Monday, August 29, 2011

Went to town today

WELCOME to our new Follower, Sam!  Sam, it doesn't look like you have a blog, so I can't check it out, but thank you for joining Katie and me in our full timing adventures.  We're happy to have you along! :)

I don't know what was wrong with Katie Saturday night, but she kept wanting to get out of bed and go outside...  I put her up in the bed around 8:00 as usual, and she was constantly coming to the edge staring at me - that's what she does when she wants to get down. We finally went to bed/sleep, and twice during the night she wanted to get down.  I took her outside twice, and she did go potty.

This morning she was up at 8, two hours earlier than usual. I put on her Princess dress and took her outside, where she rolled in the dirt before I could stop her and got her dress full of dirt.  I wish I had gotten a picture.  She looked like a Tomboy, kind of cute, actually, but I had to wash her dress and hang it on the outside ladder to dry. 

She's been scratching a little, so I brought her inside and gave her a shower, put on her flea meds a few days early, put another dress on her, and she seems calm and sleepy now and isn't scratching. 

I cleaned and vacuumed The Palms, and got all the laundry and towels ready for the laundromat tomorrow.  All I need to do is strip the bed and throw the sheets in.  We are going into town in the morning.

This morning, my neighbors left.  They really moved in, so they had a lot of things to stow away.  They quieted down after that first day, and were actually pretty good neighbors.  As they were leaving, I talked to the woman, and she said the day before, Saturday, they had to take one of their dogs, Sadie, to the vet and have her put down.  Apparently she wasn't acting normally and didn't look good when they woke up.  They live 45 minutes away, so they took her to their vet and the dog had a large tumor on her spleen, which burst during the night and she was bleeding internally. She was 12, I think, and it was decided the best course of action was to put her down.  So sad for them, and also for their yellow lab, Max, who is 6 and grew up with Sadie.

As they pulled out, I took a photo of the other trailer all folded up - it's pretty cool looking, I think:

They said they would be back next weekend, they've reserved the same two sites, and I'm glad they will be my neighbors again.  I feel bad complaining about him yelling, and then they turned out to be nice neighbors, AND his dog dies the next day.

Last night Katie wanted to get down again, so I took her outside in the middle of the night, then left her down to sleep in her bed on the dinette bench.  Tonight she's sleeping in her own bed again.  There is no way I'm getting up in the middle of the night again tonight.  It's 10:30 PM now, and she is sleeping in her bed and hasn't wanted to go up into the bunk. 

 Sweet dreams, little Katie

So, today I unhooked and Katie and I stopped on the way out and dumped the tanks, then drove across the freeway to the town.  We went to the post office where we had general delivery mail waiting, then Walmart for grocery shopping.  I also got a 2 quart crock pot (I hope it's big enough) and a square cake pan.  I realized I don't have a pan I can put in the oven for small casseroles or baking. (My last chicken/rice/artichoke casserole I had to cook in a pot on the top of the stove.)

Then  I had the LP tank filled, and lastly we stopped at a laundromat and got the laundry done.  I put everything away and made up the bed before we drove away.  When we got home I was tired, so I took Katie for a walk, went through my mail and had a bowl of cereal and blueberries for dinner.  We should be good for the rest of the week until we leave this campground on Monday.

I love shopping and putting things away before leaving the parking lot.  No worries about frozen foods.  And also with laundry.  Putting everything away and making up the bed in the parking lot is so nice. When you get home, it's done!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Monday evening, everyone!     : )


  1. Maybe Katie needs some bib-overalls for those Tomboy days.

    You seem to have adjusted to life on the road, setting your own pace and living your own way on purpose. Congratulations!

  2. I enjoy reading of your daily activities and seeing the beautiful pictures you post. Katie is so cute and so much like my little Lucy...both love their dresses and sleeping in til 10am. I love our Sunseeker like is such a nice layout with the kitchen in the back. Keep the blogs coming, I love reading about life in The Palms.

  3. At least at her small size, Katie's wardrobe doesn't take up much room.

    Glad it was just dirt and not something yuckier.

  4. Hope Katie has found her spot to sleep so you can get some sleep!! Maybe she just wanted a different view for a few nights. Our doggies puzzle us at times too. I have always wished they could talk (people talk) to us so I would know for sure what they wanted.
    I like the idea of getting everything done and put up before returning to your site. Neat!!

  5. Why is it when our sweet little girls get bathed and all prettied up, the first thing they want to do is go outside and roll in something yucky. I am always telling Izzie , don't you know your are a little princess, not a dog! ;)

  6. Hi there...I've been following you for weeks now and just love your blog! I don't have a blog, but my husband and I do have a motorhome and love to go camping. I'd love to simplify someday and live like you do, but we're in our 40's and very upside down on our house, so unfortunately we have many years of working ahead of us before we can retire. :( We have two dogs whom we adore just like you do Katie. We're originally from San Diego, so I knew exactly where Santee Lakes was when you started out. :) Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

  7. sounds like you have adjusted to life on the road very well..from groceries, to laundry .to filling up again!..good for you!!!

  8. Poor little Katie. I'm sure she will be back to her old self and old habits soon. You make shopping and laundry sound like such an adventure!

  9. My little doggie has behaved like that on several occasions and the Vet found that she had a urinary tract infestion. She was getting these infections every few months. They were remedied with antibiotics but ceased when the vet shaved the hair on her bottom. It seems that this hair attracted bacteria that caused her infections. It's hard to determine these kinds of things. I hope that is not what Katie has and that it's just a mood.

  10. Thanks for the reminder...Rusty and Poppy were due for flea meds yesterday and I forgot! Hope Katie is okay - she seems to like sleeping in her little bed. Too bad about the neighbor's dog. I always feel sad when something like that happens. Take care and give Katie smooches from us.

  11. Just found your blog. Wow! You seem to adapt to the RV Lifestyle, congrats. Added your blog to our list of reads. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I was thinking maybe Katie has a urinary tract infection....if she is peeing more frequently.


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