Sunday, July 10, 2011

MPG calculator, and dinner with friends

WELCOME to Wendy, who doesn't have a blog, but does have a Squidoo page with an explanation about who she is and what she does.  Thanks for following along with us, Wendy, I'm happy to have you with us on our journey.

WELCOME also to 1 More Mile, who blogs about anything with wheels and a motor, travel of any variety, metal fabrication, photography,etc.  Check it out, there are some great photos of off-road trips.  Thanks for becoming a follower, I hope you enjoy sharing our adventures!

I found a good website that helps figure out miles per gallon.  At the bottom of the page is a calculator grid where you input your starting mileage, ending mileage, and gallons used and it figures the MPG.

I wasn't able to fill up in Santa Nella, they didn't want to accept my AMEX in the gas tank thingy and I had to go into the office, where I just put in $100.  But I had the trip calculator set so I knew how many miles I had driven.  Here's what I figured, going 55 mpg all the way from San Diego to Santa Nella:  13.65 MPG!

I'm not sure that is correct (but I sure hope it is!), my last trip to Vacaville round trip from San Diego was 8.3 mpg.  I was disappointed with that number, I had hoped for around 10.  But I was going 60 to 65 mph on that trip, so this trip should be better.  I'm not sure it's 5+ miles per gallon better, though. When I leave here, I'll fill up again and next time I get gas, after driving on a tank at 55 mph, I'll figure it again and see if the 13.65 is correct.  Between gas prices coming down and going 55 mph and having my mpg going up, my monthly budget will be happy.

We took it easy today, I took a nap when the kids went down, Kristy and Matt rested, too. Then tonight we went to Deanna and Eric's house for the monthly dinner.

They did ribs, mashed potatoes, corn and baby carrots, and garlic bread.  It was really good, the first time I've had ribs.  Yes, it was the first time I've had ribs.  They were good, but really messy.

Here's the kid's table - so cute:
Everyone liked their dinner.

The kids had fun running round on the lawn after dinner:

 Lauren with hula hoop

 Drew with hula hoop

until we had root beer floats:

 Eric and Deanna making Root Beer Floats - Yumm!

The floats were soooo good!  When they were gone, everyone was tired, the kids were worn out, and everyone left to go home.

As soon as we got home, a little after eight, I retired to The Palms, the kids went to bed and Kristy and Matt  went upstairs.  

Kristy is feeling fine, but her foot hurts and she is still on the pain meds.  Walking with crutches uses muscles you don't usually use, and she has some sore muscles, too, from that.  I think when she fell, she also sustained some bruising from the fall.  I told her I could stay longer, go to the RV park in a week or so, but she said she'd be fine.  The kids will be in daycare and she has clients scheduled all week, so there wouldn't be much for me to do.  I  might as well check in at the park and get settled.

Here's Katie playing with Cody's ball:

Tomorrow I'm driving the kids to daycare, Kristy to her office, and then back to their house to get The Palms ready for traveling to the Vineyard RV Park at around 11, the check-in time.  I've really enjoyed spending so much time with Drew and Lauren and Kristy and Matt. I'll still see them over the next two weeks, and will keep the kids for a few days and a couple of overnights while at the park.  This next week they are really busy and I don't know if I'll see them, but the following week is going to be easier to find time to get together.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Sunday evening, everyone! : )


  1. The once a month dinner party is really a good idea...and I'm glad they include the kids. Going 55 can dramatically increase your mileage so I think you are on to something with that...and we all end up at the red light at the same time anyway is what I always say!..Hope you enjoy your new rv park...going to be hard to beat where you are parked now..

  2. First time for ribs??? I have trouble imaging that. I love ribs, messy and all. But those root beer floats sounded really wonderful on a hot day.

  3. thanks for the link to the mileage calculator! So many gas stations set the $100 limit unless you let them hold your card while filling up. We do that and it works out fine. Aren't grand kids fun!!!!!

  4. When gas stations set a limit, I just start the process all over again until I get the amount of gas I want. It's a hassle but at least I don't have to leave my card with the attendant.

    BBQ ribs... umm good.

  5. I always get gas at a half tank, so I never have spent more than $100.00 at a time.

  6. I only get gas in my van right now, and try to buy it at COSCO. I use the Business COSTCO account and get a discount on only $75.00 per day on gas. When the prices were at their highest I had to stop filling before my tank was full.

  7. Check out El Dorado National Forest for camping in the Placerville area

  8. Your Grand Kids sure are cute! Sounds like you are haveing fun visiting them.

    I was back at Santee Lakes over the 4th and we went to San Diego for the fireworks show.I actually stayed for the week. It was a LONG time in the RV and it got HOT.

    OH, I saw the red Trolley and thought it would be fun to ride it to San Diego. All I can say is DO NOT TAKE THE ORANGE LINE! It goes through the bad areas, and it was a real experience. The Blue and Green lins are not too bad.Went to the Seaport Villege and had lunch.

    We had our bikes this time so that gave me more to do than just walk 6 times a day. I took pictures but just havent posted them on my blog. I guess they saw some rattlesnakes and there was this GINORMOUS BLOODHOUND! Took pictures of him... the dog that is.

    Oh, I also ended up getting an unplanned root canal on a wisdom tooth. I have to see an endodontist here in the desert.

    Ed is no longer staying at the Lakes. He has moved to his co-worker/friend's property. Staying for 200 a month and that includes TV,internet,electric and water. Has to go to the corner to dump the waste... maybe once a week?

    Here is a link to a blog you might like. She is a Sister on the Fly, but she blogs about life at home too. This is a link to one of her Vintage Trailer posts...

    Take care and be safe,

  9. {{{huggies}}}

    Just wanted to say thank you for the welcome.

    I just started a blog rather recently, but I don't think I had it linked to my profile page yet. whoops!

    Here is the link to it:

    I'm brand new to RV life and full-timing (as in only been at it a few days! LOL!) and so am still learning. I was doing a Google search to find bloggers who were full timers with pets (I have 12 cats) and that's how I found your blog.



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