Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We're leaving tomorrow : (

We've had a busy couple of days.  Monday I took The Palms to Quality Coach Services in Eugene, OR (thanks for the referral, Sharon!) for an estimate on doing the work I want done.  I decided to have them do the work, so the parts are ordered, and I'm waiting for a call.  I'm working with Jason, and he said the parts would probably be in by Wednesday, and if so, then the work can be done on Thursday.  Everything but the back-up camera install can be done in one day.

He thought it would take longer for the back-up camera to come in. I've decided to have a built in camera rather than a wireless one, so it will take longer to install.  I'll have to come back next week to have that done.  I'm looking forward to having it all completed.

I stopped by Best Buy to check out Sirius Radio receivers, and will probably have one installed and start that service this week, too.  I had a good referral for a company in Springfield, but I called yesterday and haven't received a call back, so will probably go with Best Buy.

I also called the solar company, AM Solar, in Springfield, OR, that was recommended by Donna K.  They are super busy and could give me an estimate soon, but the work couldn't be scheduled until the end of the month.  We had quite a long conversation on the phone, though, and he asked me a lot of questions about how I travel, what I use as far as electricity, if I have a converter, how many batteries I have, if I mind using my generator, etc.

At the end of the conversation, it was obvious I don't need solar panels.  At least not yet.  I've been doing fine without hookups so far when I'm not in an RV Park, and he said I should probably wait a while and see how I do. I really appreciated his honesty, and not installing the solar panels will save me a lot of money.  So,  for now, no solar panels.  Thanks for the referral, Donna.  I was impressed with AM Solar.

Today I cleaned house, vacuumed, did laundry, changed sheets, etc.  It's always so nice to do everything in one day and have it done.  Katie really sheds, so I have to vacuum often, but the rest of the cleaning - once a week seems to do it.  I have a little hand vacuum for the dog hair, and mainly have to do the couch and floor.  Very small area.

I also had the cooking bug today, and made hamburger stroganoff and spaghetti.  I had some stroganoff for lunch, and have enough left for two meals, and enough spaghetti for three meals.  I packed it in small freezer bags, one per meal, and froze them for later. 

I went over this morning to talk to the woman running the office, and I can't stay here in this site after my week is up, it is reserved by one of the permanent residents, and they are now ready to move here.  There is only one other site available, and I went to look at it, and told her I'd take it for a month.  The monthly rate is only $425, plus electricity, and that's the best rate I've found yet. 

But I've changed my mind.

Katie and I had an incident with a dog a couple of days ago, and another today.  The first dog lives three sites down right near the swimming area, is often off his leash, and he came after Katie.  Now...this dog may have been very friendly, but when it's running at full speed toward us, I don't know what his intentions are, and I freaked, scooped Katie as fast as I could, and kept walking.  His owners were sitting outside, and came to get him, but I kept walking and didn't talk to them, and they didn't call to me.

Here is a photo I snapped out my screen door tonight, as you can see, he is not on a leash.  I don't know what kind of dog he is, just BIG and off leash:

Then... this evening when Katie and I were walking along the water's edge on the lawn three sites on the other side of our site, coming back from the laundry room, a big black dog came charging at us - it had slipped it's collar, and luckily the owners were there, but this dog is one that is often outside by itself with a rope tied to its collar, and always pulls at the rope trying to get loose when we walk by.  I freaked again, tried to scoop Katie up, dropped her, got her again.  It was awful.  Katie was screaming in fright, trying to climb up on my shoulder.

The people came running and said their dog is really friendly, and has never bitten anyone or any dogs.  That might be true, but there are rules here, leashed dogs only, and no dogs outside without their owners even if on a leash.

The husband and wife were upset about what happened and apologized, and I told them I had really been scared because of  some recent stories of dogs killing small dogs that had  been in the news, that pit bulls were in one story, other dogs in another - you never know, even with "friendly" breeds, what they will do.  He said his dog was kind of "pitty."  Black lab and pit bull.  The dog jumped in the lake to swim, and seemed like a nice dog.  But I didn't know that when it was charging us barking like crazy.

When we got back, I noticed blood on my leg from where Katie's claws punctured my thigh in two places when she was trying desperately to climb up my leg to get away from the dog.  I felt so bad for her.

Katie is doing fine now, but about 15 minute later, we were sitting on the couch, and she started barking, and I looked out the window and the pit/lab was walking down the lawn between us and the water, the dog and the owner were heading to the children's area, where they both went swimming.  (No dogs are allowed in the swimming area.)  The dog was not on a leash.

After seeing that, and then a few minute later seeing the dog pictured above unleashed, I decided I don't want to stay here.  We are right in the middle of them, so I can't walk Katie along the lake without passing in front on one site or the other.   I just don't feel it's safe to walk Katie here anymore, and we love talking long walks.

