Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great lunch at Putah Creek Cafe, and contaminated water

I had to show you this window sign - right next to the Putah Creek Cafe was a business named "The Palms."  I thought it was a great logo!

My lunch yesterday at the Putah Creek Cafe was as good as the first time.  I wanted to get a photo of the sandwich, but I was so looking forward to it that I forgot until I was halfway through.  Pete, who came up from Merced to visit and take me to lunch, ordered the same sandwich.  I knew he'd love it, and he did.

 Tri-tip French dip with caramelized onions and delish Cole slaw

 The Putah Creek Cafe
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 This oven was right in front.
Last Thursday there was a big fire in the oven.

 The back of the "oven" where the wood is stored.

It was a beautiful day, warm, but not hot, and nice breezes.  Just like today.  We took Katie for a walk around the RV Park, visited a little, and then Pete left to return to Merced.  We keep in touch often by phone, but hadn't seen each other for at least three years, and it was really nice to get together.  Thanks again, Pete, for driving up to Vacaville and taking me to lunch!  : )

Pete and The Palms 

When we were at lunch, I put Katie's bed on the kitchen floor and put the gate up so she couldn't leave the kitchen.  I closed all the window covers and turned on music for background noise.  I put the Endless Breeze fan on the floor and turned it on low so it would stay cool.  When we got back she was fine and I asked a neighbor if she heard Katie barking, and she said no, it was quiet while we were gone.  So, I think Katie will be fine if I need to leave her alone in The Palms.

All in all, a nice day, and I brought half my lunch home to eat for dinner tonight.  Yum!

But... there was a glitch in the day yesterday.   When we got back there was a note on my door, and I thought it going to be about Katie barking.  Instead it was a notice from the park that our water is and has been contaminated with fecal coliform and E. coli with a notice from the CA Department of Public Health explaining the situation.  

They said we needed to boil all water used for consumption and they had bottled water in the office if needed.  I walked over with Katie and got four bottles for my coffee and Katie's water bowl.  The lady across the way went out and bought a bunch of gallons and brought one over to me - so nice of her!

I boiled a pot of tap water and washed the few things that have come in contact with tap water, including Katie's water bowl and a few coffee cups and glasses and spoons, and my toothbrush.  I've been using paper plates and bowls, so I was lucky.  Some people had to re-wash all their things.  And I've only been here since Monday.  I'm fine; Katie had a little diarrhea yesterday morning, but is fine now, so I don't think we'll have a problem. The man across from me had flu-like symptoms Tuesday, but was fine yesterday.

The problem should be resolved within 24 to 72 hours.  They are chlorinating and flushing their water system and repairing the water storage tank.  What a pain for the RV park owner.  

I've added a water filter to my list of things to buy.  And as soon as the water is okay, I'll add a bit of bleach to my water tank, which unfortunately I filled up when I arrived here so I'd have it for boondocking when I leave, and then flush it out.  My Forest River paperwork explains how to clean a contaminated water tank, so I'll just follow their directions.  I think I'll flush it twice, then leave it empty and fill it up with my clean water hose at Kristy and Matt's house on my way out of town, so I'll know the water is clean.  I guess I'll have to clean out my water hose, too.  Maybe pour some bleach/water through it?

Today is a quiet day, nothing planned but hanging out with Katie.  I do love these "nothing" days.  

Katie loves her chew toys!

Tomorrow Kristy is picking me up to go the Lauren's gymnastics practice which will be fun, and she's taking me to do a little shopping.  Then she is driving me and Andrew and Lauren back to The Palms and the kids and I are going to finally have our sleep over.  We'll have dinner and popcorn and play computer games and walk Katie and either tomorrow or Saturday or both, we will go swimming.  The kids have been very patient about their sleep over.  We might also walk over to the office and buy some ice cream.

Poor Kristy is having a tough time with her fractured foot.  She went to the doctor yesterday and got a permanent cast put on her foot/leg.  The doctor doesn't have any idea how long she will need to have a cast at this point.  She can't put any pressure at all on the leg and has to use her crutches all the time.  She said she doesn't care about not swimming or the other things she's had to cancel, like a wine tasting in a limo that was scheduled for today, or Marine World visits during the summer that she bought passes for.  

She said just normal things are really hard; anything she has to do is so much harder.  She has a backpack she is using to carry things from room to room, but even bringing food from the kitchen to the living room, or a glass of water, she can't do because she has no hands free while she walks.  They have a two story house, and that doesn't make it any easier.  I told her this is a good experience - when someone else is complaining about using crutches, she will be able to empathize with them.   She said, oh, yeah, she would certainly emphasize!

The one good thing is that she was able to get a handicap placard to put on her car, and there are three handicap parking spaces right outside her office, so that will limit the amount of distance she'll have to walk to get to work.  

From Me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone!  : )


  1. Gee, that's too bad about the water. Especially since you were in the park that looked better and cost more. I guess you can never tell about those things. I hope you don't get sick.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  2. On our "rental" RV Trip, I used bottled water for all drinking and cooking and brushing my teeth.

    I wondered about washing dishes. I guess if the warer is actually contaminated it is a good thing they told everyone.

    One more thing to be aware of!

    Glad you didn't get sick.

  3. That's no fun! Hope the park gave their campers a break on the rent.

    Hope you have a fun sleep over with the kids.

  4. I have always traveled with bottled water that I use for drinking, cooking, and brushing my teeth. Can't stand the taste of the water that comes out of the faucet. However, I do wash dishes with faucet water and now will be aware of the possibility of contamination. Thanks for the post.

  5. Geez I would never think about how to wash out the hose. Easier to buy a new one I guess.

  6. Hope Kristy has a fast recovery, although it can't be too fast when you're on crutches. I feel her pain.

    As far as the water, I'd mix up a pitcher of water, add bleach and poor it in one end.

    Something I always do before I hook up is use a toothbrush and bleach to clean the spigot. That wouldn't help, of course, if the water was contaminated. I, like others, use bottled water for drinking, brushing teeth, etc. Glad you and Katie are okay.

    Oh, it's always good to run the water for a moment before hooking up, too. We learned that in Montana when mud came gushing out of our faucets. They had been working on the lines and didn't bother to tell anyone. What a mess...and we had a filter.

  7. That's some pretty expensive camp water. I am the frugal type and would ask for some free days because of the hassle.

  8. U need to get a water filter to connect to your RV BEFORE it enters your rig. You can buy at Wal Mart for under $20.00. They come with instructions as how to hook up. I ALWAYS use these. Then filter your drinking water through a Pur water picture. Get the filter that kills bacteria, not just charcoal.I have been a RV'r for 40 years! I know what I am talking about. Your water hose should be sanitized by pouring a bleach solution in the hose and then fasten it to the other end, swirl back and forth a few times, and if possible let it set over night. Then flush with clear water the same way. Some people carry a spray bottle of bleach and water to spray on the faucet before connecting the water, but, the water filter should take care of any thing.

  9. Hi Barb;

    Glad to hear that you are on the road and having a good time. When I left Santee Lakes I went out to Oak Creek Rv Resort east of San Diego and really like it.
    That was not agood thing about the
    water ,hope you were able to get your tank flushed out good.
    Just wanted say hi and have a great trip.
    Your neighbor from Santee

  10. Hi Barb,
    Glad that you have the water situation taken care of, I'll have to watch out for that when I'm out there.
    How long will you be at the Vineyard? It would be great to get together while you are in the area. Let me know if you would like that.



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