Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Storrie Lake news

We're here at Storrie lake for a few more days, and still enjoying our stay.  It's been really relaxing, the weather has been very changeable, wind, rain, sun, mostly good, though.  And I like the changes, so I'm happy. 

We're walking twice a day with Jeanne and Riley, longer than I'd probably walk with just Katie, so this is great for me.  Here are the dogs heading toward the bridge:

Hey - look at that little dog, she passed me up:

Katie is really good with Riley.  AS LONG AS WE'RE OUTSIDE.   She's a real bear when Riley commits the crime of coming into The Palms.  The other day I had to send Katie to her room (the car-seat) and block her entrance back into the main area.  AND she didn't get her "after walk treat."  Bad, bad girl. But if they are outside, she's fine.  We're working on this.

Jeanne is a real crafts person, she makes lots of things - like her own yogurt and dog cookies.  She brought over a baggie of cookies for Katie (and also gave me the recipe), and Katie loved them.

When she was done, she licked all over her blanket to get every single tiny crumb.

Jeanne has a scooter that she uses to go into town and she travels all over the place checking out near-by campsites and other places of interest to her.  I've thought about getting one from time to time.  Here she is on her scooter:

Pretty cool, huh?  :)

I've been bringing Katie's stroller on all our walks.  Katie will walk a certain distance, sometimes more, sometimes less, then just stop, I throw her in the stroller and on we go.  It's great.  The other day when we got home, she wouldn't let me take her out of the stroller, so I parked her under a tree and went inside.  I watched her out the window, and she just chilled in the yard.  

After a while, she sat up and stared at me through the window - her way of saying, "Come get me."  I thought it was pretty neat that she wanted to be outside by herself for a while.

I bought her a treat ball when we were in Albuquerque at the Pet Smart.  She used to have one of these at home, but it went in the Estate Sale, and it's one of the things I wished I had kept for her.  So we got a new one and some little treats to put inside.  She loves it, of course!

She rolls it around with her nose, treats fall out, she eats them, and continues to roll it until it's empty.

It's not a lot of work for her to get out the treats, but fun - something different for a mainly house-bound little girl.

That's about it for now!  From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday evening, everyone!


  1. What a great little Katie post. Loved that she licked her blanket....so cute. I had a ball that dropped treats for my wild and crazy horse when he was young and lots of energy to burn. I wonder if this would work for kitties too. Great post tonight!


  2. So glad you are happy and enjoying your days at Storrie! What would we do without our four-legged best friends? Your Katie is a little cutie!

  3. I miss walking a dog. A few days ago I thought I had found the perfect black lab rescue, but then I read that the dog didn't like wood or laminate floors. Since that's what I have I guess it's a sign I'm not supposed to get a dog.

    1. No, it might be a sign that you shouldn't get THAT dog. :) Most dogs will slip a little on those smooth floors.

  4. Jackie has a treat Kong, called a Wobba. It's kind of like those Weebles the kids used to have. He likes it too, pushes it with his nose or paw until all the treats fall out. That Katie is sure a character, it seems like she's a large dog in a small dog's body. She sure protects you!!!

  5. I'm glad that Katie has the leash for walking, the stroller for riding and chilling, and the treat ball for fun.
    Katie, your homemade treat looks yummy! I'm missing seeing you!

  6. Katie's probably pretty comfortable in that stroller. It's a home away from home for her by now. When Riley visits Katie knows it's her job to guard. She's doing just what she thinks she's supposed to do. After all her home is her castle.

  7. Katie is such a cutie! I bought a treat ball for the cats. They just batted it a couple times and lost interest. Why work for food when they can just wait for me to feed them!

  8. Sooooo? are u sharing that dog treat recipe??? I think Katie has you trained really well :)

  9. Katie is being very protective of her home. Chica does the same thing.


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