I'm soooo glad I didn't pay for the next month yet.

I am all packed and ready to go in the morning.  After getting dressed and getting coffee ready to travel, I'm stopping by the office and checking out.  Tomorrow I'm going to check the campgrounds on the other side of the lake.  There are many places to camp here in the area while I have The Palms worked on.  The Walmart here lets RVs stay overnight, and there are Rest Stops on the freeways and nearby casinos, so I have a lot of options. 

It's pretty bad when I feel Katie and I are safer in a Walmart or Casino parking lot or a Rest Stop than I do in a beautiful area like this, but if the managers aren't enforcing the rules, then I'm not comfortable. I've only been here five days, and have had two incidents and seen both these dogs off leash or alone many times, so they must be aware, too.

Katie's actually been doing really well socializing with other dogs since we've been on the road, as long as it's controlled and she feels safe.  Most people are great about making sure the dogs are okay with each other. I don't want her to be afraid of other dogs.  I hope I'm not over-reacting. 

Last photo of Katie by the lake taken yesterday:

Tomorrow we're on the road again, and that's okay.  A month here would have probably been too long, anyway.   I'll keep you posted.

From Me and My Dog, Katie, have a good Wednesday tomorrow, everyone!  : )


  1. A big dog comes running up to me and my girls and you bet I get upset. Most of the dogs are friendly that are in parks but there are a few that aren't and like humans, the few bad ones spoil it for the rest of them. My Scoots will stand her ground no matter how big the dog is, but Skitz is like Katie. Just panic stricken. I think you were wise to move on. If they don't enforce the leash rule - what else don't they care about.

  2. I for one as the owner of a large Lab think the leash rules are great, our Rigg's is supper friendly and exuberant and most people are intimidated just by his size. when he is on his leash he is a lot easier to control and meet his new friends on their terms. I have seen the results of people who insist on letting their dogs run. The Lake community where I have a lot and camp , enacted a rule barring all dogs , leashed or not from all public areas including any swimming area. They had a leash law all along but someone ruined for the rest of us that enjoyed putting the dogs on a long lead and letting them swim.Yo bad a few bad apples always upset the cart. be safe out there. Sam 7 Donna..

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I would also be packing up and leaving that campground. I am a little afraid of big dogs - not for any reason that I am aware of, just am. I hate it when I am out walking, or worse - biking, and a big dog runs at me. Lots of times the owner will be there, and will be hollering over, don't worry, he doesn't bite. That doesn't help! I still don't want a dog that I don't know running at me, jumping on me, etc etc. I understand that most of the time all they want is a nice pet on the head, but emotionally that doesn't help. A dog on a leash with his/her owner - no problem.

  4. I understand your concerns too. I would certainly let the park managers know exactly why I wasn't staying. there a leash laws for a reason.

  5. Aw, poor Katie. She should be able to feel safe. Do you think they were picking on her because of her little pink halter top? ;o)

    The Good Luck Duck

  6. I think you have to look at the dog's body language, among other things. Barking doesn't bother me because I feel that is a dog's way of "talking". They can't say "Hey, how are ya doing?" so they bark. Raised hackles though, or showing their teeth, those things can frighten me.

    A leash law should be complied with by everyone, as some folks are intimidated by ALL dogs. To say, "Oh don't worry, my little darling doesn't bite" is really not caring about anyone else's fears or concerns.

    So I think you are doing the right thing by leaving that park - you're right, if the managers don't enforce that rule, then what else don't they enforce.

    I've heard great things about AM Solar an would go to them if I ever need solar.

  7. I too agree that if there is a leash law people should be forced to comply. But, with that said, it will happen everywhere, no matter what park you are staying in there will always be someone who thinks the leash laws don't apply to their dog.

  8. Poor little Katie. I don't think you are over reacting. I love dogs, but some of them frighten me and I sure wouldn't want big dogs running loose around my leased Chihuahua - all it would take is a big dog to step on Annie and she would be hurt. But, there will always be dogs running loose.

  9. Better safe than sorry. Some people just don't think the rules apply to them & their dogs. Labs are usually pretty friendly, but they're big and their bark sounds ferocious so it can be scary for small dogs and people not used to them. I'd be a little leery of one that's part pit too.

  10. Seems to me that just about any big dog nowadays has a little bit of pit in them...maybe I just paranoid about them....they might have gotten a bad rap but they scare me. Our mollie is a queensland heeler and she just doesn't like any other dogs so we would NEVER let her off her leash..just for her own good and other dogs safety. And if she was rushed by another dog she would not be polite to say the least. Nice to hear about the solar panel incident...we don't always need what we think we need, i guess.

