Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We are re-located and happy!

Thank you all so much for your supportive comments!  I'm not confrontational, and would rather walk away or "take it" than confront someone, but I think it's different when it's our kids or pets.  We'll stand up for them and protect them, for sure.

I wrote a note to the manager of the park, explaining that I was checking out, and why.  I knew she wasn't in the office early, and I wanted to be out of there.  A little before 8 I pulled up to the office, envelope in hand to put in the box, and she was there with her husband.   She thought the envelope contained my rent for the next month, but I explained to her that I was leaving, and told her why.  They were both completely surprised by what I said,  they had no idea there were dogs running around off leash, and wanted to know which sites and which dogs.

I told her who and where, and they said they would definitely take care of the problem, that unleashed dogs were NOT allowed, and they seemed really mad.  They also said they understood completely why I felt I had to leave, and that they were really sorry, this had never happened before.  I was glad I was able to talk to them, and hopefully the problem will be taken care of for future campers.

We drove about a half hour away and checked in at Armitage, and we have a 2-week reservation here. It's a really nice park, full hook-ups, good TV reception, free wi-fi that's really strong and fast (five bars), and lots of room between camp sites.

Our new campsite

The greenery in the park is beautiful, the roads and the RV pads are paved, and the camp sites are surrounded by grass.  It's going to be easy to keep things clean here.

The bus below came in today, and it was interesting watching them unload.  They have a German Shephard that has puppies, two or three kids that ran out of the bus and started playing ball and drawing pictures on the drive with chalk, the dad climbed up on top and opened that big wooden storage thing and brought stuff down.  The mom came out and started organizing.

Neighbors, one campsite away from us

They must be living in the bus, and seem to be a nice, quiet family.  There is a camper on a truck next to us, and it blocks my view of this bus, I took this photo on our walk this afternoon.  Most of the rigs here are very nice, large Class As or trailers, so this one stands out. I'd love to see what the inside looks like. They have all the hook-ups connected.  This park is $30/night, so it's not cheap, and I'm surprised to see such an old RV here.

Twenty Canada Geese just flew overhead in their V-shape formation, honking along.  I wish I had my camera out and ready.

Anyway, Katie and I did a lot of walking today.  Next to the campground is a day-use park, and it fronts the McKenzie River. We walked over there and checked it out.

 I loved this moss covered picnic table.

No one at all was there, I forget that most people are working and it's the middle of the week.  It is a beautiful location,and I'm sure we'll do lots of walking over there.  We were above the river, but I could see a pathway right next to it, below us, and I want to find that path so we can walk along the water's edge.

 The McKenzie River

 Weird tree - huge trunk and lots of smaller trunks

 This is an unusual campsite table - isn't the extension a great idea? 
It's all one piece, made that way.
(NOTE: Judy commented that the extension is so that people in
wheelchairs can access the table - makes sense.  
Thanks Judy.  It is in the handicap site.)

We also checked out the dog park, it's really big and looks nice, but I don't want to take Katie there unless there are no other dogs in the dog park.  I want Katie to be able to run and chase her ball without worrying about another dog scaring her.  I'll take it slow and see how it goes.  It's right across the road from us on the other side of a large lawn area.
 Dog park

I had a conversation with a man who was there with his dog - a transplanted Los Angeles resident - and he told me about a really nice campground/spa.  Gave me the name and phone number from his phone contacts, and I wrote them down and will check them out for future reference.  He said $18/night, sounds good to me!

Katie is loving all the walks she got today, and so am I.  At home in San Diego I had to make myself walk, it was such a pain and I never really enjoyed it.  I told myself I did, but it was really a pain.  In a place like this, walking is effortless, interesting, and fun.  I was so tired at 5:30, though, I gave in and konked out on the couch, and took an hour long nap.  Really deep sleep, I think the stress of yesterday and the relief of being here also did me in.

I also got an e-mail from my buddy, Fred, who sends me tips from time to time.  He had some good boondocking places for me to try out in the area, and I've made a note of those, too.

It's so nice to get referrals from people who have "been here/done that."

Jason at Quality Coach Services called today and I have an appointment at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Everything is in, even the back-up camera, and he is going to try to get everything done tomorrow.  If not, he will finish up on Friday.

I was thinking today - I wasn't sure how this was going to work without a toad, but so far I'm finding it very easy to camp with hook-ups and unhook when I want to drive to town.  I don't hook up the sewer until I need to dump the black tank, so all I have to do is unplug the electric and stow the cord and take off the fresh water hose and leave it there.  Only takes a few minutes to do, and I'm mobile again.  I think I might be okay without a toad.

