Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chehalis, WA

We moved to a new site last evening:

We are right at the end, on the river side.  We have a nice view in every direction, and it feels much more open here.  

This is what this area looked like yesterday:

There's only one rig on this end of the road, and two women who put up a tent last night, and just broke camp and drove away. 

Here's a photo of the river - I've been lucky to be camping near lots of water so far, which is really nice.

 Lots of kids swimming and playing in the water over the weekend.

 Wonder what brought this big tree down? The top is in the river.

  Train on the other side of the river. 
Long trains go by, we can hear them at night.
Blowing their whistles and chugging along.

They really use the fields here.  When I came back yesterday the parking lots were filled with cars, and there were games going on.  I drove by a football game, and saw others across the fields - baseball or soccer probably.

The next town up the I-5 is Centralia, WA, and they have a team right now, literally, playing in the Babe Ruth World Series for 13-15 year olds in Jamestown, NY.  They are the  Pacific Northwest Regional Champions. As of last night, they lost 2, won 1, beating Jamestown, NY 24 to 1, and setting some season records.  This morning's game will determine whether they go to the next tier, or come home, but it isn't looking good, they are behind 15 to 5 right now. 

Yesterday evening was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the area.  Katie did a lot of roaming and sniffing around our site.  And now it's a beautiful, warm morning, with slight breezes moving the leaves in the trees.  Nice.  We've had great weather so far.

From Me and Katie, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  : )


  1. glad to hear that you are enjoying your stay in the 'evergreen state'!!

  2. Looks like you and Katie are doing okay. I saw, on your last post, how she got up on the table. Too funny. Buddy will sometimes walk across the coffee table from the sofa to the chair He's not always thinking about good manners ;)

    I hope the weather holds out for you. My kids said this has been a very cool summer so far. I always like September up there because it usually is warm and sunny, during the daytime at least.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Bunny Jean's Decor and More (main blog)

  3. How I envy your freedom to wander. I hope to be able to do it, again. I make plans in my head so that it seems doable to me. Enjoy Washington State. I love it up there, and I didn't do it justice when I was there by myself--thought I was going back. See, take nothing for granted!

    Pats to Katie for me.

  4. Always exciting to follow RV'ers who are enjoying my home state. Just moved back up here from Phx after being gone for 14 yrs. Looking forward to your write-ups once you hit my side of the state (Spokane). Cheers! ~M

  5. Washington has some really neat places. You will enjoy your time there, I'm sure. Have fun.

  6. That looks like a nice camp site. Enjoy this nice northwest weather. It's a bit hot today but it won't last for long.

  7. Looks like you are having a great trip. Thanks for taking us along. Nice to see that you're back and everything is okay.


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