Monday, June 23, 2014

Little critters in the campground

Poor Katie!  I wrapped her ankle the other day with some tearable tape I had left from when I had the trigger thumb.  I remembered it as being really easy to use, so...

Unfortunately, Katie is such a BABY, after having the tape on all day I wanted to remove it in the evening.  Katie made such a fuss!  Screeching every time I tried to gently pull the tape.  I guess it wasn't as user friendly as I remembered.  

She never tries to get stuff off and the tape wasn't tight, so I decided to leave in on overnight, hoping it would loosen up and fall off.  Didn't happen. 

The next day she was in her car seat and her ankle was in a great position for me to try a little tug, very gently, and she screeched so loud I thought my left eardrum burst in that cab space.  Whew!  That was my last try, for sure.  She is so sensitive, and I didn't know if it really hurt or if she was just being a baby.  I mean, I hardly touched the tape when she went ballistic.
So I put some olive oil on her ankle over the tape and put a sock on her to keep the oil from getting all over everything.  And put the tape over the sock to keep it in place.

Mom, I am NOT happy about this dumb sock!

It wasn't until the next day I was able to get most of the tape off, and the rest, a little piece right on her ankle, stayed on for days. 

I'm back to wrapping it with that sticky cloth tape - it sticks to itself and not to her fur.  I'm glad that episode is over!   Moral of this story:  don't put tape on your dog.  Sounds kind of like "don't put gum in your hair."  I guess I should have known?   :(

Other than horses and cows, which were wonderful to see, there wasn't much critter action at Bluewater Lake while we were there - at least that I saw.   There were lots of birds and the birdsong was wonderful, but I didn't get good photos of new or interesting birds except these guys below - Rock Wrens.  I think they are juveniles.  There were a bunch of them, and they came out from under a large flat rock while Katie and I were walking nearby.  This was a new bird for me.

This looks like an adult - lots more color in it's feathers.  Probably keeping an eye on it's babies:

I only saw a hummingbird at the feeder a few times - this guy:

But he didn't hang around for long when he came by.  The above are the only decent shots I got of him.

And I did get one shot of a colorful butterfly:

The last photos from Bluewater Lake State Park are of Katie and a squirrel.  This little guy was sitting happily in the crook of the tree right outside our window and Katie was barking like crazy.  Didn't phase him a bit.  Katie doesn't have a very exciting life, so when she sees a squirrel or lizard that gets her heart rate going, it's a good thing.

This one is through the screen, but you can still see the squirrel:

Wednesday my generator wouldn't start, wouldn't even try to turn over.  I checked everything I could think of, but no luck.  So Thursday morning I called the Onan shop in Albuquerque and made an appointment for Tuesday morning, first thing.  Tomorrow.  We left Bluewater Lake on Saturday to take care of errands on the way, and tonight we'll stay in their parking lot so we'll be there first thing in the morning.   I decided to have the annual service done a little early while we're there.  I hope they'll get it serviced and running tomorrow so we can move on.  Wish us luck!  :)

From me and Katie, have a great Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. Did your eardrum decide to heal or to cop out altogether (for protection)? Katie looked so-o-o cute in the sock, but I feel her pain at the tape getting pulled!
    The photos of the rock wrens are fab-fab-fabulous! You are correct about them nesting under the rocks.

  2. Katie and the squirrel funny.... looks like he is teasing her..
    hope your have good luck with your generator as i did with
    my noisy front it fixed today and it only to a short time
    and did not break the bank!!

  3. oh nooo Katie. I missed the blog of what happened to you. :-( Feel better soon...Ozzie, Sammy and Lola send wags and kisses.

  4. Poor Katie! She is so adorable with the little sock and her expression is so funny! I hope she is better soon.

  5. I hope Katie's lizard-season is going better than Doris'.

    Hope your generator issue is an easy fix.

  6. Katie is going to start a new dog fashion trend, you know.....

  7. Poor Katie, I hope her ankle heals up soon. Those squirrels, they sure like to tease.

    Good luck with the generator!

  8. That poor girls looks mortified to death with that sock on her foot! Funny.

  9. Are all little dogs such babies??? I am sure you were not pulling so hard to hurt her like that... for goodness... they should be able to know we would not hurt them.. certainly not on purpose, the way they are acting :) Hope her little ankle is getting better...


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