Friday, August 26, 2011

Settling in until Labor Day

WELCOME to our new followers Merri and Steve!  According to their profile, after 14 years in the Arizona desert, they are back in Spokane, WA and are busy hiking, geocaching and will eventually be camping in their future Lance 825 TC.  Thanks for following along with Me and My Dog, and I hope you'll be out camping in that Lance soon! : )

We are still here in Chehalis, WA, having decided to stay put until after the Labor Day holiday.  I had a travel plan in place, but I decided to ask if I could stay longer than the stated limit of seven nights.  The Camp Host said it would be no problem. I could probably stay as long as I want, but after seven days, it's his call, I think.  So, I don't have to worry about being on the road during the holiday weeks, and after Labor Day, the parks should have more available sites and more parks will allow Passport America discounts.

It's pretty mellow in this park.  Nothing really special, but no negatives, either.  And close to town, a short drive across the I-5.  There are only 29 campsites, three of which are for tents only.  The tent sites are across from me, and all three are taken today.  They are having a Garlic Festival in Chehalis this weekend, and then Labor Day next weekend, so I'm figuring we may have more sites taken than usual.

It's been very quiet until yesterday when my neighbor next door came in.  He's really loud,   "MAX, GET OVER HERE.  MAX!  MAX!  MAX!  GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!"  His very sweet Yellow Lab isn't leashed, and is very friendly, so he tends to wander.  Instead of getting up, he YELLS at anyone not right next to him.  "HEY, BABE, BRING ME XXXX."  Good Grief, these are small, narrow sites, he doesn't have to YELL!  I keep telling myself what I read another blogger say, "I need to remember this is my life, but it's their vacation.  And they will be gone on Sunday."  That is so true, and a good thing to remember. Calmed me down right away.

  The Palms and our neighbors.
Different eras, different styles.

I've been really lucky so far to have nice quiet neighbors, considering I've been on the road for three months now.  And this guy isn't that bad.  They settle down early.  Sorry for the rant. : (

My e-mail friend, Fred, left earlier in the week, heading south - Hi Fred - I hope you got settled in and are enjoying the new park. : )

 1975 Hi-Lo Camper Trailer

When this trailer pulled in, it looked like a regular pop-up trailer.  When I saw it later, I was surprised to see it is a regular size traler when it's "popped up."  The young man who owns it said it was given to him, he just painted it black and now is going to work on the inside.  This is the second weekend they've taken it out, and it looked like they were really enjoying it.

There are blackberries ripening all over this area, Oregon, too, and I got a little bag full during one of our walks.  They are really sweetening up.  These will be great on my cereal tomorrow morning. : )

 Fresh Blackberries

Last night Katie took a chew toy to bed, she's never done that in The Palms.  It was fun watching her decide where to hide it:

 I've gotta find a good spot.

 No, not there.

 Under the pillow - perfect!  No one will find it now. 

 That ought to do it.

And it's still there. Under an extra pillow at the foot of the bed.  She used to hide her chew toys in the condo, but this is the first one she's hidden here.

I think Katie is getting the idea that this is home.  She used to lie in the sun on the carpet in front of the patio slider.  The back of the couch has either the morning or afternoon sun, and she  just found it.  I was surprised it took her so long to find this warm spot.

 Watching a butterfly.

 Queen of the couch top.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Friday evening, everyone.  : )


  1. She sure is a cutie and just the right size! I'm surprised to see she doesn't have pajamas. ;-)

  2. Barbara, I think you are right... Katie is finally setteling in.

    I just posted about the cutest little red trailer, not a vintage one, but it is cute as can be.

    I am working on a big post on vintage trailers, with lots of pictures, and many of them are from the "Sisters On The Fly".
    Look for that in the near future.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    @ Bunny Jean's Decor and More! (my Main blog)

  3. hard to beat the fresh berries along the trails

  4. Katie is such a good traveling companion. Good company!

  5. Katie is so cute hiding her treasures. It reminds me of the commercial where the dog is having sleepless nights worrying about his bone. He finally gets it insured (with Travelers, I think) and then he can rest without worrying.

  6. That little Hi-Lo camper is really cute but can you imagine how hot a black camper would get when parked in the sun for a while? Just like a little oven.

  7. Good little pictorial on Katie and her chew toy! Noisy neighbors usually move on when Sunday comes. :)

  8. Love the ears. Glad Katie's feeling comfortable enough to know she can hide her bone and still be able to find it again even if you move. Next week-end, especially, you will have week-end warriors out in force. But we just have to put up with them for a couple of days and then we have the peace and quiet all to ourselves again. Fall is such a great time to travel for that reason.

  9. Glad you have found a nice place to stay over the Labor Day weekend.

    Katie looks very happy with herself now that she's found a safe place to hide her toy...and a warm spot to sit. Give her a hug for us.

    Enjoy where you are, and stay safe.

  10. I just love seeing photos of Katie. Noisy neighbors make me think more about boondocking away from campgrounds.

  11. I see 'Queen Katie' has found her 'home'!! the shot of her sitting in the sunshine!!
    enjoy the park..and yes the weekenders will be gone tomorrow!!

  12. Katie is so cute! Our dog Buddy loves the back of the sofa, too!

  13. Just love that little Katie cute.

    Glad you have a nice place to stay until Labor Day is over. I refuse to drive anywhere on that weekend.

    Have fun and travel safe.

  14. Katie is having a grand time finding the right spot for her "treasure." She reminds me of my dog when I was growing up....she even looked alot like Katie. She would always bury her treats etc. We would go to put on a shoe and find part of a hot dog. LOL

  15. Katie is sure a cute little pup and must be great company. She's lucky to have such a great Mom.

  16. My little companion Killer does the same thing with his bones or anything else he gets. When we're home he'll hide them around the edge of the firepit. When we're on the road there's no telling where we'll find stuff, although he doesn't hide as much on the road. As for the noisy neighbor, just be glad ur not "Babe" that he calls to bring him everything. lol I keep telling everybody there r worse things than being "alone". lol I love seeing the pics of Katie and hearing about what y'all do every day, thx so much for sharing with us. We're working around here thru most of September but come October we'll be on the road for most of the month...can't wait. Safe travels for u and Katie.

  17. WOW! Thanks so much for introducing us! Gives a warm fuzzy when finding new RV Friends.

    By the way, Katie is adorable!! I'll have to post an E.B. pic...I love Chi Chi's. Cheers! ~M


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