Thursday, July 7, 2011

We're in Vacaville

WELCOME to our new Follower, Erin.  Erin, do you have a blog?  If so, leave me a comment so I can follow you, too.  Thank you for signing on with Me and My Dog, we're glad you're along for our adventures! And thank you for the wonderful day on the 4th! You and Steve are great hosts, and Mollie and Owen are little cuties. I had a great time! : )

Since I haven't posted in five days and I've been doing lots of things, this is a short version of recent activities.  I've been really busy and haven't had the time or energy to write posts.  The last few days I've been sick again : (  - bad sore throat and chest congestion, so I'm plugging along, but not quite up to par.  Every time I come to Vacaville I get sick - either while I'm still here or as soon as I get home. There is something here that gets me every time. 

Katie and I had a wonderful visit with Tom and his family, Katie loves to be there because they have a large lawn, and she can run to her heart's content.  We had a fabulous grilled dinner with the family and their friends Rick and Julianne, and we had the planned sleepover with Kennedy and Gavin.

 Graydin - 2

 Kennedy - 8

 Graydin, Kennedy and Gavin
 Rick and Tom

 Recognize the Kamada bar-b-que?

 Tom and Trish's Yard

 The Palms parked in front of Tom's

 Tom getting the backyard ready

Kennedy and Gavin - Sleepover with Grammy in The Palms.
Kennedy is faking being asleep - right afterward she went in the house, sick. : (

  Trish and Julianne checking out a friend's website on their computers.

Kennedy wasn't feeling well, so she left to go back to her room, and was sick half the night.  But in the morning, she came back and joined me and  Gavin and we finished the DVD of Hook that we started the night before.  Shortly after the movie ended, Katie and I took off.

I left Tom's at 10 am and drove up Highway 5, over the Grapevine heading north to Vacaville.  It was pretty warm. I had made a CD with all my favorite songs and played it as we drove.  It was such a good feeling to finally be on my way.

 Driving over the Grapevine - Highway 5
 Coming down off the Grapevine on Highway 5

We stopped a couple of times at rest stops to stretch, and continued until around 8 pm, when we stopped at Santa Nella at Anderson's Split Pea Soup.  I ordered a salad to go (I don't like split pea soup) and asked if I could stay in their parking lot overnight, and they said I could.  So Katie and I stayed there Sunday night. That's when I found out my A/C doesn't work with my generator.  I thought it would.  100+ degrees in The Palms, and I'm sure it was warmer in the bunk where we slept, or tried to.   Monday we got gas close by and continued on to Elk Grove, where we were meeting Kristy and Matt before going on to their house in Vacaville.

My son-in-law, Matt, has a sister Erin who lives in Elk Grove with her family, and they were hosting the family for 4th of July.  They have a beautiful home with a big yard and pool, so the heat didn't seem so bad.

 Steve and Erin's Pool in Elk Grove

We had a really nice day, and then drove to Vacaville, where I am currently parked in front of Kristy and Matt's.  I haven't yet had a sleepover in The Palms with Andrew and Lauren because of the heat, but it's cooling off more every day, and maybe tomorrow night they will stay with me and Katie. 

Yesterday we went to Lauren's Gymnastic class, where she is doing really well, especially for a 3-year old.

Lauren on the ropes.  She is learning how to skip, mount-walk on-and dismount the balance beam, somersault, etc.

Today Kristy is off for the day, so we are going grocery shopping and to Camping World to see if I can get a few things, and check on back-up cameras.

Then we're going to check out Solano County Campground, where I think I'm going to stay for a couple of weeks. It's nearby and I want to stay in the area a little longer.  My last couple of days here we're going to try to get camp sites next to each other at the KOA campground in Rio Vista.  Kristy and Matt have a pop-up, and when they got it last year, I got the idea of getting a motor home.  So, all this is their fault. : )

More from Vacaville next time!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Thursday, everyone!  : )


  1. “That's when I found out my A/C doesn't work with my generator. “

    When the generator is running do any of the other 110 outlets have power? Like the microwave? If not, you may have forgotten to plug your RV cord back into the rig receptacle.

    Your A/C definitely should work with your generator, some motor homes have an electric receptacle where the shore power cord is stored. When you unplug from shore power you have to plug that cord back into the RV so the generator can supply power to your rig.

    Hope this helps, Gary

  2. The receptacle might look like the one at this link:

  3. Well OK, that pic link didn't work so lets try a couple more:

  4. My comment is the same as Gary's. When I unplug at a campground, I have to plug into an 30amp outlet inside the compartment for the cord. I was told that this would send power from the generator to the outlets, microwave, A/C, etc. I have never tried it, though. I don't use my generator. Camping World should be able to tell you if you can power the A/C from the generator.

  5. Once again I have learned something about RVs without leaving my recliner :~)

    Hope that not being plugged in is all that is wrong.

  6. Sure looks like you have been having some great fun with family and friends.
    Hope you get the AC and the generator worked out. It should run with the generator and you will definitely need it.
    Hope you are feeling better by now!!

  7. Sure hope you are feeling much better tomorrow. And I also hope you can figure out what is wrong with the AC/generator issue. Looked like a wonderful time with the family.

  8. Your a/c should work with the generator! Might check to see if your cord is plugged in and maybe check the fuse.

  9. If it isn't the cord, make sure you let the generator run for a few minutes before putting a load on it. It takes some time for it to generate enough power to run the A/C.

    Great pictures of the family. Always fun to spend time with the grands.

  10. wow..those houses look like resorts! I think I could stay parked in their driveways for a while!..

  11. When I couldn't get my A/C to run on generator it was due to the breaker on the generator. I didn't know there was a breaker switch on the generator. I do now. I located it, switched it back on, turned on the generator and put the A/C on. It worked. Hope you find what the problem is.

  12. Hi there, I am new to your blog. You are leading the kind of lifestyle I always wanted to but couldn't afford.

    When I lived in California--the Bay Area, I always had all kinds of respiratory problems and was taking antihistamines almost on a daily basis. I think it is the mildew from the fog.


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