Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everything's fine, we're A-OK :)

WELCOME to our new followers:

Texas Yellow Rose, who has been blogging since January 2010 and is a workamper with her husband and dog.  Betty, I'm going to have to catch up on your blog, I went back a little, and hope I have the above info correct.  I look forward to following you, too.

Baby Blogging Boomer - this is another Barbara (I've never met a Barbara I didn't like).  She is not an RVer, but writes short interesting posts, and I enjoyed going back a bit and checking out her blog.  She lives in an apartment with a cat - Barbara, you need to put wheels on it and join us!

June - I don't see a blog listed for you, are you an RVer?  If you have a blog, or start one, let me know so I can follow you, too.

gypsy68,  I think I've seen your comments on other blogs, or maybe on the womenrv forum?  Anyway, gypsy68's blog is not for RVing, it's about a house remodel in 2009/2010, and is actually pretty interesting - did you get the rat?  If you are an RVer and start a blog, let me know! 

Thank you all for following me and my dog, Katie on our adventures in full time RVing.  So far it's better than I expected, and you're here right at the beginning, so there's lots more to come!

This was a good day to post with four new followers, since I really don't have much else to post about.  I've had some e-mails from people worried because I haven't posted in a while.  Don't worry, all is well.  Katie and I are just chilling.  It's so nice and peaceful here, and I've pretty much written about everything.  No more weird things, no rants, no photos that haven't already been posted.  But thank you for your concerns, I appreciate it.

Katie and I have had a couple of long walks in the last few days.  3+ miles, which is a lot for us.  We usually walk three times a day, but only one longer walk, maybe a mile.   The other day we walked as far as we could along the river, and found an opening in the fence that went to a country/ residential road, so we followed it for a while.  There were some interesting homes along the way, one in particular was beautiful, large lot, large buildings, great garden. We were pooped when we got back to The Palms, but went again the next day and walked further up that road. 

Along the road there were lots of "weeds" that were really pretty, I don't know what these are called, but I had to pick one to bring back for my little kitchen vase:

I think picking this was okay since it was a weed on the side of the road, 
but they have them in the park, too.

Here's another moss covered bench in the day use area - I love these benches:

The emergency vehicles have been out to the river twice more that I saw, but we weren't nearby, just saw them coming back from the river.  There must be a bad spot nearby where people get into trouble and need help getting out.  Water has never been my thing, but there are a lot of people who raft down the McKenzie river.

There was a full moon while we were here - it comes up later here than in San Diego because we're further north. In San Diego we saw the full moon rising earlier in the evening.

Lots of light in our bed when the moon came out from behind the trees.
I looked out the window, and there it was, a beautiful full moon.

 I also re-joined Netflix - I checked the site and found that there are many movies and TV shows that I've missed, so I decided to join while I have such super fast Internet here free in the park.  It's as fast as the cable Internet I had in the condo, and I've been watching lots of movies and got into a TV program that I'd never heard of, "New Street Law."  I'm really enjoying it.  If you like scarey, tense movies, this is a good one for you:  The Resident with Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  After we watched it, Katie and I walked along the river and I was kind of creeped out waiting for something to jump out at us.

We are leaving Armitage Park tomorrow before noon.  There is a 14 night limit in this county at their RV parks, and tonight is the 14th night for us.  I guess I'm about ready to move on, but it sure is nice here. It's going to be hard to beat this park in just about every area.  And they don't have a laundry or any real amenities, no pool or store, etc. but it's still a fabulous park.  Beautiful grounds, tons of trees, grass, the McKenzie River a short walk from our site.  I would definitely recommend this park, and come back if I'm in the area again.

Today I'm unhooking and going to town to do laundry, fill the tank, maybe a little grocery shopping. I had planned to do  all this tomorrow on our way to a new location, but last night while I was asleep, Katie was sick, so... The bedclothes are in the laundry bag and we'll go to town and take care of everything today.  That will actually give us something to do today and tomorrow will be easier. 

More in a day or so...

From Me and My Dog, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  : )


  1. Sorry Katie got sick. Hope she's feeling much better today. We occasionally have unscheduled laundry because of the girls. Never a dull moment. Sounds like a great park and just chillin' out is such a great time. Be safe tomorrow.

  2. sorry Katie had sick tummy,, I so envy you and I will admitt I'm following your adventures because i will never be able to do so,, keep safe,,

  3. "If you like scary, tense movies"?
    OK, you're by yourself, (well, you have that little dog, but c'mon!) watching something scary, and then you decide to take a walk down by the river? Whoa!
    My wife can't even watch "Bones" or she'll end up having scary dreams!
    Whatever floats your boat I suppose.
    I think the "Exorcist" was the last scary movie I let myself get talked into going to see. We're done with the scary movie program.

  4. So glad you have enjoyed Armitage Park. As locals, we're pretty proud of our parks! Hope little Katie is feeling better today. Have a great journey as you head out to new adventures. See you down the road.

  5. With all those strange people in the park, I was concerned about you. And just think, it wasn't even a full moon yet!

    Your moon shot is really pretty. Have fun on the road again.

  6. That weed/flower looks like Queen Ann's Lace. We have it in PA and in DE along the roads.

    I enjoy reading your blog. My relatives live in the San Diego area - one cousin lives in Santee.

    Hope Katie feels better!

  7. Ditto on the Queen Anne's Lace. The red spot in the middle is where she pricked her finger with a needle while making the lace.

  8. We watched and loved the Friday Night Lights tv series. It's on the instant queue on Netflix. You would probably enjoy it too.

    Hope Katie feels better.

  9. Sorry to hear about Katie not feeling too good. Hope she is MUCH better now!!
    It is always hard to leave a really nice place.....I know how you feel.
    Travel safely!!

  10. Sorry to hear about Katie being sick. Sure hope she's better today. So glad you enjoyed your time here.

    We're sorry to see you leave, but know there are more adventures for you to enjoy further along.

    Travel safe, and find another quiet park to enjoy!

  11. I hope Katie is all better now. Sometimes Buddy throws up bile in the morning if his tummy gets too empty. The vet said it's not unusual.

    I think that flower/weed is Queen Anne's Lace. I planted it in the garden one year but it didn't do well... guess it likes the roadside best.

    I have been collecting vintage trailer pictures and will be doing a post on that in a week or so. I also have a Monday Morning Message on my INSPIRATIONS blog. That blog is not so much about home decor as my first blog. Just full of random things...

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  12. I enjoy your posts very much. However I have a suggestion I'm also making to other RV bloggers. Please include what state you're in in your posts. I read a lot of blogs and I can't keep up with who's where, especially when many states have cities/areas with the same name.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with your readers.

    Selene, NC

  13. Gosh, I hope Katie's feeling better today! Thanks for the warm welcome and for tagging along on my blog, too! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  14. Hi, I don't have a blog but we were full timers for 5 years and I loved every day of it. Now we are living in a stix and bricks again and I love following everyone's full timing blogs. I have enjoyed yours since shortly after you started.
    Drive safe and give Katy a hug from me.
    PS. Really wishing I was out there with you. :)

  15. catching up on your blog after a few busy weeks...hope Katie is feeling better! and good luck on your travels to the next spot!


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