Thursday, August 4, 2011

This is my 200th post : ), new back-up camera

When I clicked the New Post button, I noticed I had 199 posts, so this is my 200th.  Who knew?  I'm really enjoying posting my adventures, and I was thinking about "followers" this morning.  When I travel alone, I meet people and have nice conversations, but there are lots of days that I don't talk to anyone but Katie.

I feel like I'm talking to you all, while I'm typing my posts. Somehow it gives me a voice, and when things are good, I can share my happiness; when things aren't going so well, I can whine or rant, and once I've hit "publish," I feel better.  So, I thank you all for reading my blog posts, and making me feel like part of a large family of people who care.  : )

Okay, here it is:
 Back-up Camera, mounted on dash

I was at Quality Coach Services in Eugene, OR at 8:30 sharp, and Jason got started right away on the laundry list of things that needed to be done, small things, as well as the installation of a new wired back-up camera and three roof vent covers, and replacement of my toilet bowl seal (which wouldn't hold water in the bowl), and repairing my bathroom fan (that Camping World said they "don't repair, they just replace" them. They would have charged me to take out the old fan, the price of the new fan, and installation of the new fan.)  Jason just switched out the fan switch.

I love the camera, I had never seen one in action before, and it's exactly what I needed.  I was originally going to get a wireless camera, but changed my mind and had a wired one installed.  Jason said it's pre-wired in case I want to get the side cameras that show the blind spot on each side behind the passenger and driver's doors.  I didn't want to pay extra for those, but if I decide in the future that I want them, it will be easier and cheaper to install them.
 Vision Stat 5.6" Wired Digital LCD Color Monitor

I wasn't sure what Katie and I would do all day, and maybe part of tomorrow, but they have a comfortable couch in the office reception area, a plug for my computer, and Internet that I could connect to.  I brought in some snacks and water, my computer and Katie's bed.  It was a little chilly first thing in the morning, so I got our quilt and put that over her in the bed, and she burrowed down, completely covered, and slept most of the morning.

I was expecting to have to come back tomorrow, which would have been okay, but fortunately Jason finished the entire job by 3:30, and I was back on the road to the RV park.

Everything was fixed and installed, and my total bill was more than $200 less than the original estimate, which made me doubly happy.  Jason and Robert, the co-owners of Quality Coach Services, were both great to work with, and I would highly recommend this company if you need any repairs or installs and are in the area.  (541-343-1120)   They are also rated A+ with BBB.

That was about it for our day.  We got home around 4:00, and amazingly I was really tired, and Katie was, too.  After sitting all day.  I was even too tired to take Katie for a walk.   It sure is nice to have everything working, and the installs done!  And tomorrow is another day.

Here's my new map - Thanks Rick! -  Since I've only been in two states with The Palms, I gussied it up a bit.  It was pretty sad looking just plain.  I'll have three when I cross into Washington. 

From Me and My Dog, have a great Thursday night, everyone!  : )


  1. congrats on post number 200!..and on your map..mine is pathetic too..only three states!..washington, oregon and california!..need to work on that!!
    nice new back up camera!!!

  2. We like "talking" to you too.

    Glad your repairs got done so quickly.

    I am sure the back up camera will help since it is just you driving.

    Have you considered the "Fresnel" lenses for your blind spot? They are about $13.00 at Camping World.

  3. I like reading your posts as well. I admire the courage you have to do it solo~! Good thing for your little traveling companion :)

  4. Always great when an installation goes AOK, and less than expected to boot. You'll love your camera, especially when driving as you can really see who is behind you now.
    Take travels.

  5. The backup camera looks great! And everything done in one day, even better!

    Love your new map too - and how exciting - look at how much country there is out there to explore. :) When I looked at my map, I felt like our trip to TN was such a big trip, and yet, we have many times over that still out there to see.

  6. You are going to love that back up camera. I think sitting in the lounge at service centers while you are waiting for your RV to be worked on is one of the most tiring things to do, especially if you are trying to keep your pet quiet. Last time we were in Red Bay to get our TIffin warranty work done we were there five days, it was exhausting. I love your map, it will be fun watching it change as you travel.

  7. Love the backup camera. I hope to get one eventually.

  8. Did you ever figure out how to run your A/C with the generator?

  9. Congrats on your 200th post! That backup camera will come in handy I'm sure. Thanks for the mention.

  10. Soooo glad Jason did such a great job for you! Even tho they did a fabulous job for me you never know if the next person is going to be as happy as I was. I just had a new B/U camera installed, the old one took a dump. I don't really use it for "backing up", but since I tow it's invaluable for seeing when I get past another vehicle so I can get back in my lane and when I'm backing into my little trailer that I tow in the winter to the sand dunes. You're really gonna like it once you get used to it. And keep posting, even when it's to rant! Most of the time I can empathize with ya! Travel safe, MF.

  11. Just think of all the adventures you will have had when that map is full of different colours!! I'll be looking forward to read all about it. ☺

  12. So this is what its like when you go into an RV shop, explain the problem, they work on it you pay and then leave. This has never happened for me yet! I have had to return to get the fix, fixed each and every time from each location!

    I'm glad you're not having that problem! Congrats on the backup cam, it's great to have when you're parking solo!

    Have a great weekend!


  13. Hi! And I want to thank you for being my blog's - A Camp Host's Meanderings - 200th follower! How exciting for me. I was wondering when I'd ever hit that number. So we have the number "200" in common at the same time related to our blogs! That's special. The camera looks like a great addition to your rig. I could just see Katie all wrapped up comfy and cozy there at the service center. Thanks for following. I look forward to following you also.

  14. Great to hear that you found a good place to get your work done. I know you are a member of the WomensRVForum and wondered if you thought about going to the Get-Together in Bandon OR, 15-19 Aug? Good way to meet some of the other members. I'm in Florida right now I don't know if you found my blog because I joined yours before I had mine hooked up. Glad to hear you and Katey are having a great time.

  15. I'm glad that your service was all done so well and quickly. Katie is such a good girl. I think she need an extra treat. Waiting to see that new state added. Safe travels!

  16. I always enjoy reading your posts. Even though I am not alone, I also feel like the blog world gives me someone to talk to. I DO have friends, but often I think of my virtual friends first. I can tell them anything.

  17. You will really enjoy having the backup camera. Congratulations on Post #200. (That sounds almost like an American Legion thing, doesn't it?)


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