Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Touched by Charms jewelry - my order is HERE

I ordered jewelry from my Granddaughter, Kennedy's business, Touched by Charms, which is a part of Origami Owl Custom Jewelry.  I had two orders, first from Kennedy's Launch Party and then from the Jewelry Bar party that my daughter, Kristy had.  Daughter-in-law Trish and Kennedy flew up to Northern California to Kristy's house to host the party.  I ordered two lockets and some charms and they are HERE.

There are really beautiful - and you can check out what is available and see good photos of all the lockets, charms, etc., HERE. Unfortunately my photos aren't that good, but you'll get an idea and see what I've ordered.  I have to say, I just LOVE the small locket.

I wanted a medium gold locket and a mini rose gold locket - which is my favorite.  I decided not to purchase a rose gold chain, thinking I could put either locket on the gold chain I wear every day.  After wearing the small rose gold locket for a week or so, I've decided to get a rose gold chain. I don't think it looks as good on the yellow gold chain.  I've put the dangling heart charm on my chain, too.  It looks really good!

This is what I ordered:

The round circle with the heart goes into the gold locket, and I think I want a yellow "plate" of some sort, too.

I can fit three charms into the mini rose gold locket, so I put in the saguaro palm (for living in the desert most of the time), the small heart - just because, and the dog paw charm (for Katie).  I can switch them out with the cross (for my faith) and the "blog" (that's obvious), and the palm tree (for The Palms, and also because I most recently lived in San Diego, where there are a lot of palm trees).

They will all fit inside the medium sized locket, or the large size, which I didn't get.  In the photo below, I just noticed I have the palm tree backwards, oops. 

I have a little shopping list that is growing - one rose gold chain and a few more charms and one gold plate.  They are offering new items all the time, so I'll check their website from time to time until I have enough to order.  The charms are only $5, so it's pretty easy to add to my collection.

Kennedy, I LOVE my new Touched by Charms Origami Owl Custom Jewelry - thank you!  :)

WELCOME to our two newest Follows: Rebekah Ketterman, and Jan.  Neither has any information to pass on to you, but if they let me know about blogs, etc., I'll do that. 

Welcome aboard to both Jan and Rebekah - thank you for following along with me and Katie!  And let me know if either of you has a blog, so I can check it out.  :)

From Me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. That's cute how you can put things in it. I saw something similar in a store lately and admired the idea.

  2. I beautiful collection of charms that mean something to you and define, in a way, who you are! Very nice!

  3. Those charms are so clever! Hope your granddaughter does well.

  4. I had not seen those lockets which hold more than one charm, and are see through! How lovely!

  5. Very beautiful charms. I like dog charms, so recently I have purchased some beautiful dog charms from


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