Sunday, July 10, 2011

A/C is okay, fractured foot - (not mine)

WELCOME to our new follower, Linda! Her blog is called Blue Skies Cloudy Days. Linda recently moved from San Francisco to a small town in Oklahoma, quite a change in lifestyles, I'd guess.  Her latest blog is about suffering from social anxiety, which I think a lot of people experience to some extent.  I know I do sometimes.  Linda, I'm glad you are following me and Katie on our new adventures!  : )

Thank you all for your good wishes, I am feeling much better.  Not 100 percent yet, but I'm getting there.

I am enjoying spending time with my Vacaville family, Kristy and Matt, and grandkids, Drew, 6 and Lauren, 3.  Kristy and Matt are working and their daycare provider is on vacation this week, so I'm filling in when needed.  They both have varied schedules and are home off and on depending on their schedules and appointments.  One or the other parent is home most of the time, and when they aren't, the kids have been great. 

 Drew and Lauren

So, on Friday Kristy only schedules appointments in the morning, and we were up and ready around 8:30.  Kristy had to be at her office at 9 and was checking her backyard before leaving when she caught her heel on the edge of the patio and fell on the lawn.  She said she heard cracking and popping and was in a lot of pain.  Matt helped her into the living room to see what we should do.  Kristy decided she needed to go to the Emergency Room, so they took off and I stayed with the kids.  Three hours later they were back and here she is:

Kristy's fractured foot

It's splinted on three sides and open in the front, then wrapped from toes to knee.  She's on pain pills for now.  Poor thing.  When she climbed out of the car with her splint, Lauren burst into tears and ran from her.  She was scared, but she's okay now.  Still doesn't want to go near Kristy's leg, though.  Monday a podiatrist is going to call to set an appointment for Kristy to go in and have it checked further, and have a cast put on.  No swimming for the rest of the summer.  Luckily it is her left foot, so she will still be able to drive.

I'm going to drive her to her office Monday and Matt will pick her up on his way home from work.  She will drive herself after that.  It's not the driving that's a problem, it's that she will have to walk a distance from the car to her office and she wants another day.  After dropping Kristy off, I'll bring the kids to daycare and they will be back on their regular schedule.

Wednesday Kristy took me to the campground for Solano County, and two private RV campgrounds.  I chose one and made reservations for Monday.  I'm checking into the Vineyard RV Park here in Vacaville for two weeks. I've chosen an area that is a bit more expensive, it's a newer area in the park and it has cable TV.  I thought I might as well enjoy some good TV stations before I take off again.  I bought a cable TV cable, since I didn't have one.

We also stopped by Camping World, and  I have an appointment with them to have another Fantastic Fan installed in the vented area in my kitchen ceiling, and vent covers installed on the roof over my three vents, and the back-up camera installed, too.

And, TA-DA!, my A/C is okay - thank goodness!  I was pretty worried about that.  $$$  The other evening I turned it on and it worked.  I am connected to Kristy and Matt's house with my electric cord and that seemed to be okay.  Is it okay to use regular house electricity to run the A/C?  I was told it's not enough.  Also, I had not heard of the outlet that I should be plugging my electric cord into for the generator, but when I put the cord away on Monday morning, I'll check out the compartment and see if there's an outlet in there.  

Thank you to everyone who left that comment.

 Bedtime story for Lauren

 Bedtime story for Drew - sometimes he reads the book to us

 Cody - and Drew watching TV

Cody is such a good dog, the vet said he is only about 8 months old, not a few years old like they were told at the animal shelter, so he's still a puppy.  He really likes to play, but Katie is being a grouchy old lady around him, and bears her teeth in this maniacal smile while she growls at him.  I've never seen her do that before.  Kristy said I should get a picture of it.  The dogs get along pretty well, usually, because Cody sticks like glue to Kristy and Katie sticks like glue to me, and if we're sitting in different places, the dogs are separated. 

He's got great ears - see them folded forward?  That's his interested, alert look.  Drew is very protective of him when Katie is around.

 Drew with his Ninja figures at Lauren's Gymnastic class

 Drew's brand new desk
 Lauren playing dress-up

 Drew hits - he's a left hander.

 Drew's T-ball game - he earned the Game Ball  : )

Lauren wearing big brother's hat

I wanted to post photos of Lauren at her gymnastic class - she is doing very well, somersaults, balance beam, rope, etc., but the light in the gym doesn't come out well in photos with my camera. 

Tomorrow should be a quiet day here, then they have a dinner at friends' tomorrow night, and I'm invited, too. It's a monthly dinner with a group, one couple hosting each month. The last weekend I was here, Kristy and Matt hosted - and here I am again on "dinner" night.  Good planning!  : )

That's it for today - from me and Katie, have a great Saturday night, everyone!  : )


  1. Talk about messing up your day, Kristy sure did it good. Summer is not a great time to have a cast on. The grands are really cute.

  2. So glad you A/C was working, I bet the guys at Camping World could expain it to you. We hook up to the house power, I think 220 is fine.

  3. I have an outlet in the compartment, on the coach, with my electric cord - I was told that this is for the generator. That when plugged in, the generator will send power to the coach, just like plugging in does. I don't use my generator - so I don't know if the a/c will work this way.

    When I was in South Padre, my son-in-laws brother told me to plug into the outside outlet of the beach house. I was concerned about it not being 30amp. I also read that the extension cord should be the same thickness as the cord on the RV. I was parked in front and the only outdoor outlet was in the yard. To buy a 30 amp extension cord long enough to go to the back and use a 30amp/15amp adapter would have cost over $150 dollars - so I did not plug into the beach house and went to a campground instead. If I didn't have my cat with me, it would not have mattered, but pets were not allowed in the beach house. What we do for our pets???

  4. I tried plugging my 30 amp coach into my house exterior outlet and it threw the breaker every time. I was told that I can not do this and obviously I can't.

  5. All I can say, is thank goodness the AC works. It is so hot where you are now and same here. Pretty much all of us here go from the AC house, to the AC car, to the AC place. However, I can usually get in a walk around 8:30 pm. Take care.

  6. I had the same problem with A/C at my brother's house. The problem turned out to be the length and quality of the extension cord. When I moved Dod into the driveway and plugged my electrical cord directly into house current, it worked beautifully!

  7. I have successfully plugged into 15 amps and run my A/C not all RVs are able do so however.

    On The Road Again said: We hook up to the house power, I think 220 is fine.

    NO, NO, NO 220 is NOT fine and can do some serious damage!


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