Monday, June 9, 2014

Katie vs. the Bird

Poor Katie - we are asphalt camping at Sandia Casino in Albuquerque, NM, and there are lots of birds up here in the parking lot trees.  The first day we walked around Katie got bombarded by protective birds.

Katie was just minding her own business, sniffing at all the new smells, and suddenly, GEEZ, the Western Kingbird almost hit her.

He kept it up - he was very agitated, of course, because we were right under the nest.

Katie finally had enough and jumped at the bird - see his tail feathers at the top of the photo:

This is the Western Kingbird who was causing all the havoc:

Watching us like a hawk (well, like a Kingbird I guess)!

And look what I found in the nest:

At least three little babies and a straw wrapper.  Here's the baby on the right side:

The poor father bird flew to the top of the tree and spread out his tail feathers:

Lots of birds guarding their nests this time of year.  :)

The first night we were here at Sandia Casino, there was something going on down at the casino.  All of a sudden I heard sirens, and I thought they were going by us on the Interstate.  Later, when I looked down the hill at the casino, this is what I saw - they had all arrived through the roadway behind me I think, and they must have turned off their sirens.  No way I would have missed all these vehicles coming in behind me with their sirens blasting:

There were fire trucks - red and white and yellow ones, a ladder truck, ambulances, fire rescue trucks, paramedic trucks, police cars, I'll bet there were a dozen or more emergency vehicles.

There was also a Channel 4 News Truck, and the Channel 13 News helicopter flying overhead.

The flashing lights were on for hours.  Whatever it was, I never found out, but it must have been serious.  I was glad we were up the hill away from it all.

On our way here driving through Santa Fe (where a tornado was expected, so we were getting out of town fast), I saw three motorcycle riders in the lane to my right, and one was packing.  I've never seen this before: 

See the gun on the red bike rider's left hip?  I'm sure not messing with that group!  Don't people who carry weapons on their body usually put them under their shirt or jacket? 

We had some pretty sunsets here at Sandia:

WELCOME to new follower RVJohn Boo, who does not show a photo, but the link to his blog is here:  RV John | RVing around the US.   Thanks for joining us as a Follower, John, I enjoy your blog and especially your beautiful close-up bird and flower shots.  Welcome Aboard to you!

That's it for this place.  Movin' on down the road in the morning.  If you are ever in Albuquerque, you can do blacktop parking at Sam's Club, Wal-Mart and Sandia Casino.  Nice!


  1. Aw, I feel for poor Katie who wasn't bothering anyone, but hooray for the daddy bird who wanted to protect his little family. You got some really fine pictures of the event.

  2. Wow - I didn't realize that area experienced tornadoes! The mockingbirds like to dive-bomb Doris this time of year. She's learned their calls and puts me, mother-protector, between her and the birds and really picks up the pace.

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  4. I'm glad Katie jumped at the bird who couldn't tell that she wasn't any danger to the nest! Those nest photos look really good, and I think the babies are close to leaving the nest!

  5. That would have been my guess that the bird's nest was close and she was just protecting it. She was telling Katie to get away.

  6. There's a nest here in this campground that the camp hosts have put a big wire fence around to protect it. I'm going to go check it out today. Not sure what kind of bird cause I don't know birds but I'll find out from them. Scooter is hunting prairie dogs and has suddenly become a puppy again. So much energy. Glad you weren't anywhere near whatever was going on down at the casino.

  7. Didnt know Katie had a attack mode in her! You get your $25?

    1. Oh, yeah. I think you're asking about going in and joining the Player's Club? It was so darn hot, I didn't want to leave Katie alone in The Palms, so I figured I'd do that the next time. AND get the burger. AND do the Senior Buffet if I'm there on a Wednesday. :)

  8. Mean King Bird! LOL, It is so fun to watch harmless things try to be mean.

  9. Sandia Casino was always a favorite stop as I traveled to/from Denver. Good views for sunsets and close to big city shopping before heading else where -- including Santa Fe.

    Good job on the bird photos. You get what you can. Hard to get them to pose while you ready the camera!

  10. Rotten Kingbird! I'm glad Katie wasn't hurt, and good for her for standing up to the bird!

    It always drives me crazy when there are sirens but there is no report of what happened. Something had to with all of those vehicles!

  11. Wow you had some excitement! Could be the guy with the gun is a cop. I know that my son in law who is in law enforcement carries wherever he goes both on and off duty... Maybe Katie needs to start "packin." lol...


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