Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grandkids' visit

It's been a busy few days with my Vacaville family.  Kristy came to get me on Friday morning and we went to Lauren's gymnastics class.  Afterward we drove Kristy to her office to see a client, and we took the car to do some grocery and Camping World shopping and lunch. Then we got Kristy, and she drove us to the RV park, where Andrew, Lauren and I had a wonderful couple of days.

We played computer games, took walks, bought ice creams to drip on ourselves in the heat, tried unsuccessfully to take naps, went swimming, did fun crafts, ate good kid meals of little blueberry muffins and fruit for breakfast, hot dogs, cheese quesadillas, chips, popcorn and yogurt treats in the evening, stuff like that.

 Popcorn and TV after dinner

 Super-duper crafts and artistry in action

 Yummy Ice Creams - available in the office.  Messy and yummy on a hot day!

 Do these kids look like they are ready for a nap????

 Beautiful Lauren

Awesome Andrew

 Andrew splashing  :)

This was the most fun of the pool time - 
Bucking Bronco Brother!

Andrew has such patience and carried Lauren on his back over and over again, playing bucking bronco.  She loved it.  They both laughed out loud the whole time.  So much fun!

They were perfect little kiddles and this morning Kristy picked us up and we met up with their Dad (who had to work this afternoon and brought his own car), Grandma, Grandma, Aunt Allison and Uncle Wes at a nice restaurant where we all had brunch.   

After brunch, Kristy and the kids and I drove to Antioch where we visited with my Mom and Dad, who will both be 89 in a few months.  Afterward, we stopped at Denny's for “lunner” – wow, the food was great! – and then they dropped me off at The Palms.  

Katie had been here alone from 9 am to around 5:30, and she did great again.  I’m really proud of her, and so relieved that she seems to be okay with being alone here.

 This evening we are chilling out, and going to bed early, then tomorrow taking it easy.  Andrew has a T-Ball game tomorrow at 5, so Kristy is going to pick me up again to go with them.   

Kristy did well on her crutches today, but after an entire day of up and down and walking, she was pretty done when they dropped me off.  Hopefully she will get a lot of rest tonight and the kids will help her, since Matt works this evening.  With Home Depot, his schedule can be early mornings to open, mornings, afternoons, evenings, and even overnight if needed for inventory.  I’ve never had a schedule like his, but he’s always had varied hours, and it doesn’t seem to bother him.

And now I'm going to relax and sip my new favorite drink - don't laugh, it's really good - iced tea and white wine with lots of ice. 

From Me and My Dog, Katie - have a great Sunday evening, everyone!  : )


  1. So much fun with the grands. We were going to spend time with our Katie Bug this summer but it's not working out that way. And they grow up much too fast. The kiddie meals sound good to me.

  2. enjoy your drink!..sounds like you deserve to put up your feet and relax!..those two kids are sure cute!!!!!

  3. Katie is one good girl! Our Oliver loves to lie on the dashboard and watch everything that goes on.

    Have fun with the grands!

  4. What adorable grands. Looks like you have a fun time with them. You made some special memories.

  5. Those are such precious pictures of the grandkids.

  6. Such cure kids. It sounds like everyone had a grea time.

  7. Cute kids, They seem to having a blast. Enjoy!

    Hope to see you when you come through Sacramento. PM me if you're interested.


  8. Going to have to try the iced tea and wine, sounds nice.

  9. How fortunate to still have your parents. Loved the photos.

  10. Hi Barb,

    Could you resend the email, I lost it when I tried to reply to it.

    Thanks, Susan

  11. The kids look like they are havng a blast...and no they don't look like they are ready for a nap!...What a great time you are having...and all from a motor home...who would of thought?..Life is good!

  12. Wow! It looks like you guys are having a blast! I'm in Monterey area. Beautiful here the past few days. Levonne, A Camp Host's Meanderings: An RV Adventure


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