  11. I don't think you're over reacting at all, but I sure would tell management why you are leaving and which dogs/owners are to blame.

    We travel with a fairly large (55 lbs) Australian Cattledog / Dingo mix. While she loves people and children, she was never socialized with other dogs as a puppy and has a history of not liking other animals. So we're very careful with her. It scares us when other dogs - large or small - come running up to her whether on a leash or not. We would hate for her to hurt another animal, especially when we have her on a 6 foot leash and keep her close.

  12. Too bad. Sorry for poor Katie.

    It's irresponsible pet owners like you described that make life harder for the rest of us.

    Aren't you glad you can pick up and move? Vote with your feet, as it were? I hope you tell the owners why they are losing both revenue and a good tenant.

  13. As the owner of a big dog, I think you did the right thing. I always go by my dog's reaction (or my cat, for that matter). If Katie was scared, the other dogs were not approaching as a friendly. Big dogs have a responsibility to restrain themselves with little dogs.

    My dog usually approaches a little dog all wiggly and loose and drops to the ground as if to say "don't be scared, I can be little too. Let's just play." If the little dog is aggressive to her, she usually looks wary herself and walks a wide berth. We've spent a lot of time socializing her so she is usually very friendly.

    Even so, she surprised me with some food resource guarding attacks so I've been working with my sister and very high value food to correct her behavior. I've had good success but I still don't trust her around food and dogs completely. I will continue to test and train her that such behavior is completely unacceptable. I got a muzzle just so I can control the situation. Dog owners are irresponsible (to dangerous) if they don't socialize and/or control their dogs so they aren't a menace to other dogs and people.

    I wouldn't be staying in that park if there is no dog swimming area. Leash, I can handle, but my dog loves to swim so there must be an area for her too. I do put my dog on a long rope if there is a safe area and not peopled or dogged so she can get some running in. I don't do that on walkways or crowded areas or where expressly forbidden. She also loses those privileges the second she seriously misbehaves so there is no reward for misbehavior.

  14. the one good thing about living in an RV..if you don't like the neighbours you can leave!! you know we own a big dog but 99% of the time he is under control..especially in a campground!!..
    hope you find some better 'dog neighbours' at your next stop!!

  15. If you need to stick around until all your work is done on the RV, you might want to check out Armitage Park. They have a fenced dog park there so people who want to run their dogs off leash have a safe and legal place to do so. This is a county park with full hook-ups and very close to town. It is on the river so not too many dogs are going swimming there. Good luck and so glad AM Solar treated you right.

  16. I don't think you are over-reacting. I've had some bad experiences with dogs attacking my little Shih Tzu and am now VERY cautious when any dog approaches her. Out last camping trip we had the neighbor's Poodle actually enter our coach and scared my cats to death. I didn't report them for having no leash but I never saw their Poodle again either.

  17. Oh my goodness, my heart was pounding, we are attached to our 'little' dogs and don't like them stressed that way, what an awful experience! I would let those managers know why i was leaving. Glad everyone ok tho!! I was never anywhere where people let their dogs just roam. Maybe it is becuz they live there all the time? Take Care!!

  18. I certainly don't blame you one bit!! You don't need to be where you don't feel comfortable taking a walk. That is why you have wheels!!
    Glad Katie is OK as well as yourself! I think it is a shame folks break the rules and don't seem to care. I am also shocked the management doesn't enforce the rules....why have them???

  19. Nope, not over reacting at all!!!
    You are protecting your dog. Period.

    People should follow the rules!!!

    Unfortunately dogs are unpredictable and maybe those people find it easier to say sorry later, but you still would have to pay for the vet fees if your dog was hurt. Sorry won't do that!

    We had an incident last weekend too while camping.
    Two large Bull Mastiff's (140 lbs each) came charging to Sammy and he just cowered while they drooled on him.
    Sammy was on leash and they weren't.
    I scooped Sammy up and the owner came over to tell me they are just big teddy bears.
    Well, my dog could fit in that dog's mouth so I don't feel good about that at all!

    Then as we were leaving the one dog came back running to Sammy again and the owner told him to "leave it". (it? that's my baby!!).

    I would move too. Not safe.

  20. Unfortunately this is a problem in a lot of parks where dogs are supposed to be leashed all the time but aren't. Izzie and I were walking last week when we were in Door County and when we stopped to talk to a neighbor her very large lab ran out of their rig, very friendly, unfortunately so friendly it knocked me to the ground. Makes me made I can't walk Iz by myself because people don't obey the rules.

  21. My little dog was attacked at a campground in Myrtle Beach. Actually the dog was on a leash; however, the owners were not present and the chain was long enough that it allowed the dog to reach my little dog in the road.

    It was horrible and we had no idea the dog was vicious.

    With that being said, I think you are smart being safe rather than sorry.


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