Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm in Heaven - RV Heaven

For everyone who was worried about Katie - she's fine.  She was only sick a little bit, and seemed fine right afterward.  I thought it was nice that she waited until we were stopped and I could quickly get the carpet cleaner and a towel and clean it up immediately.  Such a good girl!

Katie loves her treats and chew toys!

Last night (Thursday) we were near Eugene, OR when I saw a Walmart right off the freeway.  I pulled into their parking lot and saw this:

I had heard that some Walmarts will let you stay if you call and ask for permission, so I did.  And they said I could stay at the end of their parking lot - so I did:

The Walmart I stayed at on Wednesday night was a Super Store, and I think it was open all night.  It was very bright and had lots going on - lots of RVs staying all night, as well as cars with people sleeping in them.  Noisy.

The Walmart last night was quiet.  They closed for the night and there were still lights on in the parking lot - good for safety - but no traffic.  One truck with a trailer came in late and stayed, but that was it.  I slept much better last night.

So, on the way to Eugene, I called Quality Coach Repair, a referral from one of my followers, Thank You, Sharon!, and I have an appointment to see them on Monday to get an estimate on what it will cost to add the vent covers on the roof and the back-up camera, and fix a few things, and when they can take The Palms.

I talked to Robert, and asked him for a recommendation on somewhere to stay that would be cheap, and he recommended Fern Ridge Lake, just west of town.  I checked on my Droid 2 for Fern Ridge Lake, and it directed me right to it.  And here I am:


I really lucked out - this site just became available because the prior "camper" just retired and moved away.  I had the impression that he lived here.  It was just now available, so I have it for a week, and I'm hoping to get another week.  I need to talk to the office lady on Monday to see if it's free for the  next week, too.

It has two decks to put chairs, etc., on, and a small storage building at the end of the driveway, which I don't need, but if I was here long term, it would be nice.   

 View across the lawn of the swimming area to the left.

 View from my kitchen window

 View to the right.

This park is called Fern Ridge Shores and it's on Fern Ridge Lake, one of many areas in the Fern Ridge Wildlife Area.  The weekly rate is $200 for full hook-ups, and it has restrooms, free showers, a library, a marina for non-motorized vessels, a swimming area (three sites from my site).  There isn't anything close by within walking distance, but there are some small towns with good restaurants and bars, according to Virginia in the office.  

My Verizon kept dropping calls, so I updated my roaming capabilities, and it was better.  My Internet works fine, and I was really happy to see I can get quite a few antenna TV channels.  I haven't watched TV since I left Vacaville, so this is nice.  

It's warm here, but there are wonderful breezes coming off the lake, and I can hear the waves lapping up on the shore.  

The first thing I did after getting hooked up was put my chair on the deck.  I haven't really used it except a few times at Santee Lakes, but this is the perfect place to sit in the sun and read, or just look across the lake.  I attached Katie's leash to the chair, put her water bowl outside, and her new bed, and she's as happy as a clam.

I warmed up leftovers for lunch and took it outside with my drink to enjoy the lake view.  Then I read my Kindle until I had enough sun.   After a while Katie jumped into The Palms and got into her other bed and went to sleep, still attached to her leash which was attached to my chair.  This traveling is such tiring work!

I'm thinking we're going to be very happy this next week, and as much as I love FREE overnights, I'm looking forward to being here for a week or two and enjoying the amenities.  

And now Katie and I are going for a walk to check out the neighborhood.

From Me and My Dog, have  a great Friday, everyone!  : )


  1. Nice that Katie's very comfortable with traveling. Emma gives her a woof!

  2. So glad Katie is doing better. Fern Ridge is where we take our dogs walking quite often. We usually go to Orchard Point on the other side of the lake. Hope you enjoy Eugene. You might also want to check out Armitage Park (Lane County Park) while you are here, for future reference. It is out past Walmart and very close to Costco, on the McKenzie River. Looks like you have a pretty good set-up where you are on the lake.

  3. Wow, sounds and looks like a great place to stop and regroup! Glad Katie is better too!

  4. The free nights average out the apid is all good! take care...

  5. Looks like a great spot to spend a week or two Mom. Enjoy the lake, we miss you!

  6. Sounds like you are both enjoying your new life.

  7. Great views. We do the free nights for awhile and then we want hookups for a night or two. Have a great time.

    Katie - so glad to hear you're feeling better. Take care little one.

  8. 'Tucker' said he would be going for a swim or two or maybe three!..come on Katie..get your mom to throw a stick or somethin'!!geesh!! are wastin' a perfectly good lake!!!

  9. What a great spot, Rigg's would be in the water every time the door opened.I could get used to a nice quiet spot like that.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  10. I can hardly wait to retire in a couple of years and begin to travel. You make it almost impossible to remain sitting in my seat reading your blog.
    I want to GO, GO, GO! I love your blog, I look it up everyday to see if you have written anything for that day. Enjoy your life....sounds like you and Katie are doing just that!


  11. What a lovely spot!! Seems kinda pricey though, or all areas along the west coast about the same??

  12. Glad you got an appt. with the guys at Quality, I think you'll be very happy with them. I just love that area, to bad you don't have a toad. I did a "covered bridges" day there and a couple of lighthouse days over at the coast. Several scenic drives, too, while I was waiting on parts to come from Monaco! It's a gorgeous area with lots to see.


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