeping on a regular bed again.

 The Warning before entering into the contaminated area

Two partial walls were replaced

This is where the main leak was.

Drywalled, spackled, then textured.

Walls and ceilings painted, drop cloths and plastic walls removed, furniture moved back, and here we are, back to normal:

All the decorative items, photos, pictures on the walls were removed during the repairs and construction, and I'm not sure I want to drag them all out again, put new holes in the walls, etc., when I'll be renting the condo sometime this year.

We've had a couple of heavy rain storms since they repaired the roof, and I was so glad I didn't have to worry about the water coming in anymore.  Katie is pretty happy, too.  She can stay home and sleep during the day, now, instead of having to come to work with me and stay in the car or in her crate in my office.  She was getting real tired of that crate, and after lunch - which I eat in the car - she wouldn't come with me back to the office.  She wasn't getting her usual peaceful all-day-long sleep, and I think she's pretty happy getting back to normal, too. : )  Having my bedroom off limits had me more off-kilter than I realized until it was over. 

I've gotten the air quality report, and will recieve a final report this week.  I'm going to put all the reports and photos in a folder and forget about them until I need them for a sale.  So, now onward and upward!  

On Friday I started thinking about looking for RVs again.  I hope to get one after the summer and stopped by Camping World to see what they had.  They actually had one that I really liked - at least the floor plan.  It was a 2005 Fleetwood Jamboree 23 E with the kitchen in the back.  I keep going back and forth about what I think I want, and I'm back to my original floor plan.  I really liked the floor plan and the extras the Fleetwood had, but I didn't like the interior color, it was very well-used (lots of chips, etc.) and had a musty, uriney smell. 

 I love these rear kitchens

The salesman said it's easy to change out the colors and he could reduce the price to reflect what that would cost me, but the smell really bothered me.  He said it was probably from the tanks, but I haven't smelled that in other used RVs I've seen.   

It's $39,995, which seemed high for a 2005, but I don't know much about pricing yet.  Of course I know they would come down, but not to $30,000, which he said someone else had offered and the offer had been rejected.  Around $30K is the neighborhood I'd like to stay in. 

So, it's not the one for me, but I'll definitely be looking for that year and style.  If I found the perfect RV for the right price, I'd try to get it now.  I think I could swing it, and I'd just lease my condo sooner and stay in a local RV park while I'm still working.  That's the plan in the fall, but I could do it earlier.

Have you changed colors inside your RV?  Had the cushions recovered?  I wonder what that would cost me.  There's a local place, the salesman said, that they would refer me to, so I guess if I find the perfect rig with a color I don't like, I would look into it.  I could always paint, change out wallpaper borders, and change the flooring. Since I'll be buying used, that would probably all be a good idea, anyway unless I find a particularly clean unit.

On the way home, there was an estate sale going on a few streets from mine, so I stopped to talk the the owner of the company putting it on.  I wanted to know how they work, and what it costs to hire them.  It was pretty interesting.   I'd have to be moved out, then they come in on a Sunday, stage everything left in the place, price everything, and place ads in local papers and in lots of internet sites from here to Los Angeles.  He said most of the good stuff is sold through the ads on Wednesday and Thursday.  The serious shoppers drive to sales on Wednesday/Thursday while the best stuff is still available. 

The "Estate Sale" signs go up out at the main road and around the neighborhood on Thursday and the sale is on through Sunday.  At the end, everything not worth worrying about is left for Goodwill or similar companies that come out and pick them up and leave receipts for me for tax write-offs.  He has a warehouse that he uses to store things that are still worth selling, and he brings them to the next couple of sales and tries to sell them.

At the end, he keeps 35% of the funds earned.  I'd get 65%.  I love the idea of taking only what I need in the RV, what I want to store, and what I want to throw away, and leaving the rest for them to deal with.  That's worth 35% to me.  It's all done in a week, and they probably get more people to come that I'd ever get, and they know how to stage and price things, so they would probably sell more.  Like every job, there are tricks to the trade, and he knows them.

When everything is gone, I'd take the next week to vacuum, clean the patio, kitchen and both bathrooms, do a little painting where needed, and that would be it.  In two weeks or less it would be ready to lease.

One of the things I've been dreading is the "getting rid of everything" phase.  It seems like such hard work, takes so long, and is so emotionally draining in many of the blogs I've read.  I live in a really safe area, but after posting items in Craig's List, I worry about the peole who came in and looked around.  Although I did well and sold a lot of things, I don't think I want to do that again.  I've heard too many horror stories.  I like the idea of an Estate Sale, which eliminates all that.

So, that's the plan.  All I have to do is find the perfect little Class C and I'm on my way!

 Katie proudly walking around with both her chew toys in her mouth.
What a silly girl!

From me and my dog, Katie, have a great evening, everyone!  : )


  1. My first comment is: please don't buy anything that has a noticeable and bad odor. The dealer selling it would have masked it or gotten rid of it if it was possible to do so, in order to sell more quickly at a better price. So you will live with it for as long as you own it, if you decide to buy it.

    My 2nd comment is: I went the route of selling all my furniture. I had lovely stuff, in great condition. I am so sorry I didn't just put it in storage for at least the first couple of years on the road. As a woman who tried solo RVing, I will tell you it wasn't easy for me. The maintenance to keep up with was way more than what my house demanded, and it isn't nearly the pleasure driving around the country alone as it would be with a partner. So now I'm looking for a semi-permanent place to stay and I have very little furniture. What I buy in the future will be much less well made than what I sold.

    You have to go with what you feel, of course, and I hope it works well for you. I just think it's wise to leave yourself an "out" at least for a year or two, and see what you think after that. Good luck in whatever you decide.

  2. I don't think that the Jamboree is considered a Fulltime rig.

    The best Class C's are the Lazy Daze. That is all they make, just Class C's. They have been in business longer than Winnebago.
    Here is their group:
    Used ones are difficlt to find, but they are worth it.

    The renovations look good.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. I'm glad to hear you are all settled. Now comes the hard part... I've tried just going through stuff to get rid of all the junk and end up going back to my garage sale pile to pick stuff back out. Not a successful downsizer! I hope you have more luck.

  4. welcome back to blogville!..glad the repairs are done and you can get on with the next phase!..happy shopping..the right rig is out there for just have to find it!!

  5. I'm impressed with how organized and methodical you are in the process to hit the road. The hardest part is what to do with the things you can't take with you.

  6. Glad u are back and have your roof repaired and mold taken care of! I am in Desert Hot springs, just waiting for the weather to get nice b4 heading back to Oregon & home. Maybe we could meet somewhere?

  7. Glad to see you back on. Your room really looks good. The estate sale company sounds like a good way to go. Good luck with your search for an RV. Don't settle. There is one out there that will suit your needs, and one that doesn't have the urine smell.

  8. Glad the mold is all gone! As I have been going thru papers I found the two letters from the engineering companies we hired to asses the damage after the 89' earthquake. Both state there was no structural damage. It is more than 20 years ago, but a Realtor says that buyers are asking about earthquake damage even now and it was good that I saved them.

    You might want to scan the report as well and have it on record that way incase the papers get misplaced.

    I wish we lived in an area that I could have a yard sale or an estate sale. Up here in the mountains it would be very hard. No parking and homes so spread out!

  9. I'm glad you blogged about estate sales & the process. We have been thinking possibly about doing that when we are ready to go. Thanks!

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