You would have been so proud of me backing up - so far.  It was really easy here, but in the last campsite, there was a water post on one side and the decks on the other, with about a 6 to 8 inches clearance on each side.  I nailed it both times I backed in.  I know this is different than a truck and trailer or fiver, but I didn't know how I would do until I did it, and I was happy it is so easy with this little rig.  The only thing that could have been better would have been a back-up camera to see when to stop.  Without it I had to get out and see for myself.

This is such a learning experience - every day I learn something new, or notice something different.  I got an e-mail asking if full-timing so far is everything I expected it to be, or if I was disappointed.  I have to say, so far it's better than I expected.  I love sitting in a beautiful campground, the peace and quiet and beauty, and great places to walk with Katie.  We're getting a lot of exercise.  I also love driving - I feel a certain excitement going down the road to our next destination, even if I don't know where we'll end up.  Once I have my Sirius receiver installed and set up the service, it will be even better because I won't lose radio stations as I travel from place to place.

Even if we are in a rest stop or a parking lot for the day (or night), my intention for full-timing wasn't to "see the country" or do a lot of sightseeing, although we have actually done some so far and will probably do a lot more, especially since I'm finding it so easy to drive off and return to our camp site.  I guess it just goes with the territory.  What I wanted was to be able to live in different places and move when I'm ready.  Do what I did at home in the condo all day, and that's what I'm doing so far. 

From Me and My Dog, have a great Wednesday night, everyone!  : )


  1. Judy, I was so happy to read this! Although we have a truck/5th Wheel combo for now, my husband is several years older than I. Realistically, we know there will come a time when I'm out there alone. My plan is to trade in for a "Grandma Mobile." I love hearing that you're doing fine without a toad and backing in is ok, too. I wouldn't want to tow, either, and had thought about these issues. Thanks for answering questions I hadn't even thought of, too. I love how we all help each other in this RV Family!

  2. Just thought I'd let you know I felt very comfortable with the guys at LaMesa. I didn't buy the coach I went to look at, but I felt they respected me and if any others come in that might be of interest to me, I'm sure they will let me know.

    The best thing was the didn't pressure me and I felt they respected me.

  3. glad you like your new 'neighbourhood'!!..looks like a very nice park!!

  4. Glad to hear that you are settled and comfortable in your new site. That is a beautiful park and the McKenzie is such a scenic river. Hope all works out well for you there.

  5. Nice to see you've relocated, and it looks like "for the better" too. Lots of space it seems.
    The reaction of the owners did seem to me a bit well, odd? Where are these people that they don't know what's going on in their park all day? Which means, they're either incompetent, stupid, or perhaps they thing you are? I would very much doubt if they give a rat's tiny behind whether there are dogs running loose. Just a hunch.
    Complaining to them earlier would have done no good, so moving on was the best choice.
    Now, about the bus. I'm curious about the wheel barrow, but other than that, I'd bet that that bus runs just tickety-boo, and in spite of it looking "old", has probably got a lot of life left in it. One of my brothers used to buy and sell school buses out in B.C. (and he thought a bus was just the greatest thing) and those things are built like tanks! Gotta protect those kiddies! At least these folks didn't leave it "school bus yellow". That would have been unfortunate.

  6. Sounds like the move was a good thing. Good luck with your modifications on your rig. This is a cool site, a family of 13 full timing.

  7. Glad to hear you're getting by without a Toad. It will make it much easier for you.

    Our Sirius radio is not "installed", we just use a connection to the vehicle radio (depends on the vehicle) and then we move it from car to car or to the motor home. We just place the antenna on the dash and it works just fine. Cheaper than having it installed and we can move it to different vehicles.

  8. That extension on the picnic table is built so folks in wheelchairs can access the table.

  9. I agree with Bob about the previous campground hosts. They should know about loose dogs and from what you posted earlier, the dog owners seemed very comfortable with not having their pals on a leash. So it's a good thing you moved. We're careful at dog parks also. If somebody else is in there we usually stay out until they leave.

  10. I'm with you on the issues of Dog Park and Toad. My little Shih Tzu has been attacked in the past by another dog so I am leary of any animal coming near her. I also have no plans for a Toad.

  11. I enjoy your posts. I thought I would share a quick tip my husband using when parking our mh. He uses the small orange cones (from Walmart). He places them on the campsite along the edge and to the back - where he wants to stop. He can see these on his side mirrors and it allows him to line the mh up in the camping site.

  12. You sound like you've been doing this a long time and that you're pretty much an expert now!! Isn't it great that you're able to relocate when the current park you're at doesn't work out. I love my backup camera, when I remember to use it. I've been backing up for years using mirrors so I'm pretty comfortable with it...the camera is an added bonus.

  13. Back up camera comes in handy when you want to "check out" the security behind you too.

  14. Armitage Park is just up river a bit from where the McKenzie empties into the Willamette River. There is a boat ramp at the North East side of the day use area, and it's fun to watch the boats on the river, as well as floating rafts, tubes, etc.


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