Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Squirrel 2 - Quail 0, and First bonfire of the season

I have a hummingbird feeder on one window, and a bird seed feeder on the other large window.  I'm getting Verdins and hummers at one, but no birds have come yet to the seed feeder.   I bought a huge bag of seed and wanted the birds to get some, so yesterday I decided to toss some of the seed on the ground for the quail.  I was in the kitchen and looked out the window and there were 15 quail pecking at the dirt.  I put the seed in a few places, so they were moving from place to place, and then back again.  I just love the way the look.  Does this look like a very sophisticated hat, or what?

So the quail were having a great time pecking at the seed.

Then our squirrel arrived on the scene.  In the photo below, he's getting ready to spring up at them, and the quail both quickly jumped out of his way before any contact was made.

Then they settled down and seemed to be eating the seed side by side, and everything was okay.

Then suddenly the female came too close, and the squirrel went into attack mode.  It looked like he went flying up and hit her.  The bird flapped and jumped - you can't even see her in the photo below, except some feathers. I don't know if she's covered in the dust, or under the spread feathers.  The male bird fluffed up and spread his tail feathers.

It was over in a second, no one was hurt, and then they ate side by side again.

This little squirrel is so entertaining.  He always seems to be into something, or doing something funny. When I see him, I get the camera ready, because something's going to happen.

Last night I was just lowering my blinds, when I looked out and saw the bonfire.  I couldn't miss the first fire of the season, so I bundled up, put Katie's coat on, and we walked over to join the group.

It was a perfect fire. 

Sitting around the fire, it was nice and warm.

Katie by firelight.  
She didn't know what the heck was going on.

As soon as we got back to The Palms, Katie was ready for bed.  It was early, but she was ready.

Good night, Katie. 

Last night's moon.

Yesterday was a good day in Quartzsite!

From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  : )


  1. Who needs television?! You have wonderful entertainment there. And your photos are incredible! Love the action shot of the squirrel. And I miss seeing quail. Where I am (North Texas) we have not seen quail in probably 5 years. Many say it is due to fire ants devouring the eggs. :(
    thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Nice bonfire, sure makes for a nice social time to get together with everyone. I didn't think the squirrel and birds would eat with one another like that. Have a great day!

  3. So glad you didn't miss the first fire! Dogs must really wonder, sometimes, what the heck we humans are thinking!

  4. Isn't it great to take the time to watch nature unfold?

  5. Love that picture of Katie up on the bed! Glad you are having a good time. My trip to AZ will be delayed a couple monthsand I am wondering what it will be like there in March.....

  6. I was gone for a week in Orlando visiting Mickey(you know which one!)One of the 1st thing I did getting on the comp. again is to read your blog. You didn't disappoint.
    Here in NYC those squirrels are chipmunks. They are super cute. Almost as cute as Katie but not quite!
    Oh I love those late night bonfires. Here they don't have them . What a shame. I bet Katie even though shes confused must sense all the emotions that are being passed around. And bonfires relax everyone...maybe even Katie so she fell asleep early.

  7. Our Skittlez is scared to death of the bonfire so she stays in the rig. Scooter is fine with it but she gets cold and wants to go home which is fine with me because I get cold too. I also thought that was a chipmunk rather than a squirrel but I don't really know. Fabulous pictures.

  8. Not only are the Gambel's quail fun to watch, but you gotta love the sounds they make.

  9. I love to watch them and listen to them. I always thought they were chipmonks too but someone said they are squirrels who knows. But they are fun to watch.
    Bonfire sounds like a great way to get to know your nieghbors.

  10. good night Katie..and you too, Barbara..sleep well!!

  11. That's what I call a real campfire!

    Great pictures of the squirrel and the quail.

  12. wow now thats a bonfire...love the squirrel...you are definitely getting entertained...enjoy

  13. Love the pictures of wildlife! Also, looks like you have your night time photos tuned in just right.

  14. The squirrel is so much smaller than the quail, I am surprised he was the aggressor. How much fun to watch the wildlife in its own habitat. And the bonfire looks wonderful - and WARM.

  15. My fav pasttime, watching the wildlife. And yeah, that's what we call a ground squirrel. Adorable lil things,,,lol. Wonder why there's just one?

  16. I LOVE ur posts! And the pics are the absolute best...I've got to check back in ur posts and find out what kind of camera u have...I need something very user-friendly. lol Now I want to go to Quartzsite...looks like a great place to enjoy nature. Thx again and please keep them coming.

  17. I would like to suggest that the squirrel is one of the numerous types of Western Chipmunks, looking and acting very similar to Eastern and other Chipmunks.



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  19. Great shots of the bonfire - that's hard to do! How long will you be in Quartzsite? My single RVers group, the WINs will be there in January. If you'd like to meet up with them, email me and I will send you the itinerary.


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