Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day of rest, answering comments

WELCOME to new follower Michael Kane.  If you have a blog, let me know so I can check it out - thanks for following along with us, Michael.  The fun has just begun!

To answer some comment questions:

The price here at Vineyard Park RV is $265.20 a week including pet fee and full hook-ups plus free wi-fi and cable.  Regular rate is $48/night and they are a Good Sam park.  VERY expensive.  There were three options here in Vacaville, where I wanted to be close to family.  I had planned to be here for only a week, but will probably extend that by another week so I can see my grand kids a little more before I leave.

The first option, which I originally thought I'd take, was Solano County Campground.  It was $18/night for seniors, and I liked that it was in the forest, but it didn't seem to be well maintained, and was pretty empty, which concerned me since the other two private parks were pretty full.  I didn't feel comfortable about staying there, just had a weird vibe.  Plus it's further from Kristy's, so would have been a longer drive for them to come out to visit or pick me up. I sure did like the price, though!

The other option was Midway RV Park, which is right next door to this one.  We drove through that park, too, talked to the Manager, who was very nice and helpful, but I just liked the feel of this one better.  Midway was comparably priced, but had fewer free amenities.

I hope to be waaaaay more frugal when I leave Vacaville, which is between San Francisco and Sacramento, so is still in a pretty expensive area.  As I go north, the RV parks should be cheaper and boondocking opportunities will be more available.

THANK YOU, Judy, for your suggestion to change the TV setting to get cable.  You were right, and I just changed the option (using the TV remote) from antenna to CATV, and it worked.  I'm glad I read your comment before I got going for the day, or I would have looked everywhere else.

When we leave here, I plan to drive to Placerville, and am hoping to see some old friends there.  Maybe stay a few days to a week.  I've been researching the campgrounds around Placerville, and it's not looking good for being frugal. I've e-mailed a friend who works with the Forest Service in that area, and asked him if there is a public campground he'd recommend.

I filled up at Costco on Monday morning.  They have a $100 limit, and I put my cards in again to get more gas until the tank was full.  I paid$3.60/gal.

When Kristy took me around looking at campgrounds, we stopped for lunch at Patuh Creek Cafe in Winters. Matt drove over from work and joined us during his lunch time.

It was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and it was delicious.  This is what we all had, except the kids:

Davis Farmer's Market Sandwich
Thinly sliced medium rare Buckhorn Char-Roasted Sirloin Tri-Tip with caramelized onions on a rustic French roll.  Served with our famous Granny Smith Cole Slaw.

It was sooooo good.  I wish I had a photo of the plate.  It was actually a French dip, and the meat was so good and tender. When I get a French dip, I always take out the meat and remove anything fatty.  This sandwich had no fat, just tender beef.  The caramelized onions were delicious and added a sweet flavor.  The Cole Slaw had apples and raisins in it and was a perfect side.  The sandwich was salty and soggy and the salad was sweet and crunchy.

I have a friend visiting tomorrow and he is going to take me to lunch.  I'm going to suggest Patuh Creek Cafe, he is going to love that sandwich!

Katie yesterday - I've never seen her sit like this. She was really tired.
She is a Deer Chihuahua, and this pose reminds me of a deer.  
Don't they lie down like this?
Look close and you'll see a lizard - the only critter we saw yesterday on our walk.

We are taking it easy today, so nothing exciting to report.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone, from Me and My Dog!  : )


  1. She does look just like a little deer sitting there. But her eyes look like they are ready to slam shut. Sometimes we pay the price to visit family. That's what we did in Washington DC. We could have stayed further out but we didn't want to hassle the traffic and all the miles.

  2. Katie is cute. I'm glad you have your doggie friend. I hope you can find cheaper digs. Everything is expensive there.

  3. A little past Placerville is the El Dorado National Forest. I can't remember the turnoff, but there are s couple of campgrounds - I don't remember the prices. It's a beautiful area and the elevation is a bit higher than Placerville, so it would be cooler.

  4. Yum, that sandwich sounds terrific! Poor Katie looks exhausted :)

  5. I don't eat much meat, but the cole slaw sounds delicious with the apples and raisins. Placerville is beautiful and I don't think you'll have any problem with it being too cold this time of year.

  6. Katie is so sweet. Jim and Sandie are right-she does look like a little fawn. As far as Placerville, be sure to ask if they allow pups. I was going to meet a friend in a campground last year. She made reservations; when I called to make mine-"No dogs Allowed!" So, I went to American River (the only one available). It's pricier than I usually like, and they charged extra for dogs, but you can't beat the scenery. I think I had the best site in the place-right by Troublemaker Rapid. In other parts of the park, it was crowded. I double tied Jack because the sound of the water, while wonderful, it is ferocious! If I were you, I'd make reservations as far ahead as possible anywhere near Placerville. While I loved this park, it's a scary ride down into the valley to get there, and easy to miss the sign. It was tight going up and around the loop to get to my campsite right by the river. Loved the young girl managing the place-so cheerful, and loved Jack. I usually check this site and my Trailer Life before pulling in to a place or making reservations and I leave my remarks.
    http://www.rvparkreviews.com/ It's actually in Coloma.

    I enjoy your blog. Keep posting.

  7. Always follow your vibe...if you don't feel safe go to where you do...you did the right thing. Do you have AAA...they put out awesome books for all kind of campgrounds.with the current price....public..private and Forrest Service...divided into four parts of the country?...Almost worth getting the basic membershp for...we use them all the time.

  8. Katie looks so cute...and so tired! Hope you are enjoying your family visit.

  9. Wow, that is pricey! But you are in an expensive area. While you are there, check out the Moose Lodge and maybe pick up an application (and maybe join there.) I saw on the internet they allow camping. Another piece of advice - you don't have to have your sewer hose connected all the time - just dump when you leave.

  10. Glad my suggestion worked. Now you just have to remember it each time when you set up with or without cable. It took me a while to get things straight because I also had the DISH option. :)


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