Friday, August 5, 2011

We had our first Visitors!

I was sitting at my computer, trying to figure out if there was a TV program I could watch on line.  Then I saw a car drive into my driveway.  At first I thought they were just turning around, but when I saw their faces, I recognized them from their blog, Travels in Therapy.  It was Donna and Russ.  What a nice surprise, and what a delightful couple.  We had a nice visit, and Katie was in heaven with all the attention. 

Donna and Russ

They were on their way home from dinner, and live about ten minutes from this RV park, so they stopped by.  They have an annual pass for the day-use side of the park, and take their dogs there for walks.  It's a beautiful wooded area.  Donna's suggestion to me in a comment that I try out this campground came in handy when I left the last park, I had made a note of her comment, looked it up, and here I am. 

Donna and Russ, thanks for stopping, it was so nice to meet you both, and I'm looking forward to seeing you next week.

Other than our surprise visitors, it was a quiet day.  Katie and I took a couple of walks, we walked over to the dog park when it was empty.  I brought her tennis ball and was planning for Katie to have a good run, and pay some ball with her.  She loves chasing the ball in The Palms, but obviously from the couch to the kitchen isn't much of a game, and I was looking forward to her being able to really run after it, which she loves.

Unfortunately we didn't get much past the entrance gate.  She just wouldn't run, wouldn't chase the ball, all she wanted to do was sniff the posts and grass tufts, etc., smelling all the great dog smells.  Finally I put her leash back on and we took a walk around the park again.  I guess our regular walks are going to be the thing, rather than dog parks.  

Here's Katie right outside the dog park - the green grass had small daisy shaped flowers all over it, and it was really pretty:

Then we came home and sat outside for a while, I read my Kindle - I'm reading the most boring book and just can't read for long.  I'm reading some of the free books I downloaded from Amazon. Most aren't bad, a few were awful and I deleted them right away, but some, like this one, are just good enough to keep reading, but not good enough to keep reading for long.  I think I'm ready to delete it and actually buy a book to download.  

Then I came inside and paid some bills, read some blogs, and that was about it until Donna and Russ arrived. 

A nice quiet day at The Palms.  I love it.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Friday evening, everyone!  : )


  1. I've followed Donna's blog for some time. She really seems like a nice gal, glad you got to meet in person.

    It is like meeting up with old friends, isn't it!

  2. Barbara, it was great to meet you and Katie. We're looking forward to your visit next week.

    I just noticed that I wasn't shown as one of your blog followers. Must have happened when I was cleaning out some of the 167 blogs that I had on my list. Now I'm back again.

  3. I read that you are bored with the free books on Amazon, try Pixel of Ink. Just check them out online. You can even sign up for an email of the free books each day. I get my notices on Facebook. They offer so many free books each day and if you don't see what you like they have a lot of books that are bargain priced, usually around 2 or 3 dollars. Good luck, I have found many that I have sitting in the background, until I can find the time to read!

  4. glad that you got to meet Russ and Donna!..aren't they a ton of fun!!!

  5. So fun to meet you Barbara and your little Katie is just adorable. Hope we can work out a visit sometime next week.

  6. How neat! It's a lot of fun to run into fellow bloggers!

  7. What a treat to have blogger friends stop by, rv blogging friends are the best. I haven't found any free kindle books that I thought were worth my time except some of the classics I have enjoyed re reading.

  8. Thanks for the not totaly positive report on the free kindle books. I appreciate it as I think about this techno toy. :)

  9. It is always fun to meet up with our blogging friends. So glad you got to meet Donna and Russ!

  10. You sound like me. I have a Kindle but, after a lifetime of libaries, I am loathe to pay for books! And sometimes the free ones just don't do it for ya.

    I've developed a strategy that has been successful to work around this issue.

    Every day, DH and I place loose coins in a container. When it gets full, I take it to one of those change-processing machines that you find in supermarkets. Make sure it has an option (Don't get the return in cash - there's a charge for it!).

    Then I order e-books with the coupon. Pretty cool! (Man, I'm getting cheap in my old age).

    Katie looks adorable as always!

  11. Katie is a dog and most dogs like to do the "snuffle shuffle" when they get to a new area like a dog park where other dogs have been. After a few visits they usually have everything scoped out and start running and chasing the ball again - at least in my experience.

    Enjoying your blog

  12. It is nice to meet new friends. I don't take Angel to dog parks any more for the same reason and she doesn't "play" at home either. She is just happy to be with me and "visitors".

  13. I am able to check out ebooks from the library. I find I have to wait a while for them to become available, but they are free! We are going to become Florida residents again so would be eligible for a Florida Library card, but since we have property in Florida we already were able to get a library card. You should be able to in your state of residence and then you can get free books too.

    I love the picture of Katie in her little pink dress. She is adorable.

  14. It sure is nice meeting fellow bloggers all over the country ,and even people who have read our blog, unknown to us!


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