Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're back - missed you all! Still in Washington

I don't know what was going on, but it sure was frustrating.  The worst part is that since Blogger is free, there doesn't seem to be any tech support.  Long story, and I don't want to repeat it again.

Finally I e-mailed Rick - and that's all it took. Kind of like making a doctor's appointment, and within the hour you're cured.  Thanks, Rick!  It sure is nice to know you'll  help if you can, and I appreciated your quick e-mail in return. Just sending you the e-mail made me feel better. : )

WELCOME to two new followers:  Ellie Great, who has a couple of blogs.  She doesn't appear to be an RVer but is an author and works with children.  Welcome also to Susan, from Atlanta, GA - must be nice to be a Southern gal. : )  I've been following your blog for a while, and I'm really happy you are following along with me and Katie, too.  A BIG welcome to you both!

It's been five days since I last posted, but not a whole lot is going on. After sleeping in the rest stop right inside Washington at the Astoria Bridge, we woke up to a river full of boats.  There must have been something running big-time, and every fisherman in the area knew about it. Kind of exciting to watch them.

 The whole river that I could see was full of boats.

After a while I got ready to drive again, sat down in the driver's seat, turned around to make sure Katie was settled, and this is what I saw:

 WHAT???  I like watching the boats, too.

We had a little talk about feet on the table, and she got down and into her bed.  :)

 Our official welcome - we traveled for a while on the Lewis and Clark Trail

 Lots of waterways here.

We took the I-5 toward Seattle

We're in Chehalis, WA in a little City RV park that is only $15 a day for water/electrical hookups, and a dump nearby.  They have old but clean bathrooms and showers.  The showers are 25 cents for 5 minutes.  There aren't very many RV sites, but there is a camp host during the months the RV park is open.  And a few tent sites.

There is a river right down the road, soccer fields, Little League baseball fields, and a large field with a big brick cooking/serving area.  Its a really nice city park.

My e-mail friend, Fred, sent me a message about this park in Chehalis, so I drove up to check it out. It's right off I-5 and was on my way.  As I drove in, he immediately recognized me and told me what to do and where to go.  I let him know I wasn't stalking him, just checking it out, but I decided to stay.  I chose the open site next to Fred so I'd get good TV reception, but so far I'm getting nothing.  There are lots of empty spaces, so I talked to the camp host, and tonight I moved down to the other end to a prettier, larger site.  It's much more private, and has prettier views.  The camp host said he'd come over tomorrow and check it if my cable isn't working.

Stan Hedwall Park - Site 2

Saturday there was a group of 220 bicyclists that came through and camped out in a field right next to us.  They were doing the Annual Ride Around Washington (RAW), and that day had cycled 70 miles.  They had a big shower truck, lots of portable potties, meals prepared in the large brick building, and a huge field of tents.

 This was the shower truck

  The next morning.  
They cleared out early, and it looked like they were never there.
One of the participants said the oldest cyclist is 75 years old.  They are traveling 400+ miles in six days.  That 75 year old man sure has good endurance and balance for his age.  Another man said a large majority of the participants are between 50 and 60. 

I went to town this morning to run a bunch of errands, including buying new batteries and a new antenna handle.  I went to one of the RV places, but all their service guys were at lunch, and I wasn't quite sure what the deal was, so I went a bit further down the same road, about 5  minutes, and found the other RV Sales shop, Baydo's RV Sales.  They were great, I bought what I needed, and the Service Manager installed a new truck battery and two new coach batteries, fixed the antenna for me, and now I'm all set.  Filled the tank again, stopped for lunch and found that Safeway has free wi-fi, and here I am. : )  Good as new, and even found that my blog sign-in is back up and working.  I am a Happy Camper!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Tuesday evening, everyone!  : )


  1. Glad to hear from you again. Wondered what was going on. Aren't we glad we've found Rick. Saved me a few times. Looks like a beautiful site - hope they get the cable TV fixed for you.

  2. Hi Jim and Sandie! Me, I LOVED the Columbia River gorge--the Astoria Bridge is a kick! Looking back on my trip, I would have spent more time than I did in the area--got messed up with stupid stuff. I loved Leavenworth Washington and the Wenatchee area. I didn't make it last time, but a trip over to Victoria is well worth your time.

    Rich and I once came out of the bedroom of the motorhome and Jack was sitting on the dashboard! What a sight! Would have made a good picture had my brain in gear.

  3. You've only been on the road for a few months. Do you think the batteries were old when you bought the Palms? I know the La Mesa we are dealing with won't put new batteries in. They have been pretty shitty about everything.

    It's such a shame. I visited the San Diego La Mesa last week, and the salesmen were so much nicer.

    Mine is avery arrogant, but he did find a nice RV for us (we hope) so I guess his personality is not the important thing.

  4. So glad ur back...missed ya. I check ur site every day. Just admire ur courage and enjoy seeing what happens each day. Stay safe and thx for letting us ride along.

  5. glad to see that Katie decided she was done looking at the boats from her vantage point!!..welcome back to blogville..if there is a problem you know darn well that Rick can solve it!!

  6. Glad you're back - ditto what BamaGurl said above - when you don't post I worry about ya - keep having fun!!!

  7. I love the picture of Katie watching the boats. Made my day.

  8. Great blog! Looks like a wonderful trip.

    Glad to see you're all connected again too!

  9. Well was it a Blogger problem or was it your computer? Inquiring minds want to know ;-)

    Katie is so cute that I would probably let her stand on my table.

  10. Sounds like you ARE all set! Know why you are a happy camper? Because you have the best attitude about unforseen circumstances and set-backs. You are amazing!

    Katie's expression on the table is priceless. I wonder if she gets up there if/when you aren't there?

  11. Since you went to Astoria, we had to go there, too! We stayed at Ft. Stevens State Park. Only had two nights there, but it was fun. Drove Highway 26 to and from. Kind of felt like we were following in your footsteps, or your tire tracks!

    Drove all the way back to Eugene today, cause Rusty was sick and we needed to get him to his vet. They are going to keep him overnight and do some blood tests, and some other stuff. We'll keep you posted.

  12. Oh that Katie and her table walking!!! Cute photo. She sure did take to the travel life, didn't she? Sounds like you have just having a wonderful time.


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