Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Two more days to go...

WELCOME to our new followers!

Box Canyon Blogger - Mark explains his blog as, "Exploring and photographing the west's most remote hidden treasures from a home base in Lovely Ouray, Colorado."  I can't believe some of the places he hikes - top of the world vistas.  His blog, Box Canyon Blog, has gorgeous photos of the area he calls his home base, Ouray, CO.  He and Bobbie have two beautiful homes that are for sale, side by side - check out his blog for all their adventures and some info on the homes for sale.  Boy, Mark, I sure wish I could buy them. I'm happy to have you as a Follower - Welcome!

Garri Ann, who writes that she is a "grateful grandma," who lives in Southern California. That's the only info I saw - Welcome Garri Ann!  We're happy to have you as a follower on our travels!

Ralph Hall is an Oregon guy, living in Salem. He doesn't show any other info, either, so probably not an RVer yet.  Hi Ralph! Thanks for following along with me and Katie on our adventures!

Welcome aboard to you all!  :)

Katie and I have just been hanging out this last week.  We've had some fabulous storms, lots of rain, thunder and lightening.  This last weekend was really crowded around the lake.  The RVs and tents and trucks and boats were many more than I've seen since I've been here.  A few large groups, too. Friday our Ranger, Kelly, had to go to the shoreline and warn the campers to move their rigs/camps back - the rain was going to raise the level of the lake and move the shoreline too close to their rigs.  Some of them were pretty close to the water when they set up camp, and I wondered if they would be in trouble.  It's Tuesday, and there are still quite a few campers at the lakeside.

 Lakeside after heavy rains on Friday.

 Saturday - dried out in the sunshine.

I've only seen the herd of horses once, I think, since my last post, but we have a new family that's been around every day.  There are five of them, maybe a stallion, three mares and a yearling.  They are all different colors, and very friendly.

Yesterday Katie and I were walking across the street through the campground - it's empty now - and all of a sudden over the edge of the campsite, right next to where we were, came the stallion.  He just hung around eating the grasses as I slowly backed away, and soon over the edge came the rest of the group.  I got a few photos then walked away.  I don't like getting too close to wild animals, but they sure didn't seem to mind us.

 This is the biggest horse in the group. He always leads the others.

 Next up the hill is this one. (I used to date a man with legs like this.)

These three are always bringing up the rear. 

 This is the youngest - maybe a yearling?  He has interesting coloring.

I'm expecting a package today from Amazon.com containing a Seagate backup and a pack of DVDs so I can back up my computer, including programs.  I have a backup of documents, and also use Carbonite and a couple of clouds, but that's for docs, photos and graphics.  I want to download the consumer preview of Windows 8, and need to do the backup first.  I wasn't sure exactly how to do this, because the documentation on the Windows site said if you download the Windows 8 consumer preview, you'll lose all your programs and will have to re-install them when you upgrade to the purchased program.

I didn't want to do that, it's so timeconsuming, so I e-mailed Rick, and he sent me an e-mail with info and a link to his recent post on how to do this.  Thanks, again, Rick!  Sometimes I read your posts before I need the info, and it kind of goes over my head.

I've had two packages delivered here - one arrived early in the morning, the other right around 8 pm, I'm hoping this one will come early so I can get started.  I'm excited about having Windows 8 - if it's better than Windows 7 I'm going to love it!  NOTE: 12:00 - it just arrived, so I'm going to start backing up as soon as I publish this post.

We are leaving this campground Thursday morning, our three weeks will be up then.  I hate to leave.

I need to be gone for six days, then we can return for another three weeks.  That's probably what we'll do.  I have a few ideas on where to go for the six days - if I like where we end up, I'll stay the limit there and then come back here to Bluewater Lake.

I also love my campsite and will try to get it again next time.

Katie and I have been walking around the last week through the other nearby campsites.  Looking at how the sun comes into the site in the morning, and how much sun we'd get in the afternoon before the sun sets to maximize the solar panels.  If this site is taken, there are three others that look good.  Sometimes a change is good, so I have an open mind.

A couple of critters in our site the last week:

 Whenever it's really windy, these birds have so much fun.
They swoop and soar on the wind, and then hover over the trees with 
their feet hanging, slowly lowering themselves onto the tree.

 Fun to watch their maneuvers while landing.

  Another little bunny.

 Saturday Sunset

My next post will probably be published at our next location.  Until then, have a great week, everyone!  :)


  1. Good luck with your download. I always worry about doing things like that even after I back up everything. I'm still using Vista. Talk about antiquated but I just dread the thought of a new computer and having to reinstall everything. Love the comment about the legs. I've always said Jim has chicken legs. Poor guy.

  2. I sure like your site better than the ones down so close to the water. Nice sunset too. :)

  3. I too would prefer to be away from the crowd down by the water.

  4. I would sure love to be staying there and watching the horses.

  5. Thes photos are wouderful love the horses and that little squirrel.

  6. It seems to me that the sun is in a slightly different spot at the same time each day, and the days are starting to get shorter. I don't have a clue how you would put it all together and predict where you should stay in a few weeks!

    I just love the horses, and glad they weren't spooked by you. They know you're OK!

  7. beautiful photos as always!..enjoy your time away and sure hope you get the same spot again!

  8. Yes... the horses are so tame! and Katie is okay with them...

    how very cool.

  9. We have been enjoying the afternoon thunderstorms here in CO, too. So neat to watch the clouds over the lake. Hope you find a good new place to hang out.

  10. Sure looks like a nice area you are visiting this summer. Can see why you would want to return for another three weeks. Enjoyed all your pictures. Have a great day!

  11. I can certainly understand why you would want to come back to that campsite. How beautiful is that??? I enjoyed looking at your pictures, especially the horse. How fun. Hugs to you and Katie.

  12. Love the horse pics!

    A beautiful sunset to bring a good day to a close....it sure looks relaxing.

  13. Hi Barbara, thank you for your kind words and for posting my new blog address. I have new comer questions for you and was wondering if there is a way I can email you directly? I have read every one of your blogs and just love Katie to death, she is a doll. Her and Effie would get along so good.


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