Monday, August 22, 2011

Unable to log in, : ( , everything else is fine. (From my phone)


  1. I haven't been able to sign in to post since Thursday - anyone else having this problem? If so, and you found a solution, please leave me comment with what worked to solve this issue. I've left messages on Blogger Forum, but apparently there's nowhere to ask Blogger directly.

    It's sure frustrating!

    Me and My Dog
    Barbara and Katie

  2. I haven't had any problems, but I've been using Google Chrome instead of IE since the last time there were sign in problems with Blogger - the whole "leaving comments" problem they had a month or two ago. If you download Google Chrome, that may help.

  3. I have started using Chrome, too. It was an easy transition for a biker...we love Chrome. Also, leave the 'stay signed in' button UNCHECKED. I hope that helps.

  4. Thanks Jessica and Michael.

    I've tried the latest versions of Chrome, IE and Firefox. I've unchecked the "stay signed in" box. There are other suggestions I've found on the web, and tried them all. Nothing works.

    Usually when I click on the "Sign In" at the top right of my blog, I have no option to sign in. There's a screen that says they are unable to complete my request, and give me a error code to use in the Blogger Forum. No help from the forum yet.

    Any other suggestions or contact info for Google Blogger?

  5. Do you read Rick's blog? It's on my blogroll. He is very good at all the techie stuff. You could try emailing him. He may have some other suggestions for you.


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