Sunday, May 18, 2014

Katie photos

I have a bunch of photos of Katie and I'm just going to publish them all here.  Sometimes she is pretty funny.  

Here she is resting on the padded box I have at the end of the bench seat across from me where I store my printer.  Just dozing off...

And then the camera clicks and her eyes open...

Here's Katie snuggling her "baby" while she rests.

I had a large rawhide chew toy and she worked on it for two days. She usually stays right on her blanket when she eats treats or plays with her toys, but she was pretty excited about this big chew toy and I had to move her back onto her blanket.

Here she is playing with her ball.

Little by little it went down until it fell on the floor and she forgot about it.  Sometimes she'll toss it around by herself.

Walking along the concrete berm.

Here's Katie sleeping.  She often sleeps on her toys, this time she's got her ball with her.  That can't be very comfortable!

Her ankle is still swelling up, and on this morning I taped it up before our walk to see what happened.  It didn't really do much good.  See her right rear ankle with the tape?

Waiting for a treat after our walk. She's pretty patient - I always hang up her leash and put the camera away, etc. while she waits.  A few times I've gotten busy and forgotten her treat, but she'll stare me down until I remember.  Look at that tail wagging!

And here's Katie during our walks.  You can see how much room she has in the stroller - enough to stretch out her tail.  She usually sits while we're walking, but if I visit with someone, she'll lay down and rest.  If she bugs me, I put the top down and she'll usually turn around and face the rear of the stroller.  Trying to tell me something?  :)  

Her license plate, because of course, Katie is a Princess!  (See her swollen ankle on the right?)

Here we are in shadow as the late afternoon sun goes down. 

Katie loves her walks - whether on foot or in the stroller.  We've been walking a lot more since we have the stroller - usually we'll take a walk on foot in the morning, and by the afternoon we're using the stroller.  I keep an eye on her ankle, but she seems okay.  I'm not going to take her to the vet until her regular appointment in July, then we'll have it checked out during her annual exam.

She's a happy girl!

I wanted to thank all our readers again for purchasing through our links.  It's such a nice thing for you to do, and Katie and I really appreciate it! Whether you click through to through the search box or a link on the side bars or through The Palms Shop, it all adds up for us.  Thank you!  :) 

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. She sure is a cute little lady and obviously she is your best friend!!

  2. I love the way that Katie snuggles up with her toys. Chica does that also so it must go with the breed.

  3. I like the "long shadow" shot... and that dilapidated orange toy gives me the grins. We have a few like that, disemboweled, but well-loved!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

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  5. Katie, the princess, is really cute. I am sure she makes a great travel companion. We have two females and one male. Would you believe it is the male who will snuggle up with his toys or hold them in his mouth for long periods of time. Our dogs are an important part of our family, maybe the most important. BTW, the oldest one just loves to travel.

  6. Katie, the cute little cuddle bug. Having a loving little companionalong makes all the difference!!

  7. What a sweet girl she is, Princess Katie indeed! I hope the next vet visit provides some idea as to what's happening on the ankle. It would seem to be fluid build-up?

    Have a great week!

  8. What an absolute princess she is! Pups are a special part of the family aren't they Barbara?
    Thanks for sharing Katie with us!

  9. Fleur and Power say that they are really missing you, Katie, and are glad that you are happy and playing with your toys, and going for walks even though we're not able to go with you!

  10. On Saturday we made a wrong turn going to the tire dealer. We were on a dead end residential street in a Hispanic neighborhood. We had to back out for about a block. Every yard had at least one chihuahua. In one yard there were four! Every one was barking at us! Like they could discourage a big Class A!

  11. Ouch, what happened to Katies hock? If it's a hygroma, fluid filled lump, icy hot works really well on that. I thought spider bite at first, but those usually abscess,

  12. Just adorable! I hope Katie's ankle is better soon! Great idea with the stroller though!


  13. Oh my. What would we do without our pets? I love the photos of Katie and also love a blog dedicated to them, also. Think I might do a post of photos of the pets in my life. As I continue my rehab staying in my daughter's house, I've inherited two more pets. Right now I have Eleanor (my cat), Lacy (Standard Poodle) and two Maltese/ Bichon/who knows what all here in my room with me. They all love to be wherever there are humans.

  14. I've come back twice to look at these sweet photos of Katie girl. She's got personality ++! It cracks me up that she may turn around in the stroller while you're chatting with someone.

  15. Katie is a charmer.. Hmm. I may just have to paint her one day!!!! x

  16. Aww, she sure is a cutie